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Career success comes from preparation. Whether you’re still in college or looking for a new job, career planning can be beneficial for you in the long run. According to published data, 87% of Millennials agree that professional development and career growth are essential to their satisfaction. Likewise, 74% of employed individuals cited that they’re stagnating professionally due to a lack of professional growth opportunities.

By using OneGlobe Personal Career Development, you will be able to reinvent your career trajectory and discover new ways to present yourself to prospective employers. Here’s how you can maximize your OneGlobe Personal Career Development package’s potential so that you can get the most value.

The Perks of Professional Career Planning

Why should you care about career planning in general? After all, it’s full-time employment that matters the most – or is it? According to recent findings, 76% of employed individuals would be inclined to stay with a company if it provided them with growth opportunities.

By working with a OneGlobe HR Consultant on creating a career plan, you will have a solid understanding of your strengths and potential as a job seeker. Here are the perks of professional career consultation which you can acquire by getting OneGlobe Personal Career Development:

  • Explore your potential career options
  • Learn how to sell your skills to employers
  • Find out which skills and expertise you are missing
  • Understand how to best approach different employers
  • Gain brand-new CVs to apply for jobs with
  • Create your OneGlobe Video CV to enrich your job applications

While these are only some of the benefits you’ll gain by working on your career with OneGlobe, it’s easy to understand the appeal of career consultation. Instead of leaving things to chance, you should seek help from a professional career consultation service and get started on meaningful, rewarding professional growth right now.

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139 career planning1 5 Career Planning Pitfalls to Avoid with OneGlobe Personal Career Development
The most important benefit of career planning is that it will eventually lead you to a stable, satisfying job that you’ll enjoy doing in the long term – do it properly and plan your career path with OneGlobe!

1. Not Having Clear Long-Term Goals

You won’t build a worthwhile career by focusing on short-term goals. Whether you’re a professional in the hospitality, healthcare, or IT industry, career planning can help you learn how to prioritize job listings.

Knowing which jobs to apply for and which ones aren’t fit for your skillset (yet) is essential. This will shorten your time to find a job and ensure that the positions you apply for truly resonate with your background and experience.

Stop stating your goals and start setting them.” ― Rob Liano

2. Accepting the Jobs That You Don’t Enjoy

Feeling passionate about what you do is essential. You won’t grow or be content with your career prospects if you apply for jobs that you don’t enjoy doing.

No matter what education or experience you have, think about what you would like to do for a living. There is a job out there for anyone – all you have to do is consider career planning before committing. You’ll be happier and more fulfilled by what you do, not to mention gain valuable points for your CV to apply for even more jobs.

3. Feeling Pressured to Make Decisions

Looking for a job is stressful no matter how much you believe in yourself and the quality of your CV. You’ll have to apply for jobs for weeks or even months before you find the best jobs that fit your career planning efforts.

This means that you cannot be desperate about finding a job as soon as possible. Be patient and wait for several different interviews to pass so that you can choose between different offers. Feeling pressured means that you will accept a job that doesn’t suit your skills or will reflect poorly on your career progress overall.

4. Not Listening to your Career Consultant’s Advice

When you acquire OneGlobe Personal Career Development, you’ll be working with a OneGlobe HR Consultant who will help guide you in your career planning efforts. They will offer you insight on how to improve your CV, how to land new jobs, and how to grow as a professional.

You have to follow their advice and work on improving your employment prospects. By listening to advice but not acting on it, you won’t use the full potential of OneGlobe Personal Career Development. Instead, you’ll stagnate and even apply for jobs that are unsuited to your background simply to be employed.

All you need to do is keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities.” ― Tamara S Raymond

5. Not Learning New Skills While Looking for Jobs

As you hunt for new jobs, you’ll have some time to spare and learn new skills. Don’t simply apply for jobs and neglect your professional development. Use the results of your career planning with OneGlobe Personal Career Development to pick up new skills and expertise.

Start learning a new language, go through an online course on new technology, or apply for an internship in a company where you’ll learn something valuable. There are plenty of ways for you to continue growing as a professional even while you’re waiting for someone to hire you – don’t rest on your laurels waiting for an opportunity to come your way.

Tackle Your Career Planning with OneGlobe

The best way to avoid common career planning mistakes is to use OneGlobe Personal Career Development. With it, you’ll be able to book a video interview with a OneGlobe HR Consultant who will gladly point you in the right direction.

You’ll receive actionable advice on how to improve your employment prospects and receive brand-new CVs to apply for jobs with. Don’t leave things to chance and approach career planning with a long-term mindset. Invest in yourself and employers around the world will recognize your potential more easily.

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