If you’re a professional plumber or someone who wants to work as one, the best way to find new jobs is to create a new CV beforehand. With a fresh new CV in your hands, prospective employers will have plenty of information to decide whether or not you’d be a good fit for their hospitality business.

As a plumber, you’ll have to be familiar with how to read pipeline blueprints, address various repairs, as well as maintain your business’ pipelines and other sanitation to the best of your abilities. Plumbing may not be the most glamorous work but it is an absolute necessity for hotels, motels, resorts, and other establishments which house guests 24/7. Employers will thus be on the lookout for professionals such as yourself, making a detailed new CV a must if you want to stand out.

By using the Jobs OneGlobe professional CV builder and enjoying OneGlobe’s promotion of your CV to its global partners, you’ll be a step closer to achieving your career goals. Let’s discuss the benefits of creating a new CV, as well as what you should know about plumber-related job vacancies.

Applying for Plumber Jobs in Hospitality

Being a plumber will require you to have in-depth knowledge of how plumbing works in business-level establishments. By applying for jobs in hospitality, you’ll inherently need to know how to manage certain hydraulics systems related to maintaining an establishment with dozens or sometimes hundreds of guests present. Imagine all of these guests showering, bathing, using the toilet facilities, and otherwise engaging in various water-related systems and devices throughout the establishment.

As a plumber, it will be your job to ensure that everything functions as intended, as well as to be prepared for any unforeseen malfunctions which will require your attention. With this in mind, here’s what you can look forward to in terms of job descriptions when applying for plumbing jobs:

  • Ability to properly read and interpret facility blueprints (water supply and sanitation)
  • Install and maintain various water systems throughout the facility
  • Cut, assemble, and install various pipes, tubes, and electrical wiring for the water supply
  • Be available for momentary response in case of critical water supply emergencies
  • Think on your feet and address water malfunctions with speed and efficiency
  • Routinely assess and review the establishment’s water supply and sanitation
  • Keep tabs on the establishment’s water supply maintenance expenses

Working as a plumber will require you to multitask a fair bit, often visiting room after room within the hotel, restaurant, or other establishments to fix as much as you can every day. Due to the responsible nature of this work, employers are always looking for people they can trust to keep their establishments at peak efficiency. Here’s how you can stand out with your new CV and get hired by a hospitality employer more easily.

Write your New CV Now

104 plumber1 Plumber Jobs in Hospitality – 5 Great Reasons to Write a New CV
As a plumber working in hospitality, you’ll often be in charge of maintaining all of your establishment’s pipelines, sanitation, and water-related systems, often without anyone overseeing you, meaning that you have to be self-sufficient and self-motivated.

1. Present Yourself as a Professional

One of the most important reasons why you should want to write a new CV in 2022 is because of how many people apply for jobs worldwide. Whether you want to apply for the plumber, general maintenance, or other job positions, you’ll face fierce competition.

Your potential employers have the task of shortlisting candidates and deciding which ones they should contact for a job interview solely based on their CVs. To stand out, you should write a CV by using a professional CV builder and making sure that all of your personal information is presented professionally. When employers notice that you’ve used a professional CV builder and that you’re serious about getting the job, they’ll be far more likely to approach you for a job interview.

2. Update your Outdated CV

As a job seeker, you undoubtedly have a CV in your hands already – but is that enough for you to apply for new jobs in 2022? CVs can get outdated very quickly, especially in today’s market where online learning and other easily accessible development opportunities are available.

Employers want to hire people who are lifelong learners, people who constantly want to improve their skills, and those who don’t want to stagnate in their respective professions. You can make the most out of your personal and professional experiences by using Jobs OneGlobe to create a new CV and then update it periodically. Thanks to the fact that your plumber’s CV will be safely stored online, you’ll be able to access it and modify it as you see fit.

3. Showcase your Language Proficiency

To apply for the plumber and other hospitality jobs internationally, you’ll need to work on your language proficiency a bit. If you already speak two or more languages, great! Add those languages to your CV and start applying for jobs. However, if you only speak your native language and have a basic handle on English, it might be a good idea to expand on that a little.

Using OneGlobe Language Learning to start learning 40+ new languages at your own pace is a good solution for this. By using OneGlobe Language Learning, you’ll gain access to hundreds of hours of multimedia materials, interactive learning courses, as well as dedicated augmented reality (AR) and kids’ courses. This will enable your children to learn new languages alongside you, while you continue to add new language proficiencies to your CV to land great plumber jobs worldwide.

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4. Prove That You’re the Right Candidate

How do you prove that you’re the right person for the job to someone you haven’t met before? Plumbers are required to list certain skills and expertise in their CVs to be eligible for full-time employment. No hospitality business owner will consider hiring you if you don’t have the know-how needed to maintain their water supply and sanitation systems. So, which skills should you add to your new CV?

  • Use of hand and power tools
  • Ability to read blueprints and technical drawings
  • Familiarity with technical safety practices
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Basic math skills
  • Great verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and without supervision

Plumbers not only need to be quick on their feet but they also need to be patient and devoted to their trade. When repairs don’t go your way and you have to disassemble the pipeline you’ve just fixed, how will you feel about it? Employers are looking for a good balance of practical skills and great character, so work those skills and talents into your new CV to stand out even more.

5. Apply for Jobs with Different CVs

As you browse through available job listings, you’ll notice that different employers are looking for slightly different backgrounds from their candidates. Some may be looking for experienced plumbers to join their maintenance teams and help maintain their large-scale hotels or similar establishments. Others may be looking for junior professionals who they can train to become essential parts of their staff.

Applying for different jobs with slightly different CVs is a good way for you to secure job interviews. Jobs OneGlobe allows you to create multiple CVs thanks to its versatile Candidate Dashboard functionality. You should always take the time to read individual job descriptions and then decide on how to proceed with your application. Try to cater to the specific needs of each employer and you’ll be able to find plumber jobs with greater ease.

Find Plumber Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

These are only some of the benefits of creating a new CV with Jobs OneGlobe and then applying for jobs in the hospitality industry. By writing your new CV, you’ll slowly come to understand what employers are looking for and how you can fill their vacancies with your expertise as a plumber.

Make sure to use the full range of options available to you here as a job seeker, since you can manage multiple CVs, edit them, and set up custom keyword alerts so that you’re always informed about exciting new jobs. Jobs OneGlobe will also share your CV with its network of partners who are looking for hospitality professionals to employ on quick notice. You’re at the right place when it comes to developing your professional career – take the first step now and reap the rewards of doing so!

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