{‘id’: ‘0976e97b-c702-419e-b30e-0ecc823b4fe3’, ‘title’: ‘RESPONSABLE BILAN RETRAITE H/F’, ‘refNumber’: ‘REF79595Q’, ‘status’: ‘SOURCING’, ‘createdOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:40:11.913Z’, ‘lastActivityOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:40:14.674Z’, ‘location’: {‘countryCode’: ‘fr’, ‘country’: ‘France’, ‘region’: ‘Île-de-France’, ‘city’: ‘Paris’, ‘manual’: False, ‘remote’: False, ‘regionCode’: ‘Île-de-France’}, ‘actions’: {‘details’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/0976e97b-c702-419e-b30e-0ecc823b4fe3’}, ‘hiringTeam’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/0976e97b-c702-419e-b30e-0ecc823b4fe3/hiring-team’}, ‘publications’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://api.smartrecruiters.com/jobs/0976e97b-c702-419e-b30e-0ecc823b4fe3/publication?active=true’}, ‘applyOnWeb’: {‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘url’: ‘https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/JobsForHumanity/743999938228919-responsable-bilan-retraite-h-f?oga=true’}}, ‘creator’: {‘id’: ‘642177caa6c2af685af90182’, ‘firstName’: ‘Roy’, ‘lastName’: ‘API 3’}, ‘updatedOn’: ‘2023-10-19T13:40:14.167Z’, ‘postingStatus’: ‘PUBLIC’, ‘industry’: {‘id’: ‘staffing_and_recruiting’, ‘label’: ‘Staffing And Recruiting’}, ‘function’: {‘id’: ‘other’, ‘label’: ‘Other’}, ‘typeOfEmployment’: {‘id’: ‘permanent’, ‘label’: ‘Full-time’}, ‘experienceLevel’: {‘id’: ‘mid_senior_level’, ‘label’: ‘Mid-Senior Level’}, ‘template’: False, ‘jobAd’: {‘sections’: {‘companyDescription’: {‘title’: ‘Company Description’, ‘text’: ‘Jobs for Humanity is partnering with Checkr to build an inclusive and just employment ecosystem. Therefore, we prioritize individuals coming from the following communities: Refugee, Neurodivergent, Single Parent, Blind or Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Military Veterans, the Elderly, the LGBTQ, and Justice Impacted individuals. This position is open to candidates who reside in and have the legal right to work in the country where the job is located.

Company Name: Checkr

‘}, ‘jobDescription’: {‘title’: ‘Job Description’, ‘text’: “JOB AD: ACCOUNTING ANALYST & TREASURY ASSISTANTnnThis position is open to individuals from all backgrounds and abilities, including the elderly, refugees, people with visible and invisible disabilities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and veterans.nnWe are currently seeking a compassionate and inclusive team member to join our Accounting Department within a Social Protection Group specialized in retirement services. As an Accounting Analyst and Treasury Assistant, you will report directly to the Head of the Retirement Accounting Department.nnResponsibilities:n- Assist with the analysis of financial statements for the Retirement Entities, ensuring accuracy and compliance.n- Collaborate in daily treasury activities, working closely with the team.n- Support various tasks that may arise within the team.nnRequirements:n- No specific education or experience requirements. We value diversity and welcome candidates from all educational and professional backgrounds.n- A genuine interest in accounting and a willingness to learn.n- Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.n- Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.n- Resilience and the ability to adapt to a dynamic work environment.n- Fluency in English, additional languages are a plus.nnWe strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply. We value the unique perspectives and experiences that every individual brings to our team. We are committed to providing a fair and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive.nnIf you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out the form below with your contact information and a brief statement explaining why you would be a great fit for this role. We will be in touch with qualified candidates to schedule an interview.nnThank you for your interest in joining our team!nn[Insert HTML Form Here]nnRESPONSE:nnDear [Applicant’s Name],nnThank you for expressing your interest in the Accounting Analyst and Treasury Assistant position at our organization. We appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to learning more about you.nnTo further proceed with your application, please fill out the following form with your contact information:nn[Insert HTML Form Link]nnIn addition, kindly provide a brief statement explaining why you believe you would be a great fit for this role. This statement will help us better understand your qualifications and personal aspirations.nnThank you once again for your interest in joining our team. We will be in touch with qualified candidates to schedule interviews.nnBest regards,n[Your Name]n[Your Title/Organization]”}, ‘qualifications’: {‘title’: ‘Qualifications’}, ‘additionalInformation’: {‘title’: ‘Additional Information’}, ‘videos’: {‘urls’: []}}, ‘language’: {‘code’: ‘en’, ‘label’: ‘English’, ‘labelNative’: ‘English (US)’}}, ‘properties’: [{‘id’: ’63de2c32762aa81747c3aa6a’, ‘label’: ‘SingleMom.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘44597d5a-dac7-4b1e-a7fc-83f9a2259231’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2cc2eb57bf40dffe8ded’, ‘label’: ‘Remote’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘9ea3bdd4-a58f-4d76-8e89-c10ae7c0b821’, ‘label’: ‘No’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bd153ed81532243dcc2′, ‘label’: ‘Neurodivergent.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘721896b3-0cb1-4d7e-87bc-a551917093fc’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ‘COUNTRY’, ‘label’: ‘Country’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘fr’, ‘label’: ‘France’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2c1d9edd1208a28b1218′, ‘label’: ‘BlackLeader.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘6cd2b16e-2091-4b90-95fa-ec026918cb77’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bb9d7c6f53d55813a1c’, ‘label’: ‘Post on Blind.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ’01d2f411-879a-4bc8-afe1-490f90323794′, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bedeb57bf40dffe8dec’, ‘label’: ‘ReturningCitizen.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘6d3852cf-9614-465b-a571-92374a3e9700’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63d99cc3eb57bf40dffe8dbf’, ‘label’: ‘Company’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘5809776d-c5de-4861-9a2a-ae6da3c36ee5’, ‘label’: ‘Checkr’}}, {‘id’: ‘6491a9830b1a953538f24b73’, ‘label’: ‘Rainbow.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘120047c0-5b11-40da-921a-de9b8f6fd93c’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2c7c9edd1208a28b1219′, ‘label’: ‘Job Ad Link (if available)’, ‘value’: {‘label’: ‘https://klesia.profils.org/offre-de-emploi/emploi-responsable-bilan-retraite-h-f_4162.aspx’}}, {‘id’: ’63de2bfe53ed81532243dcc3′, ‘label’: ‘Refugee.jobs’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘8809820e-e93e-4395-9e1e-0b84d259fa6e’, ‘label’: ‘Yes’}}, {‘id’: ‘6009934e43b5ad146293a233’, ‘label’: ‘Brands’, ‘value’: {‘id’: ‘default’, ‘label’: ‘Jobs for Humanity’}}]}



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