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Deciding to change your career is a tough choice to make. Leaving the proverbial safe harbor of your current employer and exploring what other jobs you can find isn’t easy. But, it doesn’t have to be impossible with the right preparation.

According to Fit Small Business, 53% of employees are ready to leave their current employers for better jobs. Likewise, 64% of employed parents are open to changing careers entirely if that means better income and better employment benefits. Are you ready to change your career and start a new chapter in your professional development? Here’s how you can do it with Jobs OneGlobe at your side.

Reasons for a Career Change

Why should you want to change your career in 2022? According to CNBC, 53% of US employees who quit their jobs in 2021 changed their careers instead of looking for jobs in the same industry. There are plenty of good reasons for someone to change their careers even in their 40s, such as:

  • Better income and employment benefits
  • Better work flexibility (remote, hybrid, etc.)
  • Better career satisfaction
  • More diverse job opportunities
  • More meaning and excitement in your career
  • Different values and priorities compared to before

To change your career, you’ll need to work hard to convince employers why you’re doing so. Many employers may be apprehensive about hiring professionals with different backgrounds but many others are specifically looking for people who want a fresh start. Let’s talk about how you can tackle your career change with Jobs OneGlobe and find your professional groove once more.

132 change your career1 Change Your Career – 6 Steps to Do It Right
The best way to change your career is to look for jobs in an industry or niche you’re passionate about. To find great jobs you’re attracted to beyond a good salary will ensure that you’re satisfied with your new employment for longer!

1. Create a Brand-New CV

To change your career successfully, you’ll need a brand-new CV to apply for jobs. Creating your new CV with Jobs OneGlobe isn’t just easy – it’s also very dynamic and it will lead you to more career opportunities.

You can use its professional CV builder to create a detailed-new CV that will speak to your new career aspirations. Whether you want to work in hospitality, IT, healthcare, or business development, Jobs OneGlobe will enable you to apply for new jobs within minutes of creating your CV. Additionally, OneGlobe will promote your CV to its global partners, ensuring maximum exposure and hiring opportunities for you.

Write Your New CV!

2. Explore Trending Global Industries

When you start applying for jobs, you’ll quickly realize just how many opportunities are out there and waiting for you. This means you shouldn’t box yourself into a single industry or niche. Instead, you should keep your mind open to jobs in various industries which will enable you to keep growing as a professional. Some of the most popular global industries with job opportunities include:

  • Advertisement
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Entertainment
  • Sales
  • Finance

Many of these industries also have low barriers to entry. Meaning, that you can change your career to that industry without having to go through years of formal education beforehand. Keep your eyes open for attractive job listings and you won’t have an issue finding a job you’ll love doing.

Don’t allow your insecurities to keep you away from the career or lifestyle you believe you deserve. ” ― Germany Kent

3. Learn a New Language

Learning English, German, Italian, French, or any other language will improve your employment odds dramatically. Today’s employers are on the lookout for multilingual job candidates who can speak to clients and represent their company internationally. You can easily start learning new languages with OneGlobe Language Learning.

This will allow you to pick up any of the 40+ languages featured in the package and give you lifetime access to modern, engaging language learning courses. You’ll also get access to kids’ language learning courses, enabling you to learn a new language alongside your child. Change your career for the better by choosing to learn a new language which you can then add to your new Jobs OneGlobe CV.

Start Learning New Languages Now!

4. Apply for International Job Opportunities

The world has become smaller than it ever was, and the global job market reflects that. It’s now very easy for people to apply for jobs abroad and move to another country or to start working remotely. Don’t apply solely for local job openings and expand your horizons to include international job listings.

Combined with your readiness to change your career, you’re very likely to find amazing opportunities around the world. Many employers also actively search for international job candidates, so your application definitely won’t go unnoticed.

5. Prepare for your Job Interviews

Job interviews are the most stressful part of any job application – it’s when you’ll have to convince an employer of your qualities as a professional. Today, most employers conduct video interviews which have become a standard affair during the global pandemic.

According to published reports, 82% of employers and professionals have adopted video interviews as standard practice, which is great for you as an international job seeker. To prepare for the job interview, you should do some research on the company and ensure that you’re technically prepared for the video call. Check your internet’s stability, your device, as well as your surrounding to eliminate any distractions beforehand.

6. Don’t Get Discouraged – Keep Applying

Once you start applying for jobs and going to interviews to change your career, things might not go your way. It’s very important for you not to get discouraged by negative responses from employers who have decided not to pursue your application further.

There are thousands of amazing jobs out there and one of them is perfect for you. All you need to do is keep applying for new jobs and you’ll inevitably run into the employer who will be able to understand your value as a job seeker. Until then, keep your head high and apply for jobs daily.

Each job requires a conscious choice of career path, and a different plan of development.” ― Auliq Ice

Change Your Career with Jobs OneGlobe

The best way for you to change your career is to find out why you want to do so in the first place. According to recent findings, over 39% of people change careers for better salaries, with 70% of all people actively looking for new jobs to change to.

Whether you’re a talented professional with years of experience or someone who doesn’t like what they studied to become, a career change can be a good thing. With Jobs OneGlobe, it can also be much easier. Start your path toward career change by creating a new CV and by applying for jobs in different niches. Be open to new opportunities and the right employer will recognize your potential, bringing you closer to starting a new career you’ll be passionate about.

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