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Finding a job is only the beginning of your professional journey. Whether you’re a first-time employee or someone who recently switched jobs, good career advice can go a long way in helping you achieve your full potential. According to Clear Company, 87% of Millennials place a high emphasis on professional growth and career development. 76% of currently-employed professionals are on the lookout for career expansion opportunities, whether through passive job seeking or informal learning.

With Jobs OneGlobe at your side, you’re already one step closer to developing a successful career. However, to go even further, you’ll need some practical career advice and guidance on how to get started. Here’s what you should know about career development in 2022 and the long-term benefits of adopting a different mindset.

Perks of Planned Career Development

Planning your career before devoting years of your life to a profession is certainly worth your while. According to eLearning Industry, more than 50% of employed individuals attested to the fact that they had no workplace training whatsoever. 59% of Millennials also stated that learning and development opportunities are crucial for them when deciding whether or not to apply for a job position.

Taking every piece of career advice before you start working on your new CV, and subsequently applying for jobs, is essential. You will have a much easier time understanding what you’re good at and what kinds of jobs you’ll land more easily than others. Here are some of the most important perks of planned career development to consider:

  • Create a professional roadmap for your future
  • Understand your skill and career gaps
  • Find out what you’re good at
  • Motivate yourself to find great jobs
  • Become more satisfied with yourself
  • Learn what you can offer to employers

Actionable career advice will not only help you recontextualize your experiences up to this point, but you’ll also get a much better sense of how you can approach different employers around the world. Let’s discuss what you can do to help make your CV stand out, as well as how you can kick-start a new and exciting professional career in 2022.

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Using career advice to your advantage will ultimately help you land the job you want. It’s important not to ignore good advice when you see it, so consider these tips when you start writing your CV.

Set Achievable Career Goals

The first piece of career advice you should think about before you start your job search is to set achievable, realistic career goals for yourself. To do this, you can look back at your experiences up to this point. How many formal degrees do you have in your name? How many years of professional experience do you have? Which soft and hard skills do you know well enough to add to your new CV?

Once you answer these questions, you can set your sights on the jobs most suited to your current skill level and expertise. There’s no shame or loss in applying for entry-level positions to gain valuable experience and expand your CV. Once you’re ready, you can take your career to the next level with higher-paying jobs, with more demanding job requirements.

Careers have changed. It’s time for career development to catch up!” ― Julie Winkle Giulioni

Review and Update your CV

To apply career advice to your job search with the best possible results, you should update your CV before looking for a new job. Jobs OneGlobe will enable you to create a detailed new CV for your job search through its professional CV builder, so you don’t have to worry about creating it manually. Start by reviewing your existing CV to spot any skill gaps or gaps in your professional experience.

Rest assured that employers will undoubtedly ask you about these gaps and you’ll need to address them properly. When you’re ready, you should create a new CV and even go as far as to create multiple CVs at Jobs OneGlobe to apply for different jobs. This will make it easier for you to apply for different jobs in similar niches without relying on a single CV and hoping for the best.

Consider International Job Opportunities

To look for jobs abroad is one of, if not the most important career advice you could receive. Limiting yourself exclusively to local job opportunities will dramatically shrink your job pool. You can use Jobs OneGlobe to apply for international jobs no matter which niche you’re interested in. If you’re interested in hospitality jobs, Jobs OneGlobe will also help you by promoting your CV to its global partners, further expanding your employment opportunities.

Adding international experiences to your CV will make it more appealing to employers down the line. This will help you land even better jobs after a few years. And with Jobs OneGlobe, editing your CV is a matter of logging into your account and adding valuable new information to your already-existing CV. Take this piece of career advice the next time you’re ready to look for work and turn your attention to international opportunities.

Don’t Stop Learning New Skills

Whenever you look for professional career advice, you’ll hear the words “life-long learning” being spoken out loud. This is because today’s job positions require professionals to constantly up their game and learn new skills. Whether you work in logistics, IT, marketing, or healthcare, you’ll need to work on ensuring that your skills are up to the task. This process starts before you’re even hired, however.

If you’re looking for jobs right now, you’ll notice that a lot of employers are looking for different soft skills, as well as language proficiency from their candidates. You can work on the latter by acquiring OneGlobe Language Learning. This will enable you to start learning over 40 different languages, in addition to granting you access to premium kids learning courses.

By using OneGlobe Language Learning as your learning solution, you and your children will learn new languages more easily than before. For you, this means better career prospects, a richer CV, and more expansive opportunities for international employment.

Learn 40+ New Languages
OneGlobe Language Learning

Prepare for your Job Interviews

Doing some background research on whichever employer will interview you soon is a good piece of career advice. Whether you’re applying for a position in a start-up or a large-scale international enterprise, go out of your way to do some research. What is the company you applied for actually doing on the market? What is their long-term mission and do you identify with it? What about its inclusivity and diversity policies, as well as its business culture?

These are important questions that you should seek answers to before your arranged job interview. Once you are interviewed, you can bring up these points and ask your employer a question or two about the company. Every employer will appreciate talking to candidates who went the extra mile and decided to learn more about the company before they came to the job interview.

Everyone deserves to work in a respectful professional environment that values who you are and what you bring.” ― Tamara S Raymond

Use Career Advice to your Advantage

These pieces of career advice will help you rethink your job search and help you craft a much more detailed CV to apply for jobs with. According to recent reports, 48% of current employers would change their jobs for a better employment opportunity if it provided them with more learning opportunities. This is an important lesson not just for job seekers but employers as well.

You can use the professional CV builder at Jobs OneGlobe to start a new chapter in your career right now. Begin by registering your candidate’s account and start applying the career advice we’ve outlined above. Before you know it, you’ll have a better understanding of your strengths as a job candidate and you’ll know how to present yourself to employers, from your CV and cover letter to the job interview itself.

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