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Jobs OneGlobe works to provide everyone with great job opportunities worldwide. To do that as best as we can, we’ve partnered with Jobs for Humanity. Jobs for Humanity is a movement, a jobs platform created with the mission to provide underrepresented and unfairly treated people with the opportunities they’ve always deserved. Stable employment for minorities and underrepresented groups is an important topic for Jobs OneGlobe, and it is one we are committed to working on.

Let’s take a look at some facts. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the US nationwide Black unemployment rate was at 7,1% in November of 2021. At the same time, 6,5% of Hispanic workers and 5,4% of Asian America/Pacific Islander (AAPI) workers were unemployed across the US. Across the pond in the UK, ethnicity employment statistics indicate that 44% of Pakistani and Bangladeshi people were unemployed by August of 2021. Simultaneously, 35% of Asian, 31% of Black, and 24% of Indian workers were unemployed in the UK.

Jobs for Humanity and its mission extend beyond providing people from minority groups with professional opportunities, however. The platform is committed to providing stable employment for refugees, blind, neurodivergent individuals, as well as single moms, and returning citizens. Given their focus on great job opportunities for everyone, an official collaboration with Jobs OneGlobe is the logical step forward. What’s Jobs for Humanity all about, and what can you expect from our cooperation moving forward?

Introducing Jobs for Humanity to Jobs OneGlobe

jobs for humanity logo s 1 Jobs for Humanity and Jobs OneGlobe – Collaboration for a Fairer Future

Jobs for Humanity is a platform about making a difference. It’s an organization that is focused on contributing to abolishing discrimination and inequality for people who belong to oppressed and otherwise underappreciated social groups. The organization has dedicated jobs platforms available for people who are blind, people who are neurodivergent, who are refugees, or who are returning citizens. They also have dedicated jobs for Black leaders and single moms, making up their focus groups. According to Jobs for Humanity statistics, these groups face dire challenges in the jobs market:

  • 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired, with 35% being unemployed
  • 1 billion people worldwide are neurodivergent, with 85% being unemployed
  • 80 million people worldwide are displaced, with no clear data on their unemployment
  • 10 million people in the US have a felony record, with 27% being unemployed
  • 44 million Americans are Black, with 13% being unemployed
  • 318 million adult women in the US are single mothers, with 12% being unemployed

Each of these causes deserves representation, public awareness, and assistance from willing job industry professionals. This is what drives Jobs for Humanity forward and is at the core of its mission. Beyond that, Jobs for Humanity enables volunteers from around the world to contribute to these causes by acting as recruiters, writers, designers, marketers, and others.

Combating inequality in all aspects of life matters, and being professionally involved is very important for anyone who wants to live a comfortable life and be appreciated. The success stories of Jobs for Humanity speak volumes of what they are capable of, and by extending their job opportunities to Jobs OneGlobe, the two platforms can work together to help even more people worldwide.

The platform has a rich history of working with brands such as Nielsen,, and Spectrum. Jobs OneGlobe is the next step in expanding their reach to help even more people find a professional purpose in life, no matter where they come from or where they are currently on their life’s journey.

What’s at the Heart of Our Collaboration?

Jobs OneGlobe is excited to provide Jobs for Humanity with the tools it needs to grow and expand to include people from around the world in its potential talent pool. Jobs OneGlobe is a professional job listings platform with extensive job search features for employers and candidates alike.

Employers have the freedom to create hundreds of job listings, promote them, and their company page, as well as freely browse candidate CVs thanks to our CV browsing package. For job seekers, Jobs OneGlobe provides a professional CV builder which is tailor-made for seamless, user-friendly job applications. Our professional CV builder is designed concerning the candidate’s privacy and won’t ask for any information unrelated to applying for a job. Job seekers can look for work passively, as the platform allows employers to browse CVs on their end and let talented individuals know that they want to hire them.

Combining our efforts will enable both platforms to reach more people, match them with great opportunities, and help them achieve their fullest potential despite any hardships or inequalities they’ve had to face in the past. Our collaboration is based on the well-being of people like yourself and those who have been treated unfairly despite their obvious talents and professional experience.

What Can you Expect as a Job Seeker?

As a job seeker, you can expect plenty of job opportunities to come to Jobs OneGlobe, courtesy of Jobs for Humanity. The job positions currently available include a wide range of professions in different industries which you can apply for depending on your professional background and future career plans. Jobs in sales, customer support, finance, and IT are already available and waiting for you. All you need to do is create a candidate’s account on Jobs OneGlobe and start applying today. Here’s what you can do as a job seeker at Jobs OneGlobe:

  • Create your account and apply for jobs completely free of charge
  • Manage and edit multiple CVs to apply for different job listings
  • Set up custom job alerts so you can be notified of viable job listings
  • Look for jobs both actively and passively
  • Engage in learning opportunities like OneGlobe Language Learning

If you don’t see a job you’d like to apply for at the moment, keep an eye out for new job listings. You can also visit Jobs for Humanity to explore their volunteering opportunities in the meantime.

Even if you don’t belong to a minority or an underappreciated community yourself, you can contribute to the cause by volunteering and helping others find worthwhile job opportunities. Our collaboration is a net positive for you as a job seeker and plenty of exciting things are coming in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Helping Everyone Find the Jobs They Deserve (Conclusion)

The main goal of our collaboration with Jobs for Humanity is to provide more people with great job opportunities. Jobs OneGlobe was created to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity – what better way to do that than by partnering with a like-minded brand?

If you’re looking for a job, do check out Jobs for Humanity on Jobs OneGlobe and their opportunities. Visiting their website will also give you more information on how you can contribute as a volunteer and help others find themselves professionally. Jobs OneGlobe is proud to welcome Jobs for Humanity – let’s create a more collaborative, inviting, and equal future for people worldwide.

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