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Job market trends are changing daily. With more and more job seekers out there, you need to make your video CV stand out. According to SHRM, some Gen Z job seekers are still apprehensive about video CVs, with 72% still believing that traditional CVs best showcase their talents. But, 52% also expressed comfort with making video CVs, showcasing that a new era of employment has begun.

Social media and video content in general have changed the way we perceive professional presentations and job applications. With OneGlobe Video CV at your side, you’ll have a much easier time standing out and attracting prospective employers’ attention. Let’s see how you can make your video CV with OneGlobe the right way and create the best video CV for your job applications.

1. Answering Questions Without Preparation

According to published findings, average hiring managers spend about 30 seconds scanning new CVs before deciding whether to move on to the next one. This is important for creating a punchy, professional video CV and attaching it to your traditional CV.

Video content is more engaging than text and by presenting a potential employer with a short overview of who you are and what your career goals are, you’ll have an easier time getting hired. You must answer each question properly, without stuttering, getting confused, or recording without speaking. Organize your thoughts and hit the “Record” button when you’re ready to get started to make your video CV.

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2. Poor Lighting Conditions

Your video CV will be the first impression a new employer will make of you. Your OneGlobe Video CV must look as good as possible. You can make your video CV shine by positioning your camera so that the light falls on your face properly.

Whether you use natural or artificial light, make sure that the light is hitting your face and not shining directly from above you or behind you. This will create poor lighting conditions for your video CV and result in a worse-quality image than it could have been. With a great-looking video CV, more employers will be open to reaching out to you for a job interview.

138 make your video cv1 7 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid and Make your Video CV with OneGlobe
Make your video CV shine by following some simple guidelines – dress up as you would for an in-person interview and do your best to answer each question truthfully and professionally for the best results.

3. Unstable Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection can really put a wrench into your efforts to make your video CV properly. Depending on where you live, you can visit internet cafes or coworking spaces with high-speed internet access to record your video CV.

Don’t record your video CV if you’re unsure of how stable your internet connection is because it will result in poor quality video or your video failing to record entirely. You can use a Speed Test to make sure that you’re ready to record – otherwise, look for stable alternatives to ensure that your video CV is of high quality.

4. Dishonest or Untrue Answers

It’s never a good idea to misrepresent yourself, especially when creating a new CV to apply for jobs with. OneGlobe Video CV features a set of easy questions which will take you no more than a minute to answer per question. However, you should think about how you want to phrase your answers to make your video CV look professional and believable.

Don’t misrepresent your skills, experience, or personality – you want employers to see you for who you are. Being honest about yourself in your video CV will always be seen as a positive, so make sure that you read each question carefully before you answer it. Re-record your answers if you’re dissatisfied with how the initial versions turned out and keep at it until you get it right.

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” — Booker T. Washington

5. Wearing Unprofessional Clothes

To make your video CV look good, you’ll also need to look good in it. This is easily done by wearing professional clothing such as a button-down shirt or a polo shirt depending on what you’re applying for. You want to be seen as a reliable professional who can become a part of a team – make sure that the employer sees that.

Don’t worry if you have piercings, tattoos, or other things on your face as part of your lifestyle or skin type – this is a part of you and has nothing to do with your expertise. However, wearing improper clothes in your video CV will reflect poorly on your abilities to represent an employer’s company as a full-time employee.

6. Too Much Noise Around You

Your video CV has to sound as good as it looks. This means that you need to eliminate all noises from your surrounding before you make your video CV. Find a room or a spot where you’re sure you won’t be disturbed by anyone.

You want to be sure that no artificial noises can be heard in your video CV, such as a TV device or a radio. Your voice should be the only sound the employer hears when they hit the “Play” button. Prepare your surrounding in advance and double-check how well you’re heard in the answers you give – make yourself loud and clear.

7. Poor Physical Posture

Lastly, you want to make sure that you look confident when you make your video CV. You can do this by sitting upright with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Don’t sit in a casual position as if you were talking to a friend over a video call while sitting on the couch.

This will give the employer an impression of a person who can be relied on. You should also smile while giving your answers and keep your eyes on your camera throughout the video CV recording process. In other words, when you make your video CV, treat it as if you were participating in a video interview with an invisible employer and you’ll be good to go.

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” — Seth Godin

Make Your Video CV With OneGlobe

The time has come when making your CV is an essential part of job search preparation. Based on recent data, 65% of companies hired candidates that they’ve never met in person before, with 79% being quote open to watching video CVs within job applications.

Make your video CV with OneGlobe today by following these tips to ensure that your CV is as good as it can be. If you make a strong first impression through video, you’ll have a much easier time convincing an employer or a recruiter that you’re the right person for the job. Don’t wait and act today!

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