This Christmas take some time to reflect on you and your loved ones personal career development!

Dear OneGlobe members, whether it’s because of their job, their interests or something else entirely, many of us have friends and family members who are at different points in their careers. Some might consider changing jobs or starting a business; others may simply want to know more about their options. The same goes for people who are in school or continuing education, making them somewhere on the spectrum between entry-level and expert knowledge. Fortunately, as the season when we give gifts to show how much we care about our loved ones (and also because you’re an excellent friend), you now have an opportunity to give them something they’ll appreciate for years to come: The gift that keeps on giving – Personal Career Development!

Why is career development so important?

The main benefit of career development is increased financial freedom. At every stage of life, people have different needs, desires, and financial responsibilities. For example, a parent with young kids may want to take a job that offers flexible hours, while their childless friend may want a high-paying position that takes advantage of their extensive expertise. Career development can help you get the job that fits your specific situation and needs. While income is an important part of the financial equation, it’s not the only factor. Other things to consider include: – How satisfying the work is – While it’s important to find a job that pays well, you might also want to find something that’s personally fulfilling. – The cost of education and training – Continuing your education can add value to your cv, but it can also be expensive. – How easy it is to find work in your chosen field.

What does good personal career development look like?

Good personal career development looks like finding a job that offers the maximum benefit to you in terms of not only income but also your personal satisfaction and ability to provide for yourself, your family, and others. How does that happen? The best way to learn about yourself and your passions and interests is to try a variety of different things. The best way to find a good job is to use networking, both online and in person, to connect with people who can help you find the best opportunities for you. And the best way to position yourself to be hired is to have the skills, knowledge and experience the employers are looking for. Yes, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for anyone. Personal career development is about finding the opportunities and connections that allow you to maximize your strengths, and OneGlobe through the Personal Career Development Packages is trying to match this gap.

Which fields offer the best personal career development opportunities?

While every field offers some degree of career development, some offer more than others. One of the best ways to determine where you want to focus your energy is to identify your strengths and then find ways to use them in your work. The following fields all offer great opportunities for growth and development:

  • Healthcare.
  • Hospitality.
  • Business.
  • Education.
  • Information technology.
  • Non-profit work.

Where to find the best opportunities for personal career development?

The best places for you to find opportunities for career development are within your current job, in your field of expertise and online. Within your current job, look for ways to add more value to your work and expand your influence within the company. In your field of expertise, look for ways to expand your network and find new ways to add value to your services. Finally, online, there are plenty of opportunities to find and apply for career development opportunities. You can do this even through Jobs OneGlobe . So, Prepare your professional OneGlobe CV through our powerful CV Builder and start applying for any potential opportunity.

OneGlobe Personal Career Development

There’s no single path to career development, and no one can do it for you. The best way to get started is to identify your strengths, find ways to use them in your life and build a network of people who can help you find the best opportunities for you. From there, it’s a matter of making the most of the opportunities you have. All of the above can start through OneGlobe.

OneGlobe Personal Career Development is your exclusive destination for personal and professional development. We will provide you with everything you need to prepare a brand-new, detailed presentation for your future career path. Through our personalized guidance, you’ll achieve career evolution and find the best jobs suited to your CV.

The Benefits of OneGlobe Personal Career Development;

  • Innovative New OneGlobe Video CV

OneGlobe Video CV is a brand-new way for you to present yourself to prospective employers. It is a groundbreaking add-on to your written CV and it will help you stand out from the crowd. By answering a few questions and attaching the link to your OneGlobe Video CV to your written CV, you’ll increase your odds of landing the jobs you apply for!

  • Brand-New Written CV

Written CVs are no longer enough to land great jobs – you’ll need CVs in different formats to do so! We’ll help you create your brand-new professional CV to apply for any job, as well as your online Jobs OneGlobe CV. Together, they will help you start applying for new job opportunities and present yourself as a reliable, talented professional.

  • A Personalized Career Development Experience

Every professional is different and we understand this. It’s why you will receive premium career development services from our HR consultant who will assess your current skills and expertise. Then, they’ll be able to provide you with actionable advice on how to improve your career prospects, as well as guide you on your path toward professional success.

  • An Interview with an HR Consultant

Your interview with our HR consultant will begin with an introductory form. By filling out the form, you’ll give the HR consultant all the information they need to begin assessing your career and potential growth opportunities. You will receive an invitation for your interview with our HR consultant as soon as you’ve submitted your introductory form.

  • Access to Language Learning Opportunities*

OneGlobe Personal Career Development will enable you to learn 40+ languages at your own pace, through engaging, bite-sized lessons focused on teaching you how to use a new language as easily as possible. You will also gain lifetime access to kids’ language learning courses. This will enable you to invest not only in yourself but also in your child’s future.


  • CV Promotion Provided by OneGlobe

OneGlobe understands how difficult it is to gain exposure with your CV. This is why you’ll gain CV visibility simply by creating your new CVs as part of your OneGlobe Personal Career Development Package. Your CVs will become a part of OneGlobe’s international CV database and be available to prospective employers worldwide for hiring.

Lastly – try and enjoy any down time you are lucky to have. If you use the Christmas break effectively, you can maximise your happiness and advance your career at the same time.

We all hope it will be a busy New Year ahead!  Happy Christmas everyone!

Your OneGlobe Team

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