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Whether you’re already employed, fresh out of college, or looking for ways to change your career trajectory entirely, there are always bigger and better jobs to apply for. According to recent reports, 70% of job seekers are looking for work passively, meaning that their CVs are uploaded somewhere online and are available for prospective employers to assess.

This is a part of Jobs OneGlobe, where employers can browse candidates’ CVs freely and get in touch with select candidates. You as a job seeker can take full advantage of Jobs OneGlobe and its functionality by creating a candidate’s account, creating your new CV, and then starting your passive job search. Let’s discuss the career benefits you can look forward to from adopting passive job seeking in 2022.

What is Passive Job Seeking All About?

According to TechRound, 41% of employees in the UK are looking to leave their jobs due to poor internal communication and collaboration. Moreover, 20% of employees said that they feel like they’re wasting as many as 6 hours per week on trying to effectively communicate with their colleagues.

This can lead to frustration, stress, and anxiety, which can seep into one’s productivity, motivation, and a general sense of belonging in a company. Due to this reason, passive job seeking has become more and more popular as a job market trend.

What exactly is passive job seeking? Passive job search means looking for new jobs while you’re employed, but, without the explicit effort put into a job hunt. In practice, this means that you’re open to new career opportunities and jobs but aren’t actively looking for work. So, if a prospective employer approaches you with a great offer, you’ll be open to accepting it even if you weren’t specifically looking for that job.

Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspirations and expectation.” — Jack Nicklaus

Passively looking for work is a modern solution to a pre-existing problem. As TechRound’s findings pointed out, people can get frustrated with their workplaces and want to make a change but still aren’t prepared to outright quit. By creating your CV at Jobs OneGlobe, your CV will become a part of its global database and become available to employers around the globe.

Jobs OneGlobe will promote your CV actively to its global partners with the intent to help you find great jobs more easily. In short, you can’t go wrong by choosing passive job seeking in 2022. Let’s then discuss the perks you can look forward to if you choose to go down this path with your job search.

105 job seeking1 Top 5 Career Benefits of Passive Job Seeking in 2022
What’s great about passive job seeking is that you can focus on your day-to-day obligations while patiently waiting for prospective employers to reach out to you with job offers!

1. Less Pressure Over Finding a Job

One of the worst things about job seeking is that you’ll feel desperate for a stable, full-time job if you’re unemployed. However, by being a passive job seeker, you’ll effectively nullify your stress and anxiety over it. You might already be employed but still open to better opportunities. Or, you might still be a college student or have a spouse who can help you tide things over while you’re looking for work.

Passively looking for work means that you’re not desperate to accept offers that don’t suit your professional profile. As you talk to employers during job interviews, you’ll show confidence, professionalism, and stability – traits that employers are always on the lookout for with the people they interview. This will in turn make you a more favorable candidate, leading to better odds for you to get great job offers without going out of your way.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.” —George Eliot

2. Learn While Looking for Jobs

Passive job-seeking will give you plenty of time to improve your skills, learn new languages, or otherwise work on yourself while waiting for an employer to reach out. A great way to supplement your job search and succeed in it is by using OneGlobe Language Learning to augment your language skills.

OneGlobe Language Learning is designed to help you and your children learn English, German, Spanish, Italian, and others among the 40+ languages available in the program. You’ll gain access to dedicated AR learning, as well as kids’ courses, which will further expand the value of OneGlobe Language Learning both for your professional career and household as a whole. By job seeking with Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll be able to directly work on enriching your CV with valuable new language skills which will help you apply for international jobs far more easily than before.

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3. Apply for an Interview with Multiple Employers

Just because you’re looking for work passively doesn’t mean you should be discouraged from applying for jobs from time to time. This approach to job seeking allows you to apply for job listings and do interviews with employers without feeling pressured about it.

You can simply apply whenever you spot an interesting job vacancy and see what happens. The job interview may not pan out in the end, but you’ll still gain valuable experience on what employers are looking for in today’s job candidates. You can apply for multiple job listings in your free time and just wait for the right employer to get back to you without the aforementioned urge to get employed quickly.

4. Outline and Follow Up on Your Career Plans

By passively looking for jobs instead of hoping to seal the first opportunity that comes your way, you’ll have enough time to outline your long-term career plans. This will give you the perspective you need to set your future career plans in stone and then pursue the right job positions.

With a solid plan in hand, many employers will look more fondly to your job application, knowing that you’re an organized and reliable professional. Without a career trajectory in mind, it can be difficult to pick the right jobs to apply for and the right ones to ultimately accept. Use passive job seeking to take a step back and outline where you want to be professionally 5, 10, or more years down the line.

5. Update your CV Periodically for New Opportunities

While you’re on the lookout for exciting new job opportunities, you can update your CV according to what you’ve learned in the meantime. By signing up at Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll be able to not only edit your CV whenever you see fit but also create multiple CVs distinct from one another. This will help you develop a better approach to applying for jobs, or simply help your visibility with prospective employers.

Whether you’ve learned a new skill, improve your language proficiency, or worked/volunteered somewhere since you’ve created your CV, add that piece of information to it. The more info you provide prospective employers with while passively job seeking, the more likely they’ll be to contact you and ask to speak with you for more details.

Passive Job Seeking with Jobs OneGlobe

These are only a few ways in which you can benefit from passive job seeking at Jobs OneGlobe. Whether you’re looking for work right now or are simply open to employer offers, create your CV today and put your name out there.

Jobs OneGlobe will help you gain exposure in your job seeking by promoting your CV to its global partners who are on the lookout for reliable, talented professionals to hire. The best way for you to take advantage of great opportunities is by being there when they appear – start doing what’s best for your career and become a member of Jobs OneGlobe today!

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