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Hiring new employees to fill important positions within your company has never been as challenging as it is today. There are so many ways in which you can hire employees today, including social media, paid ads, and job listing platforms. According to Migration Data Portal, over 169 million people are working abroad as of 2021, approximately 69% of all people living abroad. There are talented individuals out there in every industry and niche.

Whether you operate in Europe, North America, Asia, or Africa, there are plenty of good reasons to start diversifying your workforce. International employees can bring a new perspective to your business and help it grow more than ever before. What are the best benefits of hiring international employees?

1. Fill Job Vacancies You Can’t Find Talent for Locally

The best reason to start your expansion into international waters when it comes to employees is to fill vacant job positions properly. Sometimes you might not be able to find the perfect candidates for your openings locally. This will give you a good reason to start exploring international employees and find the right candidates abroad.

Hiring internationally can be especially helpful if you need specialists in emerging niches, such as data science, AI, or even copywriters or mobile developers. Likewise, hiring talent from third-world countries who are seeking better opportunities abroad will be a win-win for both parties. Hire international employees for this reason alone.

2. Creating a Diverse, Inclusive Workplace

Inclusivity and tolerance are major talking points around the world. As the world becomes smaller thanks to easier and more affordable travel, more and more people move abroad and immigrate to distant countries. By including these professionals in your staff pool, you will signal to all other companies that you are progressive, welcoming, and forward-thinking.

Data by Sustainable Brands indicated that 92% of large international companies have policies in place for gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other social groups. Professionals, and everyday people, shouldn’t be judged based on their lifestyles but on the quality of the work and contributions, they can make.

However, don’t tokenize minorities or people of color just to check off a social-inclusivity box. Hire people based on their value, experience, and contribution potential – not based on race or religion. Doing so will transform your company into an international entity that more B2B partners will want to work with in the future.

3. Gain Access to New Language Competencies in your Staff

The more diverse your staff is in terms of international employees, the wider your language competencies will become. This will open new doors for expansion, content localization, and working with B2B partners from abroad.

According to CSA Research, 75% of customers won’t purchase from brands that don’t offer content or support in their native languages. You effectively risk losing close to 40% of total revenue if your online storefront, website, and marketing content aren’t localized. With international staff, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to diversify your advertisement message. This means more customers, more clients, and more revenue.

4. International Employees Approach Projects from Different Perspectives

Perspective is important when working in the international corporate world. Whether you realize it or not, your business is constantly on the radar of other companies and potential job seekers who are vetting you. Hiring international employees to fill your ranks will help you gain new insight into the projects you’re working on.

Different people will always offer unique, unorthodox perspectives on the problems you face in your business. This can make your business’ continued growth smoother and less turbulent as you decide on which projects to accept and how to handle them.

5. Grow and Evolve your Business Culture

The past year has been difficult for everyone, whether you’re a CEO or an office staff member. Reports by Gallup indicate that 45% of people were dramatically affected by the global pandemic, with 43% reporting high levels of stress. These people are ready to make a change in their lives and start anew despite the past year’s difficulties.

This is an amazing opportunity for your business to come out of 2021 swinging and create a more diverse and engaging business culture. By hiring people based on their skills and talents, not based on their gender, age, or ethnicity, you will evolve your business culture like never before. In turn, your competitors will take notice of your proactive hiring processes and use your practices as an example to also hire international employees.

6. Access Valuable Insight and Know-How About International Markets

Hiring people from France, Germany, Greece, or Spain will help you understand these markets more intently. People who have lived their lives in the EU, in South America, or Australia will have valuable tips and inside knowledge for you to use.

This can help you expand into new markets, handle local clients more carefully, and network with local B2B companies more easily. Establishing your company as an international entity is more feasible and straightforward if there are staff members on your team who’ve lived there.

7. On-Site and Remote Work Opportunities with International Employees

If you find great international employees from abroad but have no way of bringing them into the fold on-site, you can still work with them. The benefit of running a business in 2022 is that you have access to a wide range of remote collaboration platforms. These platforms can help you maintain professional relations with your employees who may be scattered around the globe.

Time zone differences notwithstanding, both on-site and remote work opportunities are possible when it comes to working with internationals. This means that if you find the perfect programmer or HR specialist in Europe or Africa – that’s OK! Don’t dismiss the opportunity of working together due to distance and try to find ways to integrate them into your business as remote professionals.

How to Get Started on Hiring International Employees Today

You can get started on creating a diverse working environment for your staff by OneGlobe services today! There is great value for employers/recruiters to be found on the platform, including competitive job listing prices and company promotion packages.

With these features in hand, you will quickly find the right talent for your vacancies and get things running again. While the past year has been challenging, you should look at it as a helpful lesson to learn from, not as a detriment to your business’s future. Look for international employees and make your business a part of global change in 2022.

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