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Given the economic, social, and corporate changes which came as a result of the global pandemic in 2020/2021, filling your job vacancies may be challenging. According to Forbes, about 60% of interviewed job candidates said they’d prefer working from home, with nearly 7% of all job listings being “remote”.

As an international business, you may want to hire employees which would migrate to your country and work from your office full-time instead. Jobs OneGlobe can help you hire both full-time on-site professionals and remote work specialists as you see fit.

Jobs OneGlobe is an intricate platform with a wide range of services and features which are constantly expanding. As an employer, you can benefit greatly from using it for employee outreach and recruitment in 2022 and beyond. Let’s discuss how you can fill your job vacancies with Jobs OneGlobe and the best ways to do so properly.

Reasons to Fill your Job Vacancies with Jobs OneGlobe

Why should you use Jobs OneGlobe to fill your job vacancies? According to published data, 51% of job seekers want to find great opportunities on job listing websites, with each job vacancy attracting about 250 CVs. What this means is that you should post your job listings where job seekers are likely to look for them.

Marketing your job vacancies on social media, via email marketing, or in local print and PPC ads might not work out for your business. This is especially true if you want to hire international talent and forgo recruiting local candidates.

The job market landscape is changing daily and 2022 will see even more drastic shifts toward online recruitment and international candidate onboarding. Here’s how Jobs OneGlobe can help your business pioneer these trends in your industry and territory:

  • Jobs OneGlobe is designed for businesses of all scales and from all industries and niches
  • The platform is built in close collaboration with HR professionals with insight into hiring trends
  • Subscription-based packages are available on Jobs OneGlobe to streamline your hiring process
  • The ability to browse candidate CVs while also waiting for them to reach out to you is possible here
  • Custom services, features, and packages are available per client request to make hiring even easier

Jobs OneGlobe can help you hire the right candidate without ever overlooking their value for your business. Statistics by Vox show that candidates who are great for 90% of a job listing are often eliminated early on because they don’t fit the other 10% of the listing. With 41% of candidates also stating there are not enough openings in their industry or niche available, odds are that a communication issue is to blame.

Both employers and employees want to find one another and establish professional relations quickly – you’re in the right place to do just that. Here’s how you can make the process of hiring prospective job candidates smoother.

Tips to Fill your Job Vacancies with Jobs OneGlobe

1. Register an Account as an Employer/Recruiter

To get started on filling your vacant job positions, you should create an account as an employer. This is a simple process that will only take a few minutes of your time. Click on the top right corner of the homepage and press the “Don’t have an account?” button.

This will take you to the registration screen where you can input your username, email, and password. Feel free to also read the privacy polity before submitting your information and starting your employer’s experience with Jobs OneGlobe. Registering an account will give you access to the employer’s Dashboard where several useful features will become available to you.

2. Create your Company through the Jobs OneGlobe Dashboard

By hitting the “Submit Company” button from the employer’s Dashboard, you will have the opportunity to create a company under your profile’s credentials. You can create several different company profiles if you’re an HR agency or a recruiter representing several companies. Otherwise, feel free to create one or more company profiles before creating any job listings.

Publishing job listings isn’t possible without outlining which company they’re under beforehand, so take your time and do it right. Double-check your information, contact info, and any data related to your company to avoid confusion or miscommunication. Be as detailed or rudimentary as you deem necessary at the moment – you can edit your company profile at any time later on.

3. Start Creating Separate Job Vacancies Based on Your Needs

Visiting the “Post Job” button will let you post a job listing. As we’ve mentioned before, doing so is impossible without first creating a company profile under which the listing will be. You must be as detailed and thorough as possible in your job vacancy listing. Don’t omit crucial details related to the position to find the best possible candidates from day one.

The more relevant info you provide to prospective candidates, the higher the odds will be that you’ll attract the right people to your job vacancies. Again, it’s possible to edit, delete, or modify your job listings after the fact, so don’t worry. When your job listing is ready, submit it and wait for approval by the Jobs OneGlobe team who will review it thoroughly. We take great care to ensure that each listing is valid and suitable for the industry it belongs to – a great hiring experience for you is our top priority.

