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There is a universal, unsaid rule about employee productivity – happy employees will inherently be more motivated to do their jobs well. This is why employment incentives are so crucial when looking to hire someone professional and competent to fill your job vacancy. According to Teambuilding, 49% of employees stated that they want a meaningful career path in their companies, with 43% also advocating for professional growth. Trust and respect were cited as the most important components linked to employee satisfaction.

When looking to hire someone new, they’re likely to do background research on your company before applying. You want to make sure that your brand image is positive with both current and future staff members through smart employment incentives integration. Let’s discuss how employment incentives can help you when you’re looking to hire someone through Jobs OneGlobe and how to approach the topic from the perspective of job listing writing in 2022.

Reasons to Rethink your Employment Incentives

There are tangible, valid reasons to offer good employment incentives to the candidates you onboard into your company. According to published data, 43% of people stated that meaningful, fulfilling employment is the greatest source of happiness for them. Employment has become something of a lifestyle choice in recent years with the rising popularity of the gig economy, freelancing, and solo entrepreneurship.

When someone decides to apply for a job full-time, they expect to be compensated for their time and efforts not only monetarily, but also as people. Just as you’re looking to hire someone competent for your job vacancy, talented job seekers are also on the careful lookout for viable employment. Here’s how employment incentives can contribute to your business culture and employee satisfaction:

  • Higher quality of the products and services managed by the staff
  • Less turnover and more retention with your staff
  • Improved customer servicing and satisfaction
  • Employees become brand ambassadors for your company
  • Higher motivation and productivity within the staff
  • Higher profitability for you as the business owner

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals.” – Kevin Kruze

1. Competitive Salary Compensation

While salary isn’t at the top of the list for some employees when you’re looking to hire someone, many will look for information on their compensation before applying for a job. This is because many job seekers are family people with various obligations that they need to cover with their salaries. In this case, they’d likely pass on a job opportunity if the salary is too low instead of pursuing a career they’re passionate about. According to Fortunly, 79% of people have quit their jobs because they felt undervalued, with 89% of employers believing employees will leave the company for better compensation.

When looking to hire someone adequate for your job vacancy, be prepared to offer some competitive compensation. Look for job listings in your niche and try to match what other companies are offering to similar professionals. Decide on whether you’re able to provide further incentives such as salary bonuses based on performance, holidays, etc. The more you can offer on this front the better your odds will be at attracting the right candidate and retaining them long-term.

76 looking to hire someone1 Top 6 Employment Incentives to Offer When Looking to Hire Someone
Staff meals and lunch breaks are a great employment incentive you can invest resources into when looking to hire someone and entice them with pro-employee job perks!

2. Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development is very important for most professionals looking for full-time work. When looking to hire someone for your company, think about how you can facilitate growth and development. What professional learning opportunities can you provide future employees?

Talk to your HR department if you have one, or look at what other industry leaders are doing. If nothing else, you can provide your staff with online courses on certain trending topics and skills based on your industry. Help your employees grow and they’ll be happy with their employment. Looking to hire someone is about finding ways to help them feel fulfilled by what they’ll do in your company. This is nigh impossible without also helping them expand their skill set on an ongoing basis.

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen R. Covey

3. Reward and Recognition (R&R) Programs

A reward and recognition program may just be what you need to engage your employees and boost their productivity. Creating an internal R&R program to help keep track of employee productivity is a great idea for several reasons. It will help you create a bit of healthy competition in the workforce while also acting as a reward mechanism for high-performing staff.

Make sure that everyone is clear on what the R&R program is supposed to do. It is not in place to punish lower-than-average productivity but to reward high productivity with various gifts and incentives. When looking to hire someone through Jobs OneGlobe, you can list that you have a comprehensive R&R program in place in the job listing itself. This will encourage job seekers to at least consider applying for the job because working in companies with internal R&R programs is fund and rewarding.

4. Complementary Promo Packages

Depending on your business model, you can offer a variety of promo packages to your employees as incentives for being more productive. Promo packages can vary in nature and range from merch bags with apparel, accessories, mugs, and other branded goodies to services or products under your company’s umbrella.

When looking to hire someone, you should include this as a benefit in your job listings if you’re able to. People like receiving gifts, and surprising your staff with occasional promo packages will be a pleasant experience for them. In turn, they’re likely to vouch for your brand with future employees, stay employed for longer, and do their best to contribute to the company as best as they can.

5. Hybrid Work Days and Opportunities

Hybrid work environments have become quite popular in the wake of COVID-19 and social distancing. Hybrid work means that your employees can spend some days of the week working from home and then come into the office for the rest. By allowing employees to work in a hybrid environment, you’ll gain their trust and respect as an employer.

Looking to hire someone professional means being prepared to make certain changes to how your company has operated so far, especially if you operate in digital industries. IT, marketing, and other businesses don’t necessarily require employees to be on-site five days a week and employees know this. Explore what hybrid workdays can do for your company and try to implement them as an employment incentive moving forward.

6. Extra Vacation Days

Lastly, everyone will appreciate extra vacation days during the year when you’re looking to hire someone. Depending on where your company is located and the size of your company, you can offer extra vacation days under various circumstances. These days can be mandated with good performance, low absenteeism, or other factors based on what you decide internally.

When looking to hire someone who may have spent the last few years freelancing or working remotely, this is a great idea. People will be incentivized not only to apply for your job listing but also to stay employed for longer given your employment incentives. Be mindful however that extra vacation days shouldn’t be taken out of the employees’ salaries or ultimately avoided when you need to follow through with them. Again, you want your employees to be loyal and devoted to their jobs and the best way to do that is by extending proverbial olive branches to them.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first.
If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients
.” – Richard Branson

Looking to Hire Someone with Jobs OneGlobe

Hiring new staff is never a simple process and you’ll want to do it right. By looking to hire someone new for your company, you’ll effectively invite them to become a part of your corporate family. Start by writing an informative, objective job listing on Jobs OneGlobe. You can create multiple job listings for different positions within your company, or various companies if you’re a professional recruiter.

Make sure that you list the benefits and incentives you’re prepared to offer without double-meaning. Be fair toward your job applicants since they’ll see through any attempts to misinform them, leading to high turnover and poor brand image for your company. Jobs OneGlobe is the ideal place for you to publish your job listings and find the right talent for your vacancies. All you need to do is gather all the data related to your vacancy and start looking to hire someone professional for your business.

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