Planning on becoming a full-time valet in the near future? You can do so more easily if you create a great CV before starting your job search. Creating a CV manually can be troublesome, however, especially without technical or design skills. That’s why using Jobs OneGlobe and its professional CV builder is a great idea.

As someone who’s looking for work as a valet, you’re undoubtedly looking for ways to put your name out there. You may want to work abroad, find a summer job, or specialize in a hotel or a restaurant valet. Jobs OneGlobe and its global partners can help you find a career path you’ll love in hospitality, as well as enable you to apply for jobs from around the world through Jobs OneGlobe.

To get started, you need to create your new CV as well as possible. With a good, representative CV in hand, finding work will be simpler as you’ll present yourself in a much better, more professional light. Let’s discuss the ins and outs of writing a great valet CV in our ultimate CV writing guide, as well as how you can use it to fundamentally transform your career moving forward.

Becoming a Professional Valet

To find the best jobs as a valet, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the job as best as you can. Many hotels, motels, and restaurants use valets not only for parking management but also as greeters for their guests. You’ll need to become content with multitasking and manage your time very effectively to become great at your job.

Valets also most often work in teams so that they make the vehicle management easier to handle, as well as so the guests never have to wait too long. Employers in the hospitality industry are keen to hire energetic, confident valets, with or without experience in the profession. Let’s see what a typical job description for a hospitality valet looks like:

  • Welcome the establishment’s guests
  • Help unload the guests’ baggage
  • Park their vehicles safely on your premises
  • Retrieve the vehicles of guests leaving the premises
  • Ensure high levels of safety for the guests’ vehicles
  • Quickly move back and to the parking area
  • Know how to organize vehicles for maximum space use
  • Answer any frequently asked questions the guests might have
  • Tend to any necessary paperwork regarding the guests’ vehicles

While it may not seem like a lot at first glance, working as a valet is highly demanding but it’s also dynamic and exciting. You’ll never have a dull moment working in hospitality since there will always be guests who are coming and going from your establishment. If you’re set on finding a good job, here’s how you can write your CV to be as impactful and eye-catching as possible.

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93 valet1 Ultimate Guide to Writing your New Valet CV in 5 Easy Steps
As a valet, you’ll have to be very mindful of the vehicles you handle for your establishment’s guests. You’ll need good stamina, high focus, and great hand-eye coordination to be effective at your job.

1. Attach a Representative Picture

The best way to start working on your new CV is by preparing a great photo to attach to it. Your photo will be the first impression a potential employer will have of you when they review your CV. You want to leave a good impression and not raise any red flags by attaching a low-quality or inappropriate photograph.

Ideally, you should visit your local photo studio or use a graduation photo if you’ve graduated recently. Avoid using cropped social media photos with a lot of noise and make sure that your facial expression is respectful and professional. This can go a long way in ensuring that you’re perceived as someone reliable and responsible.

2. Work on your Language Expertise

Working in hospitality inherently means that you’ll be working with an international clientele wherever you work. Whether you find a job in a seaside hotel or a mountain resort, being a valet means that you’ll have to communicate with guests from around the world, some of who won’t speak your language. This is why learning at least one more language to bolster your CV will be of big help to you.

You can start learning a new language today by checking out OneGlobe Language Learning. Its features include 40+ languages, AR learning, a dedicated Kids learning app, as well as hundreds of hours of multimedia created for language learners such as yourself. Start learning a new language or sprucing up on your English language proficiency now and you’ll have a much smoother time finding work in hospitality in 2022 and beyond.

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3. Play Up your Skills

Working as a valet means that you’ll be in direct contact with your hospitality business’ clients, guests, and other parties. Anyone who visits your premises will need to be handled professionally, serviced, and pointed in the right direction (reception, their rooms, garage, etc.). This is why employers are looking for individuals who are good problem solvers and have people skills. Some of the skills you should add to your CV include but are not limited to:

  • Verbal communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Driving skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Time management skills
  • High physical stamina
  • Customer servicing skills

Whether you primarily work as parking or a door valet, you’ll still need these skills to stand out. Moreover, you’ll need to follow the specific business’ culture, rules, and ethics when it comes to servicing guests and other parties. Address your people skills during the interview and showcase how laid back, confident, and dynamic you are.

4. Describe your Driving Experience

Being employed in the hospitality business and working on parking guests’ vehicles means that you’ll have to be a good driver to get employed full-time. This is why you must explain your driving experience and present your driver’s license to employers before and during the job application.

You need good experience as a driver to be employed as a valet and anything short of being self-sufficient and a problem solver won’t cut it for hotels, motels, and other businesses with high guest turnover. You’ll often have to spend all day running back and for between the front door and the parking, so in addition to being a great driver, you also need to have good stamina. Combined, these two elements will help you find work in no time at all.

5. Create Separate CVs for Different Job Applications

Thanks to the features present on Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll be able to create multiple different CVs under your Candidate’s profile. There are several good reasons for doing this. For one, every employer will have different expectations from the hospitality professionals they want to hire.

Likewise, you might acquire new skills and expertise in the meantime and want to update your CV or create a second one. Rearranging your skills, rephrasing your statements, and playing up different parts of your professional background for different job listings will help you land a job you’ll be proud of. Use every tool at your disposal to stand out and the right employer will spot your efforts.

Finding Valet Work with Jobs OneGlobe

By ensuring that your CV is created through the Jobs OneGlobe professional CV builder, you’ll increase your odds of starting a successful career more quickly. Jobs OneGlobe collaborates with global partners who are looking for hospitality professionals to hire worldwide.

Your Candidate’s Dashboard will offer a lot of flexibility for you to modify your CVs, create new CVs, and apply for any jobs you find interesting as a passive job seeker. Take advantage of the features available to you and start developing your career in hospitality today.

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