{‘id’: ‘986c4265-79ec-48b4-b1b8-56406ccde7b0’, ‘title’: ‘INFOGRAPHISTE H/F’, ‘refNumber’: ‘REF79598Q’, ‘status’: ‘SOURCING’, ‘createdOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:41:36.862Z’, ‘lastActivityOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:41:39.460Z’, ‘location’: {‘countryCode’: ‘fr’, ‘country’: ‘France’, ‘region’: ‘Île-de-France’, ‘city’: ‘Paris’, ‘manual’: False, ‘remote’: False, ‘regionCode’: ‘Île-de-France’}, ‘actions’: {‘details’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/986c4265-79ec-48b4-b1b8-56406ccde7b0’}, ‘hiringTeam’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/986c4265-79ec-48b4-b1b8-56406ccde7b0/hiring-team’}, ‘publications’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/986c4265-79ec-48b4-b1b8-56406ccde7b0/publication?active=true’}, ‘applyOnWeb’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/JobsForHumanity/743999938232049-infographiste-h-f?oga=true’}}, ‘creator’: {‘id’: ‘642177caa6c2af685af90182’, ‘firstName’: ‘Roy’, ‘lastName’: ‘API 3’}, ‘updatedOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:41:39.460Z’, ‘postingStatus’: ‘PUBLIC’, ‘industry’: {‘id’: ‘staffing_and_recruiting’, ‘label’: ‘Staffing And Recruiting’}, ‘function’: {‘id’: ‘other’, ‘label’: ‘Other’}, ‘typeOfEmployment’: {‘id’: ‘permanent’, ‘label’: ‘Full-time’}, ‘experienceLevel’: {‘id’: ‘mid_senior_level’, ‘label’: ‘Mid-Senior Level’}, ‘template’: False, ‘jobAd’: {‘sections’: {‘companyDescription’: {‘title’: ‘Company Description’, ‘text’: ‘Jobs for Humanity is partnering with Checkr to build an inclusive and just employment ecosystem. Therefore, we prioritize individuals coming from the following communities: Refugee, Neurodivergent, Single Parent, Blind or Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Military Veterans, the Elderly, the LGBTQ, and Justice Impacted individuals. This position is open to candidates who reside in and have the legal right to work in the country where the job is located.

Company Name: Checkr

‘}, ‘jobDescription’: {‘title’: ‘Job Description’, ‘text’: “***Job Opportunity – Graphic Designer***nn*This position is open to all individuals, including those with disabilities.*nnAt our Communication and CSR Department, we are looking for a Graphic Designer who can contribute to our diverse and inclusive work environment. In this role, you will be responsible for the following:nn1. Conducting Research:n – Analyzing client’s requirements and providing advice to optimize feasibility.n – Assisting with translating messages and designing graphics.nn2. Continuous Improvement:n – Staying updated with current graphic design trends and technologies related to our activities.n – Suggesting innovative ideas to enhance our visual communications.nn3. Project Management:n – Ensuring timely graphic design implementation or updates for our communication materials.n – Coordinating with external service providers when necessary.nn4. Reporting:n – Reporting on activities and conducting preliminary analysis of performance indicators.nnTo succeed in this role, you will be a part of a team of three individuals. nnWe value candidates with a BAC+2 degree in graphic design, coupled with prior experience in print design.nn*If you are passionate about design, eager to contribute to a dynamic team, and believe in the power of inclusion, we encourage you to apply.*nn*Please attach your résumé and portfolio showcasing your work as a part of your application.*nn[HTML FORMATTED RESPONSE – replace with your preferred formatting]nn[Your Name]n[Your Contact Information]”}, ‘qualifications’: {‘title’: ‘Qualifications’}, ‘additionalInformation’: {‘title’: ‘Additional Information’}, ‘videos’: {‘urls’: []}}, ‘language’: {‘code’: ‘en’, ‘label’: ‘English’, ‘labelNative’: ‘English (US)’}}, ‘properties’: [{‘id’: ’63de2c32762aa81747c3aa6a’, ‘label’: ‘SingleMom.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘44597d5a-dac7-4b1e-a7fc-83f9a2259231’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2cc2eb57bf40dffe8ded’, ‘label’: ‘Remote’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘9ea3bdd4-a58f-4d76-8e89-c10ae7c0b821’, ‘label’: ‘No’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bd153ed81532243dcc2′, ‘label’: ‘Neurodivergent.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘721896b3-0cb1-4d7e-87bc-a551917093fc’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ‘COUNTRY’, ‘label’: ‘Country’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘fr’, ‘label’: ‘France’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2c1d9edd1208a28b1218′, ‘label’: ‘BlackLeader.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘6cd2b16e-2091-4b90-95fa-ec026918cb77’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bb9d7c6f53d55813a1c’, ‘label’: ‘Post on Blind.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ’01d2f411-879a-4bc8-afe1-490f90323794′, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bedeb57bf40dffe8dec’, ‘label’: ‘ReturningCitizen.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘6d3852cf-9614-465b-a571-92374a3e9700’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63d99cc3eb57bf40dffe8dbf’, ‘label’: ‘Company’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘5809776d-c5de-4861-9a2a-ae6da3c36ee5’, ‘label’: ‘Checkr’}}, {‘id’: ‘6491a9830b1a953538f24b73’, ‘label’: ‘Rainbow.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘120047c0-5b11-40da-921a-de9b8f6fd93c’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2c7c9edd1208a28b1219′, ‘label’: ‘Job Ad Link (if available)’, ‘value’: {‘label’: ‘https://klesia.profils.org/offre-de-emploi/emploi-infographiste-h-f_4072.aspx’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bfe53ed81532243dcc3′, ‘label’: ‘Refugee.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘8809820e-e93e-4395-9e1e-0b84d259fa6e’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ‘6009934e43b5ad146293a233’, ‘label’: ‘Brands’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘default’, ‘label’: ‘Jobs for Humanity’}}]}



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