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Being a job applicant puts you in a difficult position for the employer or recruiter reviewing your job application. You’ll have a short window of opportunity to convince them that you’re the right person for their job opening without them meeting you before. According to recent data, 41% of companies find entry-level positions the hardest to fill, with average hiring processes taking up to 36 business days depending on the position.

At any point during those 36 days, either you or the employer can lose interest in the job application, leading to the feeling of ghosting. Instead of being a passive job applicant who hopes for the best, you can take things into your own hands when applying for jobs at Jobs OneGlobe. Let’s discuss how you can stand out with your CV and cover letter and get hired by the right company in 2022 more easily.

1. Present Yourself as a Professional Job Applicant

You’d be surprised at how many people apply for jobs with generic, mundane, one-dimensional CVs hoping to get hired. In most scenarios, employers and recruiters dismiss these CVs outright and choose to pursue more passionate and professional individuals. This is your first and most important chance to shine as a job applicant. You can use Jobs OneGlobe’s professional CV builder to craft a unique CV for every job application you consider submitting.

By sending a detailed CV to your prospective employer, you’ll showcase just how attentive and professional you are. Moreover, the builder will ensure that your CV is well-formatted and shows your skills and expertise the right way. Avoid submitting rushed CVs written in plain text editor programs and instead choose to use Jobs OneGlobe to your advantage.

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127 job applicant1 Standing Out as a Job Applicant – 5 Best Tips to Do It Right in 2022
As a job applicant, you’ll want to do everything you can to land a job interview. During the interview, you’ll have an opportunity to convince the interviewer how suitable you are for their listing, bringing you a step closer to being hired.

2. Write a Unique, Honest Cover Letter

An honest cover letter can go a long way in making sure that you stand out as a job applicant. Job candidates often tend to neglect the importance of a good cover letter and either don’t submit it or submit a letter filled with clichés and buzzwords.

Instead of doing either, you should take a few moments to reflect on why you’re applying for the job listing and how you will contribute to the company you might work for. Employers love hearing more about candidates’ motivations for applying beyond stating that you need stable income – we all do. Go into detail about your passions and plans in the industry and you’re very likely to hear back from the employer as a job applicant soon.

You must be wise and stay focused on the goals you are trying to reach.” ― Germany Kent

3. Show That You’ve Done your Homework on the Company

You shouldn’t apply for jobs in companies you know nothing about. Thanks to the internet, it’s quite easy to do a simple Google search for your potential employer to learn more about them. What are the main products and services your employer offers? Who are their biggest clients and what are their mission statements? Do you identify with their business culture and could see yourself working for them?

These are questions that you should seek answers to during the application process. Being a job applicant is about doing proper research and finding the jobs that would fit your background the most – take your time and learn more about each company.

4. Always Answer Job Interview Questions Truthfully

Once you’ve arrived at the interview stage as a job applicant, you’ll come into direct contact with an interviewer who will represent the company you might work for. During the interview, you’ll be asked a series of questions that will give the interviewer enough to go on in terms of whether to hire you or not.

You need to make sure that every answer you give is an honest one. There’s no point hiding the fact that you don’t know how to use Java or that your Spanish language proficiency isn’t on a native level. Even if you manage to get hired, you’ll quickly have to apply the skills you said you have, leading to uncomfortable situations for everyone. Be truthful about what you can and cannot do and the right employer or recruiter will decide to onboard you.

5. Be Open to Negotiation About your Employment Prospects

When you apply as a job applicant, you’re effectively entering a two-way negotiation process. Your employer or recruiter will vet you in terms of your skills, expertise, and potential future in their company. You on the other hand will vet them, assessing whether accepting their job offer is ultimately a good idea.

Once the interviewer settles on accepting you as a new hire, you should be flexible in terms of what benefits, pay, and other perks you’ll receive. Your experience may be too high compared to what the employer is looking for – would you be ready to take a pay cut? Or, what if the employer needs you to move to the UK or someplace else in Europe to fill their job vacancy? Take your time and make these decisions wisely before accepting the job.

You must showcase your work, achievements, and performance in the best possible manner.” ― Abhishek Ratna

Apply for New Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

Being a job applicant at Jobs OneGlobe is much easier compared to you trying to find and apply for work elsewhere. According to published reports, 73% of people stated that looking for a job was the most stressful event in their life, with an average job listing attracting ~250 CVs. You can stand out as a professional by showcasing just how reliable, objective, and out-of-the-box you are.

Start by writing your new CV at Jobs OneGlobe to apply for jobs and by using its professional CV builder to do so. This will not only speed up your job application process but also allow Jobs OneGlobe to promote your CV as a job applicant to its global partners. Standing out and getting hired doesn’t have to be difficult – all you need to do is be at the right place and use the right tools to do so in 2022.

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