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Straightforward and user-friendly website for job seekers

There are only three steps to create an active account:

Register a candidate's account

under your username and password and gain full access to the features free of charge!

1 Value for Job Seekers

Submit your CV

through the website’s intuitive CV builder to create a comprehensive candidate’s profile and become visible to hundreds of potential recruiters around the Globe

2 Value for Job Seekers

CV Builder

Your CV is your marketing tool in the workforce marketplace and it represents a comprehensive overview of your identity as a job candidate.

The role of your CV is to generate employers’ interest in your skills, help you stand out from other job seekers, and to get you invited to an interview

CV Builder by One Globe is a professional, easy-to-use tool that will help in presenting you to employers in the most effective way.


Apply to jobs which interest you

and those that match your profile with their requirements.

You can do this through the seamless and easy-to-use One Globe job board website.

6 Value for Job Seekers
You can write your personal
and career data details in a few

easy, pre-designed steps.

This is done to ensure that your CV is presented in an appealing and comprehensive layout to potential employers which will increase your odds at employment.

CV Builder

Will guide you through a series of questions that you need to fill out appropriately.

5 Value for Job Seekers

Once complete, you will maximize the possibility of

attracting the attention

of potential employers in our job search environment.

After you’ve finished the CV Builder you’ll start to find a correlation between your skills and talents against the employers’ requirements

At that point, you’ll be able to identify the gaps in your CV and make plans for additional professional

development and growth.

The CV you create will thus serve as

the foundation to build upon

as you continue your professional journey

Features that are also available to you include a search engine with job opportunity listings, CV management options, job alerts, your list of applied jobs, and listings reports. These features are user-friendly and available through the central dashboard which will provide you with a complete overview of all of your account activities.

Additional Value we Provide to our Job Seekers

We are dedicated to supporting each of our job seekers’ professional journey, unlocking their potential, and finding great opportunities for them with our team of skilled personal development and career advisors.

Your CV is screened and evaluated constantly to ensure you have the best odds at finding the right career opportunity.

Whenever necessary, will make recommendations that will benefit your continued skillset improvement, both personally and professionally.

In this regard, our skills section is available as a combination of in-house and external partnerships where you can add additional value to your CV.

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