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Whether you’re applying for a job for the first time or plan to shift to a different career, writing a good CV online will make you a standout candidate.

With HR processes leaning toward automation recently, your CV must be up to the task for contemporary job search. What’s the importance of applying for a new job with a good CV in your hands? Let’s discuss that and more in the following paragraphs.

Elements of a Good CV to Apply for a Job

Recent data has shown that 73% of job seekers consider looking for work one of the most stressful events in their lives. There is a good reason for that. Many job seekers are conflicted on which types of information to include in their CV to land the job they want. It’s useful then to know exactly how to write a good CV beforehand.

What are the must-have elements of a CV which will help you land the job you want? Naturally, different HR professionals will look for different data points in the CVs they vet. However, there are several points of interest that most HR professionals will agree on in regards to CVs:

  • CV has to outline your skillset, formal education, and professional experiences
  • CV has to present potential employers and recruiters with tangible benefits for employing you
  • CV has to grab attention with its formatting and organization – use a professional CV Builder for that
  • CV has to be written with a specific industry and profession in mind instead of being generalized

Every job seeker who wants to post their CV online already has access to the above-mentioned data. However, the trick is to present that data in an engaging, informative, and professional manner. This can make your job search shorter and you will spend much less time on job applications than you would with a poorly-written CV.

CV Will Speak of your Skills and Career Plans

A major reason why you should write your CV properly before a job search is because employers want to know your current skills and plans. You can outline your soft and hard skills separately to make it easier for employers to read your CV. For example, grouping “leadership, time management, and analytical skills” and “HTML, CSS, and Java” knowledge into separate categories is a good idea.

The same applies to your talents, interests, and hobbies. Take some time to think about your future career plans and personal development goals. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? Do you plan to start your own company or move up the corporate ladder and become a CTO or a CMO? In the employers’ eyes, your CV online will be your ID, and it is up to you to write as many details as possible.

Make an Impression on Potential Employers

Your job search will go more smoothly once employers and recruiters take an interest in your CV. Many potential employers go out of their way to manually search for and read job applications instead of relying on automation. To these HR professionals, the most important part of any CV is the impression they get from the person behind it. Here’s how you can make a good impression when you fill out your CV online:

  • Attach a high-quality, representative photo of yourself to the CV
  • Tidy up your social media accounts – HR professionals like to check them
  • Provide potential employers with up-to-date contact information

Stand Out from Applicants Looking for a Job

We live in a competitive world where multiple people will always apply for the same job opening as you did. This is where writing a good CV for your job applications becomes crucial. Employers will often go out of their way to compare and contrast different CVs to get an impression of who is applying for their jobs.

To make your job search easier, you should take the time to write a CV which you would accept as an employer. Otherwise, someone else might get the job position you wanted and you will go back to searching for the next best thing.

Kick-Start your Job Search More Easily

Employers are happy when they see a CV online and can determine how passionate and ambitious someone is. Whether you plan to run your own business in 10 years or become a professional in a big international company, let employers know about it. By writing a good CV, your job search will not only go more smoothly but you will find stable, lucrative employment.

According to data by McKinsey, 25% of HR professionals prioritize leadership potential first and foremost in the people they select from job applications. Your next job could very well lead to you becoming a project manager or an executive after a few short years on staff. None of this will be possible however if you write a poor CV with sparse, incomplete data about your past experiences.

Proofread and Double-Check your CV Data

Once employers start looking through job applications, they will quickly spot writing mistakes in the CV you submit. Depending on the type of work you applied for, this could very well eliminate you as a potential employee. Proofreading and spellchecking your CV is essential for a successful job search regardless of the level and complexity of the work you applied for.

Furthermore, posting your CV online for jobs related to writing, teaching, translation, etc. will require an immaculate writing effort on your part. Don’t rush through job applications just to get them over with. Applying for work online can be stressful but it’s also a rewarding experience that can change your professional career path going forward. Check your grammar, punctuation, as well as the validity of your data before starting your job search in earnest.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an established professional, it’s never too late to write a good CV and find great employment opportunities. Collect your data in a single file and start optimizing it for better readability and information clarity.

Put yourself in your employers’ shoes and think about what they’d like to see in an ideal candidate. While it’s important to start your job search with a well-written CV, you should also follow up on that with a great interview. Show your future employer that you are every bit of the person they saw in the CV and your career path will be set from then on out.

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