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Job candidates often have a notion that job interview questions are reserved to employers only – that’s not the case. According to data, more than 73% of job candidates passively look for work, meaning that they show little-to-no agency or proactivity during the hiring process. You can stand out from your peers far more if you show perspective and critical thinking during your job interviews.

This is where job interview questions come into the spotlight. Asking your interviewer or future employer about the company and your potential role in it is very helpful. Let’s discuss just how much you can gain from adopting a more proactive approach to your job interviews with the right questions in 2022.

Reasons to Ask Job Interview Questions in the First Place

Many job candidates are under the impression that job interviews are a one-way affair. The interviewer or employer asks the questions and the candidate responds – but is it really that simple? A recent study by Forbes indicated that future job interviews from 2022 and beyond will likely be virtual, making it a bit trickier for candidates to leave a good first impression. That is not to say that it is impossible to leave a mark on your potential employers.

Published reports have indicated that 52% of HR professionals make it a priority to improve the quality of the people they hire. 72% of employers also stated they’re having difficulties finding skilled, competent employees to join their ranks. By relying on job interview questions during your hiring process, you can show that you’re the right person for the job very easily. Why should you ask questions during a job interview in the first place?

  • Show your interest for the open job position
  • Find out more details about the job/company
  • Showcase your vocabulary, speech, and interpersonal skills
  • Show how familiar you are with industry jargon and lingo
  • Establish yourself as a reliable, proactive professional
  • Land the job you really want more quickly and effectively

Great Job Interview Questions to Ask Prospective Employers

1. “Tell me about a typical day in the office/working for your company.”

A great question to start the conversation off with concerns the day-to-day workflow in your employer’s company. Ask them about a typical day in the office and what people usually do when they get to work.

This will give you a great indication of how well you’d fit into the existing workflow. You can also ask them whether there’s a dedicated kitchen area where coworkers can mingle during lunch break. These questions will show that you’re interested in the company beyond the job listing you applied for.

2. “I’ve read the job listing, but could you explain my duties from your point of view?”

Your potential employer will vet your written CV thoroughly before inviting you to an interview – why not do the same? After you’ve arranged for an interview, go over the job listing again and analyze its details. Ask the employer some job interview questions concerning the listing.

Talk about a certain responsibility you’re unsure of, or, whether your job description will expand and evolve over time. The employer should be able to give you more insight into the job position and what they’re looking for in a candidate.

3. “How many colleagues would I be collaborating with closely?”

One of the job interview questions you shouldn’t overlook concerns your specific role in the employer’s company. Mainly, will you be working autonomously or as part of a dedicated team with a project manager above you? The two work methodologies differ vastly and many job candidates prefer one or the other.

Some job positions are inherently autonomous, such as in the case of SEO specialists or accountants. Others, such as developers or graphic designers, are often required to work as part of a team. Knowing this upfront will paint a clear image of what kind of a company you are potentially about to join.

4. “Tell me a bit about your business culture and work environment.”

Whether you move to Europe, the US, or Asia for your next job position, you should definitely inquire about the company’s business culture beforehand. Ask your employer how their work environment looks like and what their staff does for teambuilding or bonding activities.

You can also ask about the company’s stance on certain social matters you’re passionate about, such as the inclusion of LGBTQ+ or people of color on their staff. In 2022, these questions matter, and you want to work in a company which is inviting, inclusive, and accepting of everyone regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or beliefs.

5. “Why are you looking for a specialist/team member in this field now?”

While this may be one of the more sensitive job interview questions to ask, it’s very important that you ask it. Why does your employer need an IT specialist/marketer/accountant right now? Did the previous employee get fired and if yes, why? If your potential employer is a professional, they will answer this question as objectively as they can.

Employers who are not open to disclosing what happened with your predecessor may do so for privacy reasons. Whatever the case may be, don’t dodge job interview questions which may feel inappropriate – they are quite important to your long-term employment prospects.

6. “When can I expect you to get back to me with a follow-up?”

Lastly, asking your interviewer or employer about a follow-up is crucial. Some employers take weeks or months to get back to potential candidates and often with less than favorable responses. You want to find work quickly and continue developing your professional career, not wait for months for a “yes” or “no”.

Ask them openly about when you can expect a follow-up phone call or an email about their response. This will show that you are a professional who can be relied on for their professional communication etiquette. Likewise, it will increase your odds at being employed since employers want to see this line of proactive thinking in the candidates they interview.

Landing the Job by Asking the Right Job Interview Questions (Conclusion)

You shouldn’t feel bad about asking certain job interview questions during your job search. Finding the right employer is just as difficult for you as it is for the employers to find talented individuals. Don’t keep quiet if you have something to ask and confront your potential employer about it.

Many employers love answering job interview questions as it will show them which candidates are more proactive than others. Use to find your next job opportunity abroad and keep these job interview questions at the back of your mind. The right employers will appreciate your openness and consider it a positive in your favor in terms of being hired. Those that don’t will only show which job positions aren’t suitable for you at that moment.

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