Would you like to work as a server in a restaurant, hotel, tourist resort, or similar hospitality business? The best way to find a job you’ll love is to create a great CV to present yourself to potential employers. Without a proper CV in hand, every employer will pass on the chance to hire you because they lack insight into who you are apart from the basic CV you submitted.

Instead of relying on hand-made CVs, you can use the professional CV builder provided to you by Jobs OneGlobe. Using the CV builder is completely free of charge, and you’ll have an opportunity to create a detailed, professional CV in a matter of minutes. Before you start using it, however, check out some of the practical steps and pieces of advice we’ve outlined for your convenience. By following them, you’ll drastically increase your odds of being hired as a server in a reputable hospitality establishment.

Applying for Hospitality Server Jobs

What does a hospitality industry server do on a day-to-day basis? Servers’ jobs are not dissimilar to what waiters do in coffee shops or small restaurant establishments. However, servers need to pay much more attention to the catering and serving process of delivering foods and drinks to their guests.

Servers need to directly communicate with the guests and inform them of today’s menu, give them suggestions, pick up their tabs, as well as assist the guests with any special needs they may have. Working as a server is responsible work and you’ll directly affect your business’ image and reputation with your conduct toward the guests.

This is why hospitality industry employers are carefully looking for viable candidates to hire before making their final decisions. Here’s what a standard server job description might look like when you start looking for jobs:

  • Greet guests and pick up their orders
  • Communicate guests’ orders precisely to cooks and chefs
  • Engage the customers in friendly and professional banter
  • Become fully familiar with the establishment’s menu items
  • Deliver the guests’ food and remain mindful of how it’s served
  • Inquire about any issues or comments the guests might have
  • Itemize each guest table’s order and deliver their receipts
  • Assist other hospitality staff on a case-by-case basis

More than anything, being a server means that you’ll have to be vigilant and address your guests’ wants and needs promptly. A guest might ask for no salt in their food, or ask for extra olives in their dish – now imagine addressing four, five, or more special requests simultaneously.

The effectiveness at which you serve your guests will not only affect whether or not they’ll tip you but also how they’ll perceive your place of work moving forward. That’s why you should approach writing your new server CV as carefully as possible so that you address the employers’ hiring needs head-on and land the job you want.

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99 server1 Server Guide for Writing the Ultimate CV – Top 5 Steps to Find Great Jobs
Server jobs rely on the individual’s multitasking abilities – you’ll have to think on your feet, remain professional, and keep a smile on your face as you are under the pressure of serving your guests as best as possible!

1. Emphasize Experience Over Education

While formal education is a very important part of your CV, you should work on your professional and informal experiences more for the position of a server. Where have you worked before? What experience do you have in the hospitality industry, if any? Which courses, seminars, and certifications have you undergone over the years?

Employers looking for staff to fill their hospitality establishments will always prioritize the experiences they see in a candidate’s CV over formal education. Do your due diligence and outline your formal education but go into detail on your past employment and any other experiences you’ve gone through.

2. List your Soft Skills Extensively

Soft skills are an integral part of any CV, and hospitality industry CVs are especially highlighted in this regard. The reason for this is that many hospitality professionals such as valets, housekeepers, and bartenders come into close contact with guests. Employers want to ensure that the people they hire can effectively communicate with the guests and maintain their business’ image without fault. To that end, you should work on including the right soft skills in your CV, most notably some of the following:

  • Patience
  • Effective verbal communication
  • Attention to details
  • Friendly attitude
  • Trustworthiness
  • Self-reliance
  • Problem-solving skills

With these and similar soft skills in your CV, you’ll stand out in the prospective employers’ eyes and ensure that you at least get to the job interview phase. During the job interview, employers will undoubtedly test the skills you’ve listed to ensure that you’ve been honest and transparent about your CV.

3. Consider your Language Proficiency

When you look for jobs in the hospitality industry, you’ll want to make sure that your language proficiency is up to the task. If you know English and can use at least another language (such as your native language), you should be good for the start. However, the more languages you can add to your CV, the better your employment prospects will become.

You can use OneGlobe Language Learning for this exact purpose, as the program is designed with steady, user-friendly learning in mind. You can easily start improving your proficiency in 40+ languages with its multimedia content and courses which are made with bite-sized learning sessions in mind. Bit by bit, you’ll be able to create a competitive CV that any hospitality employer would be happy to consider.

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4. Use a Professional CV Builder

Given how many job candidates will apply for any one position at the same time, you want to make sure that your CV is memorable and stands out. The best way to achieve this effect is by having a professional template to work with from the get-go. This is why using Jobs OneGlobe is the way to go in 2022, as it will give you the ability to use its professional CV builder in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is collect all of your personal and professional data to get started. The CV builder comes with a video tutorial that will guide you on your new career path so that you make the most of its functionality. If you want to find great jobs as a server and don’t want to waste time creating a CV manually, use Jobs OneGlobe.

5. Make It a Habit to Update your CV

Once you’ve created your CV and are ready to apply for jobs, you should still devote some time to online learning and other experiences. While you wait for an employer to get back to you, you should do your best to update your CV with new skills, talents, and experiences.

Jobs OneGlobe provides you with the possibility not only to edit your CV once it’s finished but also to create multiple different CVs. This will help you apply for various server job listings in different countries based on what you’re looking for. Never stop looking for new ways to make your CV more competitive and the right employer will recognize your efforts.

Find Work as a Server with Jobs OneGlobe

With the right CV in your hands, you’ll be able to start your career as a server more successfully. Start working on your brand new, detailed CV today to land a job you’d otherwise pass up on if you haven’t prepared on time.

While you do that, Jobs OneGlobe will also promote your CV to its global partners who are on the lookout for hospitality professionals to hire. We’ll make sure that your CV gets the exposure it deserves and in turn, your chances of being employed will grow in your favor.

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