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Whether you’re a first-time job seeker or looking for new work after some time, you’ve no doubt heard of online learning before. Online learning represents any courses, seminars, and tutorials found exclusively through online channels. According to published reports, the US and Europe comprise over 70% of the world’s eLearning industry, with 68% of employers also committing to comprehensive L&D programs for their employees.

While formal education will never lose its role in development at a young age, online learning is proving to be just as effective and much more accessible. According to Statista, 13% of all UK citizens enrolled in online courses in 2020, with 21% doing so to learn things outside of their main professions or academic courses. Digital learning has made it possible for people to change careers, keep up with professional trends, and find jobs more efficiently all thanks to web-based learning resources.

To engage with learning online, all you need is a dedicated smart device and a few hours of your time. This is how many job seekers have learned to improve their skillsets and CVs before applying for better-paying jobs. Let’s discuss how it can positively affect your job-seeking with Jobs OneGlobe and how you can find great professional opportunities thanks to learning online.

Adopting Life-Long Learning as a Job Seeker

Digital learning has become very popular both with job seekers and curious adults over the last few years and especially in the wake of the global pandemic. According to Eurostat, 9,2% of EU residents aged 25-64 engaged in informal learning online in 2020. Adults around the world have become very fond of life-long learning (LLL) which allows individuals to continuously hone their skills without a clear goal in mind.

As a job seeker, however, you should set your sights on a certain industry or company and learn new skills related to your dream job. This will bring you a step closer to landing great jobs on Jobs OneGlobe and kick-starting your professional career thanks to online learning. Here’s how you can benefit from it in 2022.

Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

1. Learn Wherever You Are, As Much as You Want

The reason why online learning became so popular over the years is because of how flexible it is. Online courses and digital learning platforms never come with deadlines or strict schedules. All you need is a few minutes or a few hours of your time here and there to develop valuable new skills and expertise.

You can also easily learn from the comfort of your home office, from a coffee shop, or even while at work and taking a break. Digital learning is available to you 24/7, in the middle of the night, or even during holidays. Whenever you don’t feel like learning anymore, all you need to do is remember where you stopped and pick it up again, days or weeks down the road. this is in stark contrast to how the learning was structured only a few decades ago.

68 online learning1 Online Learning – 5 Ways Informal Education Can Lead to Better Jobs for You
Combining online learning with traditional learning resources like literature can lead to amazing results for your expertise in any given field. Look for ways to combine digital with offline learning and you’ll never have to worry about your career prospects!

2. Combine Online Learning with Other Forms of Learning

Digital learning is only one of the ways you can learn and become a better professional. You can pick up niche literature, and career development books, or visit local hubs and join in on seminars and courses. You can also pick up language learning courses that can help expand your proficiency in certain languages or help you learn new ones. OneGlobe Language Learning is an online learning tool that will help you achieve your learning goals when languages are concerned.

You can pick up and complete lessons in 40+ languages in short bursts, whenever you have a few minutes to spare. You can also learn new languages with your kids with its Mondly Kids app, or engage in AR-friendly courses through Mondly AR, courtesy of OneGlobe Language Learning. By combining multiple learning channels in your LLL efforts, you’ll have a much easier time overcoming your learning challenges and reaching noteworthy milestones in your development.

LEARN NEW LANGUAGES WITH OneGlobe Language Learning!

3. Build More Attractive, Richer CVs for Job Applications

One of the most common reasons most people pick up digital learning is to improve their CVs and land better jobs – just like you’re doing now! By investing time into learning new skills and gaining knowledge online, you’ll become an invaluable job candidate. Many employers are explicitly looking for candidates who are life-long learners and like to engage with digital learning in their spare time.

You can use Jobs OneGlobe to create a new CV by using its professional CV builder to add new skills and expertise as you acquire them. You’ll also have the opportunity to create multiple different CVs to diversify your job search and apply for various listings simultaneously. This kind of proactive job search would be nigh impossible without resorting to online learning to better yourself in the meantime.

4. Become More Knowledgeable About your Industry

By turning to digital learning, you’ll have a much easier time keeping up with the trends in your industry. This is especially useful for industries revolving around digital technologies, such as marketing, IT, or online customer support.

Gaining new skills in your profession is very easy if you consider the fact that you can go online and start learning in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re already employed or still looking for work, your prospective employer will also appreciate your initiative to expand your skillset further. This will make you an invaluable part of their team and ensure that you remain employed and are considered for promotions down the line.

5. Gain New Soft Skills While Learning Hard Skills

Soft skills are somewhat more complicated when it comes to learning them through digital means. Regardless, while learning hard skills related to your profession, you can passively gain certain soft skills without breaking a sweat. Soft skills like problem-solving, effective communication and time-management are byproducts of engaging with online learning.

You’ll have to manage your own time and responsibilities while also keeping track of the learning you’re doing online. Over time, you’ll be able to manage soft skills-related challenges and situations without thinking twice about them. To learn soft skills via digital learning, reflect on your progress while learning digitally to spot whether you’ve picked up on different secondary skills in the meantime.

Online learning provides fantastic flexibility, among other benefits, and aids in making the task of arranging development opportunities far easier.” — Dr. Sharon Jones

Using Online Learning to Land Great Jobs

Ultimately, the reason why you should engage with digital learning is to find a better job for yourself at Jobs OneGlobe. According to Tech Jury, eLearning increases learner retention by 25-60%, with 49% of students worldwide taking online courses in the past 12 months. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an established professional, online learning can benefit your career significantly.

You’ll never again have to rely solely on past education or job placements to prove your worth to prospective employers. Building an entirely new skill set online is just as viable of an alternative, especially if you’re a first-time job seeker. Check out Jobs OneGlobe and look for employment opportunities once you are content with the personal and professional development you’ve achieved recently.

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