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Want to stand out from the crowd and land the job you deserve? Writing a CV is no longer enough to properly introduce yourself to a prospective employer – what you’re looking for is a OneGlobe Video CV!

Video CV

OneGlobe Video CV is the next step in the job market evolution – it’s a new and exciting way for you to present yourself to employers! By creating a CV in a video format, you’ll make it easier for employers to understand who you are and why they should hire you – all from the comfort of your home.

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Disclaimer: OneGlobe VIDEO CV or any of the Provided Services does not guarantee employment! It will help you build your professional image, create high-quality CVs, and set achievable career goals for your future. This means that OneGlobe is not responsible for the success of your job applications – you will need personally to apply for jobs, complete job interviews, and negotiate your employment prospects with employers! However, OneGlobe will promote your CV to its global partners, increasing your chances to find employment suitable to your skills and experience.

How your OneGlobe Video CV will look like?

Your OneGlobe Video CV will be delivered in a private unlisted URL, so you will be able to use it in any Job Application you may be interested!
Your OneGlobe Video CV will look like the following, depending on your recording device and your answers!

Get Your Video CV for €29

Why Do You Need a OneGlobe Video CV?

95 OneGlobe Video CV

of Basic CVs
Don't Get Read

89 OneGlobe Video CV

of Employers Would Watch a Video CV

easy OneGlobe Video CV

Easier to Make than a Traditional CV

Interview OneGlobe Video CV

Saves Time on Pointless Job Interviews

Get Your Video CV for €29

How to Create your OneGlobe Video CV?
How it works?

Step 1


Complete the checkout process. The cost is 29€

Step 2

Access the Video Interview URL

Once you have completed checkout, you will see the Video Interview URL on your screen. You will also receive an email with the same information.

Step 3

Watch the instructions

Before starting the video interview, watch the video with instructions and read all the information provided.

Step 4

Complete the Video Interview

Start the video interview and reply to all the questions asked. Once you have answered all the questions, the interview is finished.

Step 5

Wait for the link

Please wait 24-72 hours for us to process your video and send you the URL link to your OneGlobe Video CV.

Step 6

Share your Video CV

Once you receive the URL links, you can enhance your job applications and stand out from the competition by sharing your OneGlobe Video CV in any job application.

Get Your Video CV for €29

What do our Customers say about OneGlobe Video CV?

Different Ways to Use Your OneGlobe Video CV

  • Share your OneGlobe Video CV with Employers and Recruiters
  • Add your OneGlobe Video CV to your Jobs OneGlobe Professional CV
  • Attach your OneGlobe Video CV to Your Social Media, LinkedIn Profile, and/or Website
  • Use your OneGlobe Video CV to enrich your future job applications

Get Your Video CV for €29


What are the Benefits of OneGlobe Video CV?

It’s Quick, