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Tackling your first online job application can be stressful without the know-how of how to do it properly and land the job you want. According to published reports, some 30% of the global workforce is looking for jobs as of March of 2022, with 70% doing so passively. 49% of job candidates have placed compensation at the top of their list of priorities when making an online job application, with 29% seeking a healthy work/life balance.

Applying for jobs online means that you have the freedom to browse hundreds of job listings through platforms like Jobs OneGlobe in search of the best positions for you. However, you only need to make one good online job application and never think about being unemployed again. Based on additional findings, average job listings receive up to 250 CVs on online job platforms, with the most talented job seekers being hired within 10 days of applying for work. Here’s what you should know when applying for jobs online in 2022.

Perks of Applying for Jobs Online

Why should you consider making an online job application instead of relying on more antiquated, albeit still popular alternatives? Looking at print ads or asking for referrals about job offers from your professional network is often unreliable and you’ll end up with outdated information.

Based on Finances Online, 24,82% of job seekers find jobs by visiting certain company websites, with 24,54% visiting job board platforms like Jobs OneGlobe. 88% of job seekers are genuinely concerned about a general lack of jobs in their fields without considering all the options they have at their disposal.

Online job applications can cut down on the time it takes for employers and recruiters to post job listings and for you to subsequently come across them. You can apply for great jobs on Jobs OneGlobe in a matter of minutes from the moment they’re first published. Here are some great reasons for applying for jobs online:

  • Applying for work through the web is fast and user-friendly
  • Apply for full-time, remote, and freelance jobs worldwide
  • Easily apply for different job listings with different CVs
  • Get a better idea of median compensation and employee benefits
  • Receive responses and arrange interviews with employers more quickly

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.” – Paulo Coelho

Online Job Application Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Create a Candidate’s Profile on Jobs OneGlobe

The first thing you should do to make your online job application process go more smoothly is to create your account on Jobs OneGlobe. Jobs OneGlobe is designed to make connecting job seekers and employers as smooth of an experience as possible.

All you need to do once you’ve created your account is to upload or create your CV before applying for jobs. The professional CV builder built into Jobs OneGlobe will allow you to create custom CVs through its intuitive menus and user-friendly interface. Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, this will make finding great jobs that fit your candidate profile more enjoyable and successful than before.

2. Look for Recently Posted Jobs in your Industry

Different employers will have different systems for handling each online job application that comes their way. For example, a small startup might be looking for a single SEO specialist, while a large international company may be looking for multiple software developers with the same background. To make your job applications more successful, look for job listings that have been posted recently.

Job listings which have been published within a month of you looking for work are more likely to still have positions available for candidates such as yourself. Start by shortlisting these job listings and applying for them before expanding your search to include older job listings. There isn’t a right or wrong way to go about it. It depends on your CV, the industry in which you work, and the way employers and recruiters handle each online job application internally.

66 online job application1 Online Job Application – Top 5 Tips to Know When Applying for Jobs
Going for an online job application will make it much easier for prospective employers to respond to your application and arrange a job interview with you!

3. Keep Each Cover Letter and Online Job Application Unique

Copying your cover letter from one job application to another won’t do you much good in terms of getting hired. Cover letters should always be written with specific employers and job positions in mind if you want to land a job. Read through each job listing carefully and look for tells of what the employer is looking for.

Some employers also tend to include a certain keyword such as “ice cream” or something unrelated to the job listing as a trigger word. This is intended for candidates to see and include in their cover letters as proof that they’ve indeed read the job listing carefully enough to spot the keyword. Make sure that your cover letters are free of grammar and proofreading errors, as well as that you’ve been as professional as possible. If you accompany each online job application with a suitable cover letter, employers will at least get back to you with an answer more often than not.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

4. Try Different CVs for Different Job Listings

The real benefit to using Jobs OneGlobe as your job-seeking platform is due to the ability to create and manage multiple CVs on your account. Given that various employers and recruiters will have dramatically different expectations from their candidates, this is a great opportunity for you. You can create several different CVs which will be formatted differently based on which skills and experiences you want to annunciate.

If you’re a graphic designer, for example, you can create different CVs which highlight graphic design, web design, print design, and other skills related to visual art. That way, you’ll be able to apply for different job listings in different graphic design niches without it coming off as spam to the employer. Moreover, employers will be much more inclined to consider your online job application if you try and cater to what they’re looking for.

5. Make Sure to Address the Employer’s Points Clearly

Most importantly, you should always try to understand exactly what it is the employer or recruiter needs from their candidates. Many employers are looking for very specific kinds of candidates to fill their job vacancies. For example, some might be looking for customer relations managers who speak French while others may need software developers with experience in managing eCommerce shops.

You can explain your reasons for applying for the job through the cover letter you write as a companion piece to your CV. Each online job application will be a different experience for you as a job seeker. The longer you look for jobs, the more experienced you’ll become at understanding what employers want from candidates. When that happens, you’ll have an easier time looking for work, and going through job interviews will be much less stressful for you.

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – Chris Grosser

Make your Next Online Job Application with Jobs OneGlobe

Making an online job application is much easier with a platform like Jobs OneGlobe at your side. Based on statistical data, 70% of job seekers look for jobs through mobile devices, with 60% not finishing an online application because of how complicated it was. Jobs OneGlobe allows you to create a candidate’s account and multiple CVs in addition to helping you keep track of new job listings with custom job alerts. You will always be on top of any new job listings that appear based on your search criteria and you’ll be able to apply for them instantly.

Employers might also reach out to you on their thanks to our employer-side features. That’ll make your online job application even easier, so make sure that you start looking for work as early as today. You never know what amazing job vacancies you’ll come across simply by checking back with Jobs OneGlobe on a daily – don’t let a great career opportunity pass you by.

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