By being a sommelier for a hospitality business, you’ll effectively be in charge of managing the establishment’s wines. Wine is a very popular alcoholic beverage among people who travel abroad and are likely to visit your restaurant, bar, hotel, or resort. Finding work as a sommelier can be easier with the right CV in your hands.

By creating your new, detailed CV at Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll gain not only access to its professional CV builder but also the opportunity for your CV to be promoted to Jobs OneGlobe’s global hospitality partners. This is done to ensure that you’ll find hospitality jobs more quickly and to help kick-start your professional career. The best way to get started on your new job hunt is to create an account at Jobs OneGlobe and go over the following CV writing practices to succeed at finding work.

Working as a Professional Sommelier

To work as a sommelier, you’ll need to understand what exactly the position entails. Sommeliers specialize in all things wine-related, so you’ll need to demonstrate your capability to organize wines, taste-test them, and recommend them to guests based on their expectations.

Knowing about how wine is made, stored, and served is also a great plus that will help you land hospitality jobs more easily, especially in restaurants or bars. Here’s what a typical sommelier job description might look like once you start applying for jobs:

  • Maintain the establishment’s wine supplies
  • Recommend wines based on food or dessert pairings
  • Help your hospitality colleagues learn more about wine
  • Research new wine assortments to buy from abroad
  • Follow health and safety regulations in your establishment

While a sommelier’s job description may seem sparse compared to other positions such as a waiter or a bartender, their job is just as involved. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with your establishment’s wine assortment and know exactly what to offer to which guest and under which circumstances. Here’s how you can approach writing your new CV with this in mind.

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107 sommelier1 Great CV Writing Tips for Sommelier Jobs – 5 Best Practices to Follow
As a sommelier, you’ll be asked to provide your guests with fact-based recommendations on the types of wines they’d enjoy drinking from your establishment’s vast catalog – a deep understanding of wine is recommended.

1. Consider the Jobs You’re Applying For

Writing your CV with the job you’re applying for in mind is always a good idea. It’s not a good practice to create a single, universal CV and apply for various unrelated job positions with it hoping for the best. Instead, you should create different versions of your CV, as well as write your CVs with certain job descriptions as references.

Treating a description of what the employer is looking for as your reference is a great idea because you’ll directly address their pain points. This will make your CV more unique and let the employer know that you’ve indeed read the job description before applying. For these jobs, this means reading each job description carefully and using it to shape your application will yield better results for you.

2. Attach Relevant Degrees and Certificates

To work as a sommelier, you’ll need to show a certain level of expertise when it comes to wines. The easiest way to do this is to attach any degrees, certificates, or other formal documents you’ve earned as a professional sommelier. Attaching various degrees related to hospitality can be a great way for you to show just how much you know about wines and how ready you are for the job position.

Without these documents as proof of your expertise, the only option you have left is to rely on your professional experience. If you’ve already worked as a sommelier before and have practical know-how of the job, that can work in your favor. You need to convince the employer that you’re a suitable job candidate for such a responsible hospitality job position – the best way to achieve that is through official degrees, certificates, and other documents.

3. Develop your Language Skills

Applying for a sommelier and other jobs in hospitality means that you’ll likely work in an international establishment with guests from around the world. That being said, employers are likely to look for professionals who can speak several languages so they can serve their guests more effectively.

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4. Describe your Sommelier Skills

Soft skills play a major part in whether or not you’ll ultimately be hired as a sommelier. Given the nature of the job, you should describe as many relevant skills to your prospective employer as possible. Here are some of the best ones you should work on adding to your CV:

  • Verbal communication skills
  • Winemaking knowledge
  • Wine knowledge
  • Presentation skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Problem-solving mindset

You’ll need to show your potential employers that you’re knowledgeable about wine enough for them to consider arranging an interview with you. Due to the type of work required of you, you’ll likely have to demonstrate your presentation skills during the interview so the employer can assess how viable you are for their job opening.

5. Showcase your Professional Vocabulary

A good way to let prospective employers know that you’re a viable candidate for their job listing is to showcase a professional vocabulary and avoid writing mistakes in your CV. Sommeliers are required to be eloquent with the establishment’s guests, meaning that your CV has to reflect that.

Avoid using one-liners you’ve found online, as well as any clichés which you might think are funny or charming. Instead, write your professional summary as a more serious introduction to who you are as an individual. This will indicate that you’re self-aware, reliable, and professional, qualities which are very important for sommeliers regardless of what kind of a hospitality business they work in.

Find Sommelier Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

If you’re set on becoming a sommelier and working in a hospitality establishment, Jobs OneGlobe has you covered. You’ll be able to write your new CV with its professional CV builder and truly stand out in the prospective employers’ eyes thanks to that. You’ll also be able to create multiple CVs to diversify your job search and find the best approach to every job post you come across.

Moreover, Jobs OneGlobe will add to your CV exposure by sharing it with its global partners who are on the lookout for hospitality professionals to hire. Your employment prospects will increase with your presence on Jobs OneGlobe, so there’s no reason for you to delay creating a new CV. Start making a difference in your career today and you’ll have an easier time finding the work you’ll love doing.

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