Are you interested in looking for janitor job positions in the hospitality industry but lack a detailed CV to help you apply for jobs? As a janitor, you’ll need to be something of a multitasker as you’ll be in charge of numerous minor repair duties involving electricity, cleaning duties, as well as simple tasks such as changing lightbulbs throughout your establishment. Being a janitor is anything but dull – you’ll never stagnate and you’ll always keep learning new skills which can then be added to your new CV.

You can start your new job hunt by using Jobs OneGlobe to write a detailed new CV with its professional CV builder. By using the CV builder, you’ll avoid having to write your CV by hand and instead have it pre-formatted by a professional HR platform designed with accessibility and comfort in mind.

Additionally, Jobs OneGlobe does its utmost to share your CV with its global hospitality industry partners who might be interested in hiring you outright. To find great employees, you’ll first need to address your CV, so keep reading to find out how you can make yours stand out with hospitality industry employers.

Working as a Full-Time Janitor

Janitors aren’t exclusive to residential buildings, schools, and retail stores. You’ll easily find work as a janitor in hotels, motels, tourist resorts, and other hospitality businesses focused on guest accommodation services. By filling this position, you’ll be in charge of numerous aspects of your employer’s establishment so that everything functions as intended.

Anything from changing a lightbulb to fixing a broken door lock is the duty of the establishment’s janitor. This means that you should be something of a handyman if you intend to apply for these job listings. Janitors are expected to be self-reliant and professionally independent most of the time, so you’ll also need to consider your past professional experiences before applying. Here’s what a traditional job listing might look like:

  • Tend to general cleaning activities around the establishment
  • Install various appliances and equipment in guest rooms
  • Check electrical wiring for any issues as necessary
  • Inspect various equipment such as AC and heating units
  • Work on various minor repair jobs throughout the establishment
  • Maintain the establishment’s safety systems (fire alarms, etc.)
  • Collaborate with other maintenance staff on maintaining the establishment

More than anything, janitorial work is a handyman’s work. If you like working with your hands, fixing things, and helping your coworkers and guests, this is the perfect job for you. Here’s how you can create a new janitorial CV so you can apply for these job positions more easily.

Write your New CV Now

100 janitor1 Best CV Writing Practices for a Janitor – 5 Ways to Start Writing your CV
Every janitor is inherently tasked with maintaining their hospitality establishment’s electric devices, and installations, as well as addressing various tasks such as lock, window, or other repairs.

1. Carefully Transliterate your Information

When you apply for international job positions, you’ll naturally have to translate your personal information into English. However, doing so requires a delicate approach because many global languages don’t use the Latin alphabet. Greek, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese are only some of the languages which will require you to be careful about how you transliterate information from your language to English.

This is important not just for legibility, but also to showcase how attentive and professional you are as a potential janitor hire. Hospitality industry employers will appreciate you going out of your way to carefully translate every piece of your old CV and insert it properly into your new, detailed CV at Jobs OneGlobe.

2. Describe your Janitorial Skills

Being a janitor is unlike any other job profession in most regards because of how versatile and dynamic your skillset needs to be. As we’ve mentioned previously, you’ll not only clean the hallways or change lightbulbs on occasion – you’ll need to repair windows, locks, or even furniture in some instances. This makes janitor hires a delicate matter for hospitality employers who are looking for reliable people to bring on board. Some of the skills you should consider adding to your new CV include but are not limited to:

  • Electrician skills
  • Cleaning skills
  • Locksmith skills
  • Repair skills
  • Sanitation skills

What you’ll be asked to do as a maintenance professional will mostly depend on the type of hospitality establishment your employer will run. Large hotels often have dedicated teams of janitors who collaborate on the entire business to keep it at top performance. Others, however, are small motels or accommodation establishments that will need you to do most of the jobs yourself.

3. Assess your Language Proficiency

It’s always a good idea to expand on the languages you already use. Whether you speak Spanish, German, Italian, or English natively, you can add more to your CV by learning new languages. Learning a language is a process, but with the right tools, it can be a fun and engaging process. Enter OneGlobe Language Learning which is designed to provide you with 40+ global languages to choose from.

You can start learning Chinese, Korean, English, or any of the dozens of languages available in OneGlobe Language Learning in a matter of minutes. Additionally, you’ll gain access to dedicated AR learning tools, as well as a Kids learning tool to share with your young ones. This will bring value to your whole household and help you find a janitor job with your new CV more easily.

Learn 40+ New Languages
OneGlobe Language Learning

4. Check your Details Twice

Every CV should only include correct, verifiable information so that employers can make an informed decision on who to hire. When you write your new CV with the Jobs OneGlobe CV Builder, check each piece of information twice. Make sure that it is not only valid but that it doesn’t contain any proofreading or spelling mistakes.

This is especially important for your contact information and social media handles which potential employers will use to contact you. Show how much of a professional you are and how keen your eye is for small details by double-checking everything in your CV. This will dramatically improve your employment odds given that hospitality professionals want to find reliable people who won’t make simple mistakes on the job due to a lack of attention.

5. Be Honest About your Background

There’s no point in stating things that are untrue or blown out of proportion in your CV. For one, you’ll lower your chances of getting the job you’ve wanted to get in hospitality. On the other hand, you’ll also set off red flags with potential employers who will remember that you’re that one candidate that embellished their CV.

Instead of doing this, play to your strengths and annunciate what you’re good at. If you’re applying for janitorial job positions straight out of school and lack any professional experience – say so. There’s no reason to present yourself as anyone other than yourself, and the right employers will always recognize your honesty as trust and reliability.

Finding Janitorial Work with Jobs OneGlobe

By following these steps, you’ll successfully create a new CV which will drastically improve your odds when looking for jobs as a janitor. Don’t forget that you can always update your CV when you acquire new skills and experiences. The richer your CV becomes, the likelier it’ll be that certain employers will reach out to you.

Jobs OneGlobe will also help kick-start your career by sharing your CV with its global partners in the hospitality industry. All you need to do to start taking advantage of these benefits is to collect your personal and professional information and get started on your brand-new CV right now!

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