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Using a CV builder may not be your first choice when applying for different jobs in the UK or abroad. However, writing your CV manually can often backfire because you’re not familiar with what employers are looking for. According to published data, 75% of CVs are rejected outright before they reach hiring managers, with 70% of the global workforce consisting of passive talent. These individuals aren’t putting effort into looking for jobs and instead are waiting for employers to reach out to them, with only 30% of people actively seeking jobs.

With Jobs OneGlobe, looking for work passively is a real possibility. You can use the professional CV builder to create multiple CVs under your name and wait for employers to reach you instead. This is thanks to the Jobs OneGlobe CV Visibility package, which is an exclusive employer feature designed to allow for user-friendly, unlimited CV browsing. If you intend to look for UK job listings and want to move to the UK, here’s how you can benefit from using Jobs OneGlobe and its CV builder.

1. Tailor your Application to the Specific Employer

Different employers and recruiters will have different standards for whom they hire. Applying for a job in a local startup or an international company abroad will be a different experience regardless of your skillset. The best way to land the job interview and open the doors for permanent employment is by catering to your employer’s expectations as closely as possible.

This is easily done by creating multiple CVs and sending different versions to each employer. For example, if you’re applying for a software developer’s position, annunciate the skills related to that listing instead of generalizing your CV. If you’re also familiar with content marketing, you can apply for content marketing-related positions with a CV that annunciates those skills rather than software development ones. Make it easy for employers to find out exactly what they need to consider hiring you by using a CV builder to customize your CVs ahead of time.

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2. Emphasize Various Aspects of your Skillset

As you develop your professional career, you’ll come across various experiences which can be added to your CV. Seminars, courses, and other formal and informal educational events can all be added to your CV to boost your employment odds. But, not every employer will want to see all of these points in your CV. Rather, they’ll expect you to emphasize the skills, education, and experience related to their job listing.

For example, applying for work in a school or a university will be a different experience than if you apply for a role in a company or a retail store. This is why using a CV builder can be helpful, as you can mix and match your skills and expertise on the go. Different CVs will help you market yourself as a mobile developer, software developer, or web developer with the same skillset, for example. Given that every employer is unique, using a CV builder will only work in your favor and help you manage multiple CVs more easily.

3. Different CVs for Different Types of Engagement

Not all job listings will be open for full-time employment. Some employers might be looking for interns, part-time employees, freelancers, or even volunteers (in the case of NGOs). Using different CVs to apply for a volunteering position and full-time employment is a great idea. You’ll be able to adapt your skills and expertise to the exact job vacancy you want to apply for more precisely by doing so.

Some companies might consider you overqualified if you list all of your skills, knowledge, and experience in the CV. Others might be looking for a very specific candidate profile that you’ll effectively fail to account for if you send a generalized CV. Instead, try to review the job listings you want to apply for before you send the CV. Then, choose which CV would best suit the occasion and use a professional CV builder to modify them until you’re satisfied with the results. It is pivotal that you use various CVs when applying for different types of professional engagement with businesses, companies, and NGOs.

4. Test Run Different CV Formats

A great reason to create multiple CVs is to simply test run different versions of your CV on Jobs OneGlobe. Whether you’re actively looking for work or are simply maintaining your presence on Jobs OneGlobe, creating multiple CVs can be a good practice. You can then apply for different job listings with different versions of your CV to gauge the employers’ interest in your skillset.

As we’ve mentioned before, employers and recruiters will be able to see your CV from their end even if you don’t actively apply for jobs. However, they’ll only be able to see your latest CV so that they’re not confused about which one is the up-to-date one. Regardless, creating several CVs using our CV builder can give you a great indication of what employers are on the lookout for globally and in the UK.

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5. Multiple CVs Allow you to Shift Career Paths More Easily

Lastly, if you’re in between careers and don’t know what to do next, creating multiple CVs might just be the answer you’re looking for. Using a CV builder to create several different CVs and then apply for various jobs can let you proverbially fish for different job positions. You may be experienced in sales, copywriting, design, and web design at the same time. Why not try pursuing different specializations and careers at the same time and seeing where the venture takes you?

Shifting careers and moving between professions is much easier if you rely on many CVs rather than a single generic one. Keep in mind however that you should never embellish your CV with false information – this is a huge error. Employers will easily check if you know Python or if you’re experienced with the Adobe Creative Suite despite the claims in your CV. Use a CV builder to manage truthful information and to create different versions of your CV for different jobs listings.

Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Multiple CVs

Now that we have a much clearer understanding of how a CV builder can help you create multiple CVs, let’s discuss potential pitfalls. According to published findings, 54% of job seekers don’t tailor their CVs to the specific job they’re applying for, instead of sending the same CV to every employer. Moreover, 68% of candidates with professionally-designed and formatted CVs find work within 90 days from starting their job hunt.

This is because using a professional CV builder will inherently help you design an appealing, cohesive, and readable CV. The same study indicates that candidates with professionally-made CVs have a 32% higher chance of getting the job they want. You don’t need to pay a specialist to write a CV for you – simply use Jobs OneGlobe and create your CV for free to start applying for jobs. But, there are still some factors you should consider when managing different CVs under your name. Keep these tips in mind when you start creating multiple CVs and your job search will be that much quicker and more lucrative as a result.

  • Keeping all of your CVs updated can get confusing
  • Attaching the wrong CV to a certain job listing can backfire
  • Including outdated or incorrect contact information by accident
  • Embellishing, overplaying, and omitting certain information in CVs
  • Poor spelling and grammar in your personal information
  • Managing multiple CVs without a professional CV builder

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Using a Professional CV Builder to Create your CVs

When you’re ready to apply for jobs, use Jobs OneGlobe to create multiple CVs by using its professional CV builder. Don’t create CVs by hand or in a text editor and hope for the best. The professional CV builder found on Jobs OneGlobe will help you play to your strengths while also allowing you to manage multiple CVs.

As you grow professionally, you can add new skills and expertise to your CVs at any moment given that they’ll be safely stored online. This also minimizes the risk of you losing your CV or deleting it by accident given the built-in features of the CV builder. Start applying for great jobs in the UK and beyond with Jobs OneGlobe and make the most out of your skillset by creating multiple CVs the smart way.

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