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Trends in hospitality industry are in a constant state of flux thanks to shifting client demands. As such, the hospitality industry is one of the industries most people would classify as essential for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s for leisure, business getaways, or other forms of travel, modern hospitality businesses have ensured their clients’ comfort for decades. According to recent studies, there are over 700,000 hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses operating worldwide, with over 4 million rooms available as of 2020.

Despite the difficulties introduced by COVID-19, trends in hospitality industry have been blooming and are poised to break new ground in the industry in 2022. Just as job seeker trends change, so do the trends in specific industries which are always on the lookout for talented employees. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for hospitality this year and how your hospitality business can benefit from hiring new staff or partnering with Jobs OneGlobe.

Perks of Following the Trends in Hospitality Industry

The impact of the global pandemic on the hospitality industry was quite significant due to very limited travel and strict social distancing norms introduced by WHO. Based on Hotel Tech Report, the global hospitality industry revenue decreased by an estimate of 34.7% from its original 2020 forecast.

The lower hospitality business engagement has been felt not only in lodging but also in dining, with a 41.36% drop in seated diners in 2020 worldwide. However, trends in hospitality industry are here to help businesses like yours kick-start their 2022 more successfully. Given that global vaccination rates are rising and that international travel is becoming more viable by the day, embracing hospitality industry trends can be very influential on your revenue this year. Here’s why you should implement some, if not all, of the trends in hospitality industry moving forward:

  • Stay competitive in your local market
  • Understand the global hospitality market better
  • Attract more clients, customers, and partners
  • Learn about long-term business planning and development
  • Earn more yearly revenue for your hospitality business

Hospitality Industry Trends to Follow in 2022

1. Digital-First Client Servicing Expectations

With how widespread the use of mobile phones has become recently, it’s no wonder that so many people expect hospitality businesses to meet their digital-first expectations. Restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, and cafés with their dedicated apps, websites, and social media pages will always rise to the top of the list for countless customers.

It’s why you should invest in creating an online presence as soon as possible so that your business can acclimate itself to the trends in hospitality industry more easily. Think of how you can entice people to book online, order online, or otherwise interact with your hospitality business via the internet in 2022.

2. Short Turnaround Time on Bookings

People are traveling more than ever before, both locally and internationally. Whenever someone commutes to a different city for a pressing meeting or takes their family on vacation abroad, they’ll want to book accommodations quickly. Likewise, if someone has a friend in town unexpectedly, they’ll want to book a table in your restaurant or order a sizable takeout package on short notice.

We live in a world where people are constantly moving and have very short attention spans. If you’re unable to meet their immediate needs and expectations, they’ll quickly move on to another hospitality business. This is one of the trends in hospitality industry which will make or break many businesses as they try to stay ahead of customers’ expectations in 2022.

3. Embracing Work Vacations and Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are an interesting factor to consider in terms of trends in hospitality industry. Accommodating digital nomads is a challenge in itself, as these individuals want to work and travel, often staying in a single place as short as a few days. Recent data indicated that digital nomads stay in a single place for an average of 71 days, with 32% of them looking for travel buddies to bunk and share expenses with.

This is a new subset of travelers who you’ll have to take into consideration when choosing which trends in hospitality industry to follow. Some nomads might want to rent a room in your hotel for two months, or, some might want to buy a monthly meal voucher in your restaurant. Try to develop more long-term deals with tangible benefits for your visitors so that nomads and people who go on work vacations are more inclined to stay with you.

4. Local Digital Marketing Optimization

Oftentimes, travelers and people looking for places to dine at or have a drink will start searching for the best place when already outside. This means that they’ll likely use their mobile devices and search engines like Google, Yahoo, or even Bing to search for “restaurants near me”, for example. Optimizing your business’ presence in local search through tools like Google My Business has never been as important as it is today.

You should use this to inform potential visitors of your working hours, entry standards (based on COVID-19 regulations), customer reviews, or even high-quality multimedia. This will serve to convince people who are already in your store’s vicinity to visit it rather than go someplace else. Local search optimization is becoming one of the must-follow trends in hospitality industry in 2022 – be sure to follow along with it.

5. Guest Experience Personalization

Hosting or accommodating your visitors and calling it a day won’t suffice in 2022 and beyond. You’ll have to go a step further than that and adopt personalization in the services you provide clients with. For example, if you’re a hotel owner, you can use your guests’ online reservations to prepare personalized greetings cards to welcome them to your rooms. Or, you can also keep tabs on recurring visitors and use their previous orders or experiences at your restaurant, motel, or bar to “anticipate” what they’d like.

Guest experience personalization is what will help you retain guests and earn the favor of new ones who come across your site, pages, or reviews online. Failing to personalize your hospitality business’ experiences will make it far more difficult for you to keep your visitors engaged enough to recommend your services to their social circles.

6. Going Green is the New Norm

Sustainability is the number one priority for more and more people when they choose the hospitality businesses to spend their money with. Using sustainable, recycled materials or using green energy in your premises is a good place to start. Accommodating guests with various eating habits or lifestyle choices and offering green, organic foods is a plus regardless of whether you’re strictly vegan, vegetarian, or mixed in the foods you offer.

Trends in hospitality industry extend not only to restaurants and cafés which are a natural choice for sustainability. Anything you can do to improve your business “green” status will not only make a booking with you more appealing but also allow you to use that fact in your marketing content. This will differentiate your hospitality business from the competition and ensure that embracing the trends in hospitality industry was worth the effort you put in.

Embracing Trends in Hospitality Industry with Jobs OneGlobe

Success in the hospitality industry is measured by how attractive your hotel, restaurant, or café is to potential visitors, as well as how trendy it is at the moment. With 2022 signaling the new beginning for global travel, now’s the time to start aligning your business with the trends in hospitality industry. Jobs OneGlobe can help you achieve these goals by helping you find the right talent for your vacancies or by assisting you in recruitment and marketing strategy development.

Reach out to us if you are interested in partnering with Jobs OneGlobe or would like to hire international staff, increase your hospitality business’ online reach, or align with modern trends more accurately. 2022 marks a pivotal landmark for the hospitality industry in the wake of the global pandemic – come out of it swinging and your customers, clients, and partners will follow suit.

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