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No matter how experienced you are in your field, video interview mistakes can crop up during your job applications when you least expect them. According to statistics, more than 80% of employers will continue virtually recruiting new employees even as the post-pandemic status quo sets in.

However, additional findings indicate that only 2% of job seekers ever reach the job interview stage, with only 36% of interviewed candidates coming into contact directly with their prospective employer. This is because many employers delegate their hiring process to HR specialists or recruitment agencies, further compounding the fact that your video interview mistakes should be kept to a minimum.

As a job seeker at Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll already benefit from using its professional CV builder to create a detailed new CV to apply for jobs with. Here’s what you can do to impress your prospective employers and recruiters during video job interviews and land the jobs you want in 2022.

Avoiding Video Interview Mistakes

You might wonder why avoiding video interview mistakes is even important in the first place – it’s your CV that matters the most, right? While it’s true that your CV will bring you closer to being hired, it’s the video interview that will make a difference.

According to HR-Brew, 61% of organizations worldwide are using one-way video technology to interview their job candidates. This means that you’ll effectively speak to the camera and the interviewer will review your performance after the fact, making things a bit more challenging for you in terms of making a good first impression.

Whether you go through person-to-person or one-way interviews, video interview mistakes can cost you precious job positions which would otherwise be ideally suited to your skills and expertise. Keep these tips at the back of your mind as you apply for jobs at Jobs OneGlobe so that you can make the most of your interviews and impress the right employers at the right moment.

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121 video interview mistakes1 5 Critical Video Interview Mistakes to Avoid and Get Hired in 2022
If you’re passionate about a job vacancy you’ve discovered online, you should do your utmost to avoid making simple video interview mistakes throughout your job application process!

1. Poor Lighting and Sound

While it is not directly related to your interview performance, this is one of the more egregious video interview mistakes you could make. Remember that your interviewer has never seen you before and is likely expecting to see someone who resembles your CV picture.

For you to make a positive first impression, you need to set up your web camera and device in a well-lit room where no distracting sounds will appear. You need to show how forward-thinking you are as a professional so that interviewers and employers can form a good opinion of you besides your CV. No matter how good your CV is, it’s you as the individual who will make or break your job application.

2. Rehearsed Answers

When your job interviews start, you’ll need to answer certain questions for the interviewer to determine how suitable you are for their listings. However, make sure that you’re not “too prepared” for the questions. Interviewers will know exactly which candidates have rehearsed their answers. Whether the interviewer asks you about your professional life, skill gaps, or plans, take some time to think about your answers.

Try to relax and answer each question truthfully – omitting certain details from your professional background is one of the more serious video interview mistakes candidates often make. This will show that you’re not only comfortable speaking about yourself but you’ll also give the interviewer all the information they need to decide whether to hire you or not.

An interview is about mutual selection.” – Caroline Ghosn

3. Bad Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can cost you a good job opportunity – don’t make such simple video interview mistakes. If you’re unsure of how stable your internet connection is, you can visit your friend’s house or visit a local internet café for your job interview.

Make sure that the connection is stable by doing a video call test with someone outside your house to check if everything is working as intended. If the connection breaks during the job interview, some interviewers will be understanding toward it, others won’t be. Don’t risk losing out on a great job position because of a technicality – test your internet connection ahead of time.

4. Impolite and Unprofessional Demeanor

As your video job interviews start, you’ll slowly come to understand what each employer is looking for in their job candidates. However, most if not all employers will simply want the candidate to be polite, attentive, and focused more than anything else. Being unprofessional during a job interview is antithetical to what you’re trying to accomplish.

To avoid one of the most harmful video interview mistakes, simply try to act as professionally as possible. Dress well but not too well – you don’t need to wear a suit to a video interview – a button-down shirt or a light top will suffice. Listen to what the interviewer is saying closely and show them that you’re actively listening to everything – this will help you create a good first impression from the get-go.

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” — Arthur Ashe

5. Being Late or Ghosting the Interviewer

When you apply for a job at Jobs OneGlobe, expect the employer or recruiter to contact you. Don’t apply for jobs and then forget about doing it – this is one of the most severe video interview mistakes you could make.

Employers and recruiters will always do their best to be fair toward their applicants and try to arrange for video interviews promptly. Avoid being late to these interviews and clear your schedule ahead of time. Don’t resort to ghosting your interviewer and don’t show up late to make a good impression and improve your odds of being hired for the job you want.

Getting Hired in 2022 with Jobs OneGlobe

Learning about how to avoid common video interview mistakes is what will separate you from other job candidates in 2022. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), video interviews are here to stay, with more than 20% of employers already transitioning to remote interviews.

You can use Jobs OneGlobe to establish your professional presence online and to create a detailed new CV to apply for exciting jobs. As you apply for new jobs, certain employees will be impressed by your CVs and cover letters and will be inclined to move forward with your application.

While you look for jobs, Jobs OneGlobe will also promote your CV to its global network of partners who are on the lookout for talented professionals like yourself. Combined with your efforts to avoid making video interview mistakes, you’ll have an easier time finding jobs in 2022 – all you have to do is take the first step!

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