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CV writing for job applications is a demanding task, no matter how well-versed you are as a writer or how experienced you are in your industry. Published findings indicate that up to 85% of job seekers omit things in their CVs, however up to 96% of companies research their candidates thoroughly.

As you can imagine, this can be a problematic prospect, which is why using a professional CV builder instead is a good choice. Depending on how tech-savvy you are, creating a CV from the ground up on your own may not be a smart idea.

HR professionals place a large emphasis on CV presentation in their candidates’ applications. By using an HR-approved CV builder, your odds of landing the job opportunity you want to increase dramatically. Let’s talk about professional CV builders and why using one for your future career development is the best way to move forward.

1. Straightforward, Quick, and Simple to Use

The greatest benefit of using a professional CV builder to create your CV is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. A well-designed CV builder is extremely easy and intuitive to use and comes with a user-friendly UI.

This means that you can create a professional-looking CV in a fraction of the time it would take to do. Approaching future job applications with such a CV in hand will drastically improve your chances at employment.

2. A Professional CV Builder is Built by HR Professionals

Another great point to consider when looking for a tool to create your CV with is to ask yourself who built it. If a CV builder is created by laymen who are unfamiliar with HR trends, it may require you to input unnecessary data.

Moreover, actual employers and recruiters will look at your CV and find it difficult to read. A good CV builder on the other hand is built by trained HR professionals with extensive experience in interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

3. Easily Update your CV Between Job Applications

As you search for better and more lucrative job applications, you may work online or part-time. These data points can be useful in your job search and you can add them to your CV while looking for permanent employment.

It’s also important to fill out your CV with up-to-date information before applying for work because employers will likely ask about your CV gaps eventually. Don’t use everyday text editors or online writing tools to write your CV. Instead, choose a professional CV builder to make your job applications stand out more.

4. No Need for Additional Software for CV Writing

A big benefit of choosing to use an online CV builder is that you won’t need any additional software to write your CV properly. While traditional text editors such as Microsoft Word can be useful for outlining your CV, they won’t present your skills nor talents adequately.

Instead, you can use a professional tool to craft a much better-looking and legible CV online. This will minimize your costs since you won’t need to buy additional software just to write your CV for future job applications. In turn, you will be able to focus your attention to gather and review relevant CV data to maximize your career prospects.

5. Your CV is Always Safely Stored Online

One of the core value propositions of using a professional CV builder is that you won’t ever need to worry about storing your CV locally. Your CV will always be available online and you will be able to apply for jobs in a matter of minutes. Contrary to that, creating a CV on your own can cause you to delete it by accident or mix up different CVs before sending them to an employer.

With a CV safely stored on a reliable online platform, those issues will be null and void. All you need to manage your CV online is a browser and a few minutes of free time. Once you’ve done that, you can go back to developing your skill set and looking for the right career opportunity for you.

6. Spend Time More Productively by Applying for Jobs

The best reason to use a CV builder instead of writing one on your own is to save time in looking for good job applications. According to recent reports, 88% of job seekers are concerned about the lack of jobs in their field. Additionally, 60% of job seekers abandoned the application process for a new job because it took too long or was too complex. This leaves many talented professionals jobless, and many employers without the staff they need.

With a professional CV builder and a platform that provides the latest job listings, those issues won’t affect you whatsoever. You can create a CV in a matter of minutes and be on your way to look for a job opportunity that fits your career goals.

How to Start Using a Professional CV Builder

Now that we’ve talked about several great reasons to use a professional CV builder, where should you start? To start your job applications process on the right foot, you need to prepare your data properly before proceeding. Here are several simple steps which you can follow to find your next job more easily:

  • Sign up with a reliable job listings platform with a built-in professional CV builder
  • Collect your personal information and double-check its validity before proceeding
  • Fill out the required fields with the right data to give employers enough information to go on
  • Don’t hesitate to update your CV or create new versions of it for different industries and jobs
  • Add new personal and professional experiences from past job applications to attract employers

In Conclusion

Whether you apply for IT, marketing, sales, or healthcare-related jobs, approaching your job applications with a professional CV builder in hand is a great idea. You will cut down on the time you need to write a CV and fill it with only the most essential data determined by HR professionals.

In doing so, you will attract more employers to your CV and have a much easier time developing your career moving forward. Don’t let someone else grab your dream job – start using a professional CV builder to enhance your employment in 2022. You will work with a company you’ve always dreamed before you know it.

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