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No matter how many jobs you’ve applied for before, each new job interview will be a nerve-wracking experience. Preparing for job interviews is always challenging because you don’t know what the interviewers or recruiters will ask of you.

According to studies, however, 77% of CVs fall short of having enough information for employers to make informed hiring decisions. Likewise, 51% of CVs are filled with unnecessary buzzwords, clichés, and stereotypes instead of genuine, informative writing.

While you can make headway with your career at Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll still need to prepare well for upcoming job interviews if you’re to stand out and get hired. By using its professional CV builder, you’ll be able to focus on writing your CV instead of designing or formatting it by hand. Let’s then discuss how you can handle your next job interview so that you can get shortlisted and hired for the jobs you want.

Benefits of Preparing for the Job Interview

There are very valid reasons why you should prepare for job interviews instead of winging it and hoping for the best. With every job listing receiving dozens of applications, yours needs to stand out enough so that you’re invited to the interview. Once you manage to land an interview, the real application will begin.

You’ll need to impress your prospective employer enough so that they consider hiring you for their job vacancy. To do that, you should be familiar with job interview trends that recruiters and employers rely on in their selection process. Here’s how you benefit from proper interview preparation:

  • Calm your mind before the interview
  • Learn more about the employer’s company
  • Showcase how forward-thinking you are
  • Become well-prepared for job interview questions
  • Entice the employer so they consider hiring you

Let’s take a look at certain hiring trends which employers and recruiters rely on in 2022 to make it easier for you to get hired with Jobs OneGlobe.

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123 job interview1 Applying for New Jobs – Top 5 Job Interview Trends to Keep in Mind in 2022
The purpose of every job interview is for you and your interviewer to assess how well-suited you are for each other. Don’t hesitate to ask anything you’re curious about, from their office culture to their portfolio.

1. Video Interviews Become the Norm

The global pandemic has resulted in some fundamental changes when it comes to how candidate recruitment works. According to data, 45% of job seekers attest to the fact that it’s more difficult to find jobs now than it was only a couple of years ago. However, 19% of job seekers also said that they turned down a job after they’ve already signed a contract and started working due to misconceptions or miscommunication about the job.

With video interviews becoming the norm, it’s more important than ever to communicate everything between the job seeker and employer. Prepare for the job interview by doing some background research about the company you’re applying for and ask the interviewer anything you’re unsure about upfront.

If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.” ― Criss Jami

2. Recruiters Emphasize Soft Skills

With more and more startups and small businesses being launched worldwide, recruiters have slowly started to turn their attention to candidates’ soft skills. It’s not enough to simply be good at your job – you also need to be a team player. That’s why skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and time management are crucial for success in the job interview.

You should play up these skills not just during the interview but also in your CV and cover letter to let employers know that you’re a versatile professional. Learning new languages is also a significant plus because you can apply for international job listings more easily. Use OneGlobe Language Learning to learn one of over 40 languages and then add it to your CV before applying for jobs to increase your odds of being employed.

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3. Emphasis on Jobs Platform Recruitment

Given how popular jobs platforms like Jobs OneGlobe have become, recruiters and employers continue to use them extensively to find the best candidates for their listings. This is a major reason why you should write your CV at Jobs OneGlobe and apply for available job listings as soon as possible.

Each listing will potentially lead to a job interview where you can discuss potential employment with prospective employers and recruiters. Jobs OneGlobe itself will also promote your CV with its global network to ensure that you’re hired quickly and by the right employer.

4. Social Media Candidate Vetting

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok continue to be very popular around the globe, which is why many employers use them to vet job candidates. If you’re using social media, including more niche platforms like Pinterest or Tumblr, make sure that they’re representative enough for recruiters and employers.

Don’t let the first impression someone makes of you be a negative one. Delete any inappropriate content from your social media profiles and make them more representative of the job you’re applying for. This will reflect on your job interview and the questions your interviewer will have for you, so keep this trend in mind in 2022.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

5. Remote and Hybrid Workflows

We’re bound to see the continuation of the trend set forth by the global pandemic in terms of how we perceive traditional employment. Both remote and hybrid workflows are becoming the norm worldwide, with many industries slowly but surely shifting to digital environments. This is done not only as a cautionary measure against the pandemic but also as a means to reduce commute and make employees more content with their jobs.

As you start applying for jobs, you’ll notice a lot more remote and hybrid opportunities than before. Address this fact during your job interview so that you’re clear on what the interviewer expects of you in terms of filling their job vacancies. This will lead you to better job opportunities where you’ll feel more at ease about your employment prospects in 2022.

Applying for New Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

The most important thing you should understand about job interviews is that they’re a two-way street. According to published reports, 75% of recruiters have had issues with candidates who’ve changed their minds about being hired midway or at the end of the interview process.

Similarly, 77% of employers hire candidates which they’ve initially passed on for various reasons, showing that hiring staff is anything but a simple matter. Treat every interview as a separate commitment and do your best to show just how professional you are throughout the process.

While you apply for jobs with your new CV, Jobs OneGlobe will also help boost your CV visibility with its global partners who are looking for skilled job seekers. Use every tool at your disposal to find the job you’ll feel passionate about and show the employers the courtesy of preparing well for the job interview.

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