may1 Newsletter #May, 2023
Dear OneGlobe Community,

We have exciting news to share with you! OneGlobe is currently offering a FREE OneGlobe Video CV experience to anyone who is willing to provide us with a video testimonial after their experience. We strongly believe that Video CVs are the future of job applications, and your testimonial will help us spread the word and encourage more people to try this innovative approach. To get started, use the link we'll provide you to create your Video CV, and then reply to another video interview with only 1 question telling us about your experience!
It's that simple. After we receive your review, we'll provide you with your OneGlobe Video CV, ready to be used in any job application you want. If you're interested in taking advantage of this offer, please let us know, and we'll send you the link to get started.

may2 Newsletter #May, 2023
OneGlobe is also excited to announce that we are launching a new Useful Content Strategy on our social media accounts. We regularly upload Short Form Videos with career advice and content related to Video CV, Free Job Listings posting availability for every recruiter and employer, and tips for career and personal development. Our team has worked hard to create these videos with the goal of providing job seekers and employers with the resources they need to succeed. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our latest videos and valuable insights.
may3 Newsletter #May, 2023
Additionally, we want to talk to you about an important topic that is relevant across different sectors, including but not limited to employment: KYC and Digital Identity Certification. These are critical steps in various processes that ensure the authenticity of an individual's identity and qualifications. In the hiring process, for instance, KYC and Digital Identity Certification play a vital role in verifying the accuracy of a candidate's information and credentials. Similarly, in other industries such as finance and healthcare, KYC is used to comply with regulatory requirements and protect against fraud.
To learn more about the importance of KYC and Digital Identity Certification in employment, we invite you to read our latest article on the topic. You can find it at the following link.

We believe that this article will be extremely helpful for anyone who wants to better understand this critical aspect of identity verification.
OneGlobe is committed to providing the best services and resources to help you achieve your career goals. Thank you for being a part of the OneGlobe community, and we look forward to helping you succeed in your career.

Your OneGlobe Team

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