{‘id’: ‘212a4844-15b7-4cfa-95ae-a0c050493a68’, ‘title’: ‘ASSISTANT DE GESTION DES INSTANCES H/F’, ‘refNumber’: ‘REF79596M’, ‘status’: ‘SOURCING’, ‘createdOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:40:37.835Z’, ‘lastActivityOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:40:39.976Z’, ‘location’: {‘countryCode’: ‘fr’, ‘country’: ‘France’, ‘region’: ‘Île-de-France’, ‘city’: ‘Paris’, ‘manual’: False, ‘remote’: False, ‘regionCode’: ‘Île-de-France’}, ‘actions’: {‘details’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/212a4844-15b7-4cfa-95ae-a0c050493a68’}, ‘hiringTeam’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/212a4844-15b7-4cfa-95ae-a0c050493a68/hiring-team’}, ‘publications’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/212a4844-15b7-4cfa-95ae-a0c050493a68/publication?active=true’}, ‘applyOnWeb’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/JobsForHumanity/743999938232262-assistant-de-gestion-des-instances-h-f?oga=true’}}, ‘creator’: {‘id’: ‘642177caa6c2af685af90182’, ‘firstName’: ‘Roy’, ‘lastName’: ‘API 3’}, ‘updatedOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:40:39.976Z’, ‘postingStatus’: ‘PUBLIC’, ‘industry’: {‘id’: ‘staffing_and_recruiting’, ‘label’: ‘Staffing And Recruiting’}, ‘function’: {‘id’: ‘other’, ‘label’: ‘Other’}, ‘typeOfEmployment’: {‘id’: ‘permanent’, ‘label’: ‘Full-time’}, ‘experienceLevel’: {‘id’: ‘mid_senior_level’, ‘label’: ‘Mid-Senior Level’}, ‘template’: False, ‘jobAd’: {‘sections’: {‘companyDescription’: {‘title’: ‘Company Description’, ‘text’: ‘Jobs for Humanity is partnering with Checkr to build an inclusive and just employment ecosystem. Therefore, we prioritize individuals coming from the following communities: Refugee, Neurodivergent, Single Parent, Blind or Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Military Veterans, the Elderly, the LGBTQ, and Justice Impacted individuals. This position is open to candidates who reside in and have the legal right to work in the country where the job is located.

Company Name: Checkr

‘}, ‘jobDescription’: {‘title’: ‘Job Description’, ‘text’: ‘THIS JOB IS OPEN TO PEOPLE OF ALL ABILITIESnnWe are looking for someone to manage and oversee the various committees and mutual organizations in compliance with the current legislation. Your contributions will help identify and mitigate risks while enhancing customer satisfaction.nn- Reception: Provide a warm and welcoming environment for visitors both in person and over the phone. Assist them by providing information and guidance.nn- Administrative Support: Coordinate meetings for various committees, including bureaus, councils, commissions, and general assemblies. Assist in the dissemination of information and distribute relevant documents to committee members.nn- Administrative Management: Prepare meeting materials, ensure proper formatting, and obtain approval for presentation. Draft communications and letters to committee members. Manage the document database for committee activities, including updates, organization, registry, and archiving.nn- Reporting: Provide regular reports on committee activities.nnPlease let us know if you are interested in this position by filling out the form below. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and abilities.’}, ‘qualifications’: {‘title’: ‘Qualifications’}, ‘additionalInformation’: {‘title’: ‘Additional Information’}, ‘videos’: {‘urls’: []}}, ‘language’: {‘code’: ‘en’, ‘label’: ‘English’, ‘labelNative’: ‘English (US)’}}, ‘properties’: [{‘id’: ’63de2c32762aa81747c3aa6a’, ‘label’: ‘SingleMom.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘44597d5a-dac7-4b1e-a7fc-83f9a2259231’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2cc2eb57bf40dffe8ded’, ‘label’: ‘Remote’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘9ea3bdd4-a58f-4d76-8e89-c10ae7c0b821’, ‘label’: ‘No’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bd153ed81532243dcc2′, ‘label’: ‘Neurodivergent.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘721896b3-0cb1-4d7e-87bc-a551917093fc’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ‘COUNTRY’, ‘label’: ‘Country’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘fr’, ‘label’: ‘France’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2c1d9edd1208a28b1218′, ‘label’: ‘BlackLeader.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘6cd2b16e-2091-4b90-95fa-ec026918cb77’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bb9d7c6f53d55813a1c’, ‘label’: ‘Post on Blind.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ’01d2f411-879a-4bc8-afe1-490f90323794′, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bedeb57bf40dffe8dec’, ‘label’: ‘ReturningCitizen.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘6d3852cf-9614-465b-a571-92374a3e9700’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63d99cc3eb57bf40dffe8dbf’, ‘label’: ‘Company’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘5809776d-c5de-4861-9a2a-ae6da3c36ee5’, ‘label’: ‘Checkr’}}, {‘id’: ‘6491a9830b1a953538f24b73’, ‘label’: ‘Rainbow.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘120047c0-5b11-40da-921a-de9b8f6fd93c’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2c7c9edd1208a28b1219′, ‘label’: ‘Job Ad Link (if available)’, ‘value’: {‘label’: ‘https://klesia.profils.org/offre-de-emploi/emploi-assistant-de-gestion-des-instances-h-f_3888.aspx’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bfe53ed81532243dcc3′, ‘label’: ‘Refugee.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘8809820e-e93e-4395-9e1e-0b84d259fa6e’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ‘6009934e43b5ad146293a233’, ‘label’: ‘Brands’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘default’, ‘label’: ‘Jobs for Humanity’}}]}



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