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Why Use OneGlobe Jobs Board?


We provide straightforward, value-for-money, and effective

recruitment services and solutions for all employers/recruiters. One Globe’s hiring and recruitment pipeline are designed to benefit everyone, regardless of the scale of the business or the complexity of their request.

For employers and recruiters, we aim to do the following:

2 1 Value for Employers/Recruiters
Delivering additional value
on job applications
3 1 Value for Employers/Recruiters
The constant growth
of our CV database
4 1 Value for Employers/Recruiters

Attracting job posts from
well-established, respected, and trusted employers and recruiters

One Globe jobs board is available to
5 1 Value for Employers/Recruiters
Direct employers
6 1 Value for Employers/Recruiters
Recruitment agencies
7 Value for Employers/Recruiters

 Partner HR websites

What we do for companies and our partners

We strive to vet and review all candidates to properly highlight their talents and skills which will bring value to your business and its products and services. We do this with the help of our in-house team of HR professionals.

At we collaborate with companies and partners worldwide to gain a clear and unmistakable understanding of their needs. One Globe’s candidates are presented to you once each is properly screened and found suitable for your job post. We are focused on finding the employees which best fit your needs and business portfolio.

Premium Candidate and
Partner Services

One Globe features a full Know Your Customer profiling service to provide employers, recruiters, partners, and candidates with a safe, trustworthy, and verified environment fit for everyone’s needs.

This is done to ensure a clearer understanding of available job opportunities and candidate profiles to allow for informed decision-making.

Available Job Listing Plans and and their Value

Competitive, Subscription-Based Pricing Model

Launching our platform in today’s job market climate has allowed us to take groundbreaking new steps in making hiring and being hired cost-effective.
By listing your job opportunities on our platform, you will gain access to the following subscription-based pricing model, courtesy of

Registration: FREE OF CHARGE
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Make your Job Listings Stand Out and Attract the Right Talent

We understand that hiring new talent can take too long, which is why we’ve made it possible for our partners to highlight job listings. If you’re hunting for new talent and want to find suitable professionals fast, the following packages are available to you at

Job Listing Promotion Package – 1 Week: 20€
Job Listing Promotion Package – 1 Month: 70€

If you want to find talented individuals for multiple job openings in your company, fear not – we’ve also taken the liberty to create competitive company promotion packages for those needs. The following packages will promote your entire company lineup of available job positions on to ensure maximum reach and visibility with potential job candidates:

Company Promotion Package – 1 Week: 40€
Company Promotion Package – 1 Month: 150€
vector 1 01 Value for Employers/Recruiters

Freely Browse and Select Job Candidates’ CVs

There is so much more that you can do on compared to other platforms on the market – unlimited browsing of job candidates’ CVs is only one of them. You can make your hiring process as detailed and thorough as you want with the help of our CV visibility package.
By acquiring it, you will be able to browse through our candidate CV database without limits and set up instant CV alerts based on your job opportunity requirements. The following CV packages are available for employers:

CV Visibility Package – 1 Month: 97€
CV Visibility Package – 1 Year: 992€

With our CV visibility package in hand, you will be able to make more informed hiring decisions and find the best possible talent for your job listings much more quickly and efficiently.

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