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Job post transparency has been an issue for years when it comes to job listings found on the web. With seemingly anyone being able to post job listings on social media and unverified job listings platforms, job seekers have had a hard time determining how trustworthy they are.

Recent Financial Times findings indicate that law enforcement agencies around the globe are combatting illicit job post efforts but are struggling to do so effectively. These types of job listings typically target job seekers from Eastern Europe and low-paying regions who have no other choice but to take a risk in hopes of the job post panning out.

Jobs OneGlobe aims to turn the tide on these job listings and offer a more trustworthy, secure choice for job seekers worldwide. It is our goal to provide every job seeker with the right job opportunity no matter where they come from or what their career goals are. Here’s how you benefit from using Jobs OneGlobe as an employer looking for a reputable job listings platform to publish their next job post on in 2022.

Advocating for Radical Transparency in Job Listings

Talking about monetary compensation before you’ve even hired a candidate can seem improper from the perspective of the employer. However, many candidates, despite them wanting to work for a company, might pass on the opportunity due to the general lack of transparency in the job post they found.

According to recent findings, 67% of candidates cite income as their primary motivator for applying for a job post and it’s difficult to judge them for it. Recruiting Daily published a survey report indicating that 27% of US job seekers advocate for transparent pay in job listings, with 80% also preferring to know whether remote work is a possibility with the job vacancy.

After all, we all need a stable income to make ends meet – it’s only logical that job seekers want as much information on their potential job benefits from the get-go. At Jobs OneGlobe, we enable employers to state how much they’re ready to compensate an employee in terms of salary. You’re able and encouraged to give job seekers more information on your job position than most other job listings websites allow you to. We advocate for more radical, transparent, and trustworthy job post efforts on the part of partners and employers we work with.

Your employer brand is never what you say it is. It’s what your employees and candidates say it is.” – Jillian Einck

1. Using Jobs OneGlobe as an Ethical Job Search Solution

Jobs OneGlobe is a platform with the mission to make finding great job positions easier for people around the world. It’s also a platform designed to help employers find the exact types of candidates they require to fill their job vacancies properly. By using Jobs OneGlobe to create your job listings, you’ll gain access to its builder which is made to ensure that each job listing has as much information available as possible.

Published reports indicate that 22% of employees experience worse job benefits today than they did in their previous jobs. This is because the job posts they applied for were not transparent and lacked enough information for them to make an informed decision on whether to apply or not. With Jobs OneGlobe, both parties have a more reliable and trustworthy platform to rely on for their professional needs.

73 job post1 Job Post Transparency – 5 Ethical Values of Informative Job Listings
Every job post you publish will reflect your company’s image and culture. Be as objective and informative as possible and the right job candidates will always recognize the value of applying for your jobs!

2. Establish a Professional Rapport

By ensuring that your job post is transparent, informative, and actionable, you’ll give potential candidates enough reasons to apply. A well-written and objective job listing will help you establish professional rapport from the get-go.

In practice, this means that candidates will know to expect professionalism from their interviewers and company representatives before applying. This can lead to a far higher quality of applicants which you can then shortlist and invite to job interviews. Without a professional rapport in place, you may end up with low-quality or irrelevant applicants who are unfit for your job vacancy.

3. Increased Job Post Appeal for Job Seekers

Many employers and recruiters fail to understand how job candidates think at the end of the day. There are several important factors each job candidate will use to base their job application on when evaluating your job listing:

  1. Salary and employment benefits
  2. Professional development opportunities
  3. Job responsibilities and expectations
  4. Application and selection process

Job candidates will always place their well-being before being loyal to your company without having worked there yet. This is why you need to be upfront and objective about what you can offer them rather than be vague about it. Coming off as “shady” will lead you to lose valuable candidates who might otherwise be ideal for your vacancies. By publishing your detailed job listings on Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll further increase their appeal to job seekers from around the world.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

4. Improved Brand Authority and Reputation

As you use Jobs OneGlobe for each job post under your company’s name, you’ll improve your brand authority and reputation in the industry. Being known for fair and job seeker-friendly job listings is a great prospect and you should consider its benefits when writing your next job post.

If candidates know that your company treats employees and future candidates fairly, they’ll be much more likely to apply for jobs. Likewise, your B2B prospects will improve since other companies which share these values will be inclined to work with you. Brand authority can go a long way in ensuring that you always have competent staff to rely on. There’s no better way to get to that point than by writing more transparent job posts moving forward.

5. Wider and More Diverse Candidate Pool

Publishing job listings that are transparent and lean toward the job candidate’s wellbeing will always attract attention. This is because so many job listings lack fundamental information such as work hours, employment benefits, or clear job responsibilities.

By ensuring that your job listing is well-written, you’ll let candidates of various backgrounds and from around the world know that they’re welcome to apply for your listings. This will help you diversify your candidate pool and give you more options as to who you will ultimately hire. A wider candidate pool can also lead to more diversity in your staff, improving your business culture and company reputation overall.

Successful people have fear, successful people have doubts, and successful people have worries. They just don’t let these feelings stop them.” – T. Harv Eker

Creating your Next Job Post at Jobs OneGlobe

Writing a job post people will appreciate and trust enough to apply for isn’t difficult. However, many employers choose not to disclose job position details such as salary range or employment benefits in hopes of attracting more candidates to apply. According to Yahoo! Finance, 48% of job seekers found a low starting salary an immediate deal-breaker for job application, with 54% stating it determines whether they’ll apply or not. However, this works in your favor as well, as you’ll quickly shortlist candidates who are uninterested in your job vacancy.

You can use Jobs OneGlobe to create your next job post and consider these radical transparency benefits. Put yourself in your candidates’ shoes and think of what you’d like to see in a job listing. Sometimes it’s best to be more transparent and less secretive if you want to hire great talent. Rethink how you write job listings and you might be surprised with the results.

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