4. Consider Purchasing Jobs OneGlobe Employer Packages

There are several ways in which you can fill your job vacancies more quickly with Jobs OneGlobe. We’ve taken the liberty of creating a transformative system that is geared toward your hiring needs. Creating listings on Jobs OneGlobe is intuitive, as you can CREATE YOUR FIRST JOB LISTING FREE OF CHARGE. Afterward, the job listings on our platform are charged for as follows:

1 Job Post: 25€

5 Job Posts: 100€

10 Job posts: 150€

For companies with higher volumes of job vacancies, Jobs OneGlobe has additional features and packages available. It is our understanding that hoteliers, customer support centers, and other larger-scale businesses require multiple job vacancies to be filled simultaneously. To make that process faster, we’ve created job listing and company listing promotion packages. Their pricing models are outlined below:

Job Listing Promotion Package – 1 Week: 20€

Job Listing Promotion package – 1 Month: 70€

Company Promotion Package – 1 Week: 40€

Company Promotion Package – 1 Month: 150€

These packages are designed specifically to make your company stand out from the competition. Whether you want to hire talent faster or simply position yourself as the industry leader, don’t hesitate to acquire them. Your experience with Jobs OneGlobe can only grow more cost-efficient and lucrative over time, and reading through candidate CVs at your discretion is also possible. If you don’t want to wait for your candidates to reach out themselves, you can become more proactive and browse CV candidates via the following packages:

CV Visibility Package – 1 Month: 97€

CV Visibility Package – 1 Year: 992€

These packages will grant you full access to all CVs available in the Jobs OneGlobe database. With such access in hand, you will be able to make more informed decisions on which candidates to shortlist and subsequently hire. As you can see, filling job vacancies with Jobs OneGlobe is faster, simpler, and more productive than anywhere else. All you have to do is register, create job listings, and choose the right package for your business afterward.

5. Respond to Prospective Candidates in a Timely Fashion

The last thing worth mentioning relates to candidate outreach. When candidates apply for your job listing, it means that they’re ready to establish a professional relationship with your business. It’s a bad habit to let candidates simmer without a clear answer on whether or not they’re fit for your job vacancies.

Creating a healthy work environment starts during the hiring process, so set a good precedent for your future employees. Don’t wait too long to get back to candidates who are interested in your job vacancies and give them a clear answer. If you’re not interested in their skills at the moment, say so objectively and professionally. Otherwise, open a communication channel with them and start discussing the prospects of them working abroad by migrating to your country.

Mistakes to Avoid with Filling your Job Vacancies Online

While using Jobs OneGlobe will help you fill your job vacancies more effectively, you also need to be mindful of potential mistakes when writing job listings. Jobs OneGlobe is a platform designed with your best interest in mind – however, it is you who has to provide job candidates with enough information to intrigue them. Here’s how you can make your job listings stand out even more by avoiding common pitfalls found in online job listing writing:

  • Vague or barebones job listings won’t give prospective candidates a good idea of the job position
  • Listing too many skills or talents as a requirement can drive away many talented candidates
  • Poorly proofread and formatted job listings can misrepresent your company to candidates
  • Focusing too much on your job listing requirements without considering other candidates’ strengths
  • Improper or impolite communication once the candidate applies can turn them away from your company
  • Lacking proper onboarding, training, or relocation assistance processes and hiring internationally anyway

Getting Started on Filling your Job Vacancies (Conclusion)

Filling your job vacancies doesn’t have to be difficult nor complicated – all you need is Jobs OneGlobe at your side. You can begin the process of finding talented employees by checking out and registering at

Go over our value proposition, the values we can provide for employers/recruiters, and explore our job listings functionality. Our employer/recruiter dashboard is uniquely designed to facilitate your business’ growth and expansion by letting you hire the best talent for your company.

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