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Whether you’re interested in career development goals as a fresh graduate or an established professional, life-long learning (LLL) is always a good decision. According to published reports, this has also become a professional expectation for most employed individuals. 93% of professionals reported that they’re more engaged if a company is providing them with career development opportunities like seminars, courses, and paid learning programs. 60% of these workers have also pursued professional development outside of work due to the learning momentum they gained at work.

Despite that, however, many companies still lack any form of formal education and development for their staff. Recent findings indicate that 30% of UK employees didn’t receive any workplace training in the last five years, with 11% never receiving it whatsoever. There is a large discrepancy between what some companies provide for their staff’s career development as opposed to others on the job market.

As a job seeker, you can take the initiative and start working on your professional skills before you apply for jobs. This will help you make more informed and purposeful job applications and land the right position for yourself with Jobs OneGlobe. Here’s how you should tackle the topic of career development in 2022.

1. Learn New Skills Related to your Profession

The first step you can take in your career development is to explore your profession. More precisely, explore how you can build on what you already know. Are you a professional software developer? Which new programming languages can you learn to make your CV more valuable? Are you a graphic designer? Which current trends and art styles can you adopt to enrich your portfolio and find more jobs?

Career development often starts with self-reflection and the exploration of who we are today. Do some research into your industry’s trends and what employers are looking for in current job listings. This will give you a good indication of which skills and expertise you can pursue in 2022 to become better at what you do.

Begin somewhere. You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.” ― Liz Smith

2. Learn New Foreign Languages

If you don’t know where to start with your professional development, you can never go wrong with learning foreign languages. Whether you speak native English or are already fluent in German, Hindi, or Russian, there is a lot more you can learn. Picking up OneGlobe Language Learning is a great way to work on expanding your language proficiency. With OneGlobe and Mondly at your side, you’ll be able to get a handle on 40+ different languages through very intuitive and time-efficient lessons and courses.

All you need to do is decide on which languages to start with, depending on your current career goals. According to Visual Capitalist, English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and French are the most spoken languages worldwide. As you learn new languages, you’ll be able to apply for international jobs more easily and pursue a wider range of career development opportunities, both locally and abroad.


3. Look for Career Opportunities Abroad

Speaking of moving abroad, looking for job opportunities in different countries is always a good move. You stand to gain a lot by applying for jobs in other countries or continents. This is especially true if you’re bilingual or working on learning new languages as we’ve mentioned.

Use Jobs OneGlobe to find work abroad more easily in a variety of fields. You can start the process by simply creating a job seeker’s account on Jobs OneGlobe and browsing the available job listings. Once you see a listing you like, apply by using your custom-made CV and cover letter. With a little bit of luck, a prospective employer will see your application and decide that you’re exactly the kind of professional they’re looking for.

65 career development1 7 Practical Ways to Pursue Career Development Goals
Tackling career development in an organized and planned-out way will allow you to find great job opportunities more quickly and successfully. Employers and recruiters are always on the lookout for passionate, progress-oriented professionals – showcase that initiative through your CV on Jobs OneGlobe!

4. Work on Developing your Soft Skills

Soft skills are always in high demand, whether you specialize in jobs in IT, customer servicing, or marketing. You’ll always work with other people, clients, and stakeholders wherever you apply for work. This means that the more skills you have, the better your odds at employment will become.

Based on statistical findings, 44% of employers reported a general lack of leadership qualities in the job seekers they interviewed. Moreover, 36% reported lower-than-average interpersonal or teamwork skills in their hires. With the right soft skills, you can land lucrative job positions with rich career development opportunities within the company. Review the soft skills you already have and work on expanding your teamwork, managerial, and problem-solving skills while looking for jobs.

5. Pick Up Books Related to Career Development

Many people find career development literature helpful when working out what they want to do in life. These books are written by life coaches, gurus, and people who’ve succeeded in their professional pursuits. They are written as practical guidebooks and will help you find yourself both personally and professionally. If you don’t have a good idea of where to start with career development, consider the following publications:

  • The 5AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life by Robin Sharma
  • Start Your Why and its follow-up Find your Why by Simon Sinek
  • Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
  • Indistractable by Nir Eyal
  • Designing your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

6. Consider Pursuing a Career Change

Sometimes, a career change might be a good idea if you’re feeling like you have stagnated professionally. If you’ve grown jaded from your profession and would like to pick up something entirely new and exciting – go for it! You are just as able to become a programmer or a copywriter at 40 as someone who just graduated from college. Explore which career paths seem appealing to you and weigh the pros and cons of choosing that career development path.

Plan your professional change carefully so that you have some money aside for the first months during your transition period. You can use Jobs OneGlobe to find a wide plethora of industries with their job listings, for junior and senior professionals alike. All you need to do to get started is to take the initiative and decide that a career change is what would make you love your job again.

7. Reflect on your Development and Update your CV

A great way for you to contextualize the professional journey you’re going through is by continuously updating your CV. Given that you’ll use your CV to apply for jobs, you want it to be as up-to-date as possible. Using Jobs OneGlobe will allow you to create a new CV by using its professional CV builder which is built with the help of HR professionals.

Jobs OneGlobe features multiple useful CV features, including the management of different CVs for different job applications, as well as custom job vacancy alerts. Combined, these features will make the most out of your CV and ensure that you find the job you are looking for more successfully. Reflect on your professional development so far and update your CV at any chance you get.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” — Beverly Sills

Reaping the Rewards of Career Development (Conclusion)

When all is said and done, what is career development really about? It’s about you doing something you love and being content with what your professional life looks like. Whether through a career change or new skills acquisition, you can take control of your professional career and shape it into something beautiful.

Start working on yourself and the results will manifest over time. Jobs OneGlobe is here to support you and help you find great job opportunities wherever you are. Don’t sleep on the options you have available and begin your career development on the right note, with Jobs OneGlobe.

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