Are you looking for a way to find a job as a cleaner in the hospitality industry but don’t know where to start? Writing a new CV is always a good way to kick-start your job search and learn more about the industry you want to work in. As a cleaner, you’ll be able to work in a wide range of businesses and establishments focused not only on hospitality.

Every government or private establishment needs professional, reliable cleaners who will maintain their health and sanitation standards. Working in hotels, motels, and similar businesses which offer accommodation to their guests is also a huge plus for your CV moving forward. By creating your CV at Jobs OneGlobe through our professional CV builder, you’ll also gain access to our global network of hospitality industry partners.

We can help you not only create a great CV but also ensure that the right employers see it and ensure that you find the job opportunity suited to your skillset. Let’s take a closer look at how you can start your career as a cleaner with Jobs OneGlobe in 2022 and continue to expand on your expertise moving forward.

Starting to Write your New Cleaner CV

To understand how you can write the best CV for the position of a cleaner, you should familiarize yourself with the common duties found in these job positions. Every business will have different expectations from the cleaners they hire so that they fit their businesses more quickly and efficiently. What are the standard obligations you can look forward to by working in the hospitality industry as a professional cleaner?

  • Dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming
  • Sanitizing sinks, kitchen equipment, and toilets
  • Cleaning windows and other glass surfaces
  • Reporting broken or missing items to management
  • Emptying trash cans on the business’ premises
  • Cleaning spills, stains, and other guest accidents
  • Collecting and disposing of litter on the premises
  • Collaborating with your colleagues in maintaining cleaning standards

By choosing to specialize in becoming a cleaner, you’ll be able to find work in a variety of businesses and niches, not only in hospitality. However, the hospitality industry is where most of these positions exist given how accommodating guests requires cleaning the premises they stay in. So how do you approach writing your CV with these job obligations in mind?

Write your New CV Now

91 cleaner1 Professional Cleaner CV Writing Tutorial – 5 Steps to Write a Great CV
Being a full-time cleaner is hard work but you’ll quickly learn new skills and gain valuable experience to add to your CV once you land a great hospitality job position!

1. Describe Yourself Beyond your Skillset

Every employer who comes across your CV will want to know more about “you”. While you want to apply for a job as a cleaner, you are also a person with your hobbies, passions, and aspirations. Employers appreciate it when job seekers go out of their way to describe what makes them unique.

You can add information about your hobbies, a summary of yourself, as well as any other information you want to share with potential employers through the professional CV builder at Jobs OneGlobe. That way, you’ll differentiate your CV from others who are applying for the same hospitality jobs you are.

2. Add the Right Soft Skills to your CV

Soft skills can be a major advantage for you as you look for professional employment as a cleaner. Despite the moment-to-moment work being individual, you’ll still have to work with your colleagues in ensuring that your guests have the best possible experience. Some of the most useful soft skills you should consider adding to your CV at Jobs OneGlobe include but are not limited to:

  • Teamwork
  • Proactivity
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Ability to work independently
  • Knowledge of health and sanitation standards

Employers are always looking for job candidates with the right set of soft skills to hire them. If you want to find your next job opportunity more easily, fill out your soft skills CV fields carefully and add as many skills as you identify with.

3. Speaking Multiple Languages Will Help 

While not critical to your job search, you’ll benefit greatly from learning new languages as a cleaner. Speaking several languages will be especially helpful for you if you want to work in hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses which accommodate people from around the globe.

You’ll often have to communicate with the guests of your business to help them with common issues, redirect them around the premises, or point them toward the receptionist for example. This can all be done easily by improving your English language skills or by picking up a new language through OneGlobe Language Learning. This program will allow you to start learning 40+ different languages very easily from the comfort of your smartphone or desktop browser.

You can learn a new language while looking for a job as a cleaner and then refer to your newly-acquired language skills during job interviews. It’s never too late to start learning new languages, so make sure to consider doing it while you’re still looking for hospitality industry employment.

Learn 40+ Languages with
OneGlobe Language Learning

4. Don’t Neglect your Formal Education

Even though being a cleaner is more about knowing how to handle your job from a practical perspective, it’s still important that you present your formal education in your CV. Whether you’ve finished high school or have a college degree, add these points to your CV.

The more information you provide your employers with, the higher the odds of them calling you to a job interview will be. You can add your formal education to the CV made on Jobs OneGlobe very easily. Any education data you write into the CV will be formatted and integrated into the existing CV for easy management and job applications.

5. Edit your CV Often to Add New Details

Thanks to Jobs OneGlobe’s extensive functionality, you’ll be able to edit your CV at any moment and add new details about yourself. You can also create multiple CVs to apply for various job listings more easily. Depending on the expertise and skills the employer is looking for, you can adjust your approach and annunciate different parts of your skillset in your CV.

As you learn new skills online, acquire proficiency in new languages, or expand on what you know about hospitality, you can enrich your CV to make it more appealing to prospective employers. The more valuable data you add to your CVs the more likely you are to be hired through Jobs OneGlobe. Don’t hesitate to edit and improve your CV at any moment you’re confident you have something new to add to it.

Ready to Write your New CV as a Cleaner?

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create an amazing CV as a cleaner at Jobs OneGlobe and start looking for your next professional opportunity in the hospitality industry. Jobs OneGlobe will do its best to assist you on your journey and help you find the work you’ll appreciate doing.

As a job seeker, you should also always be on the lookout for new job listings appearing from hospitality businesses that fit your professional background. Stay informed about the latest listings by setting up keyword email alerts through your Candidate’s Dashboard. You’ll land a great job before you know it and we couldn’t be more excited to support you on your career path!

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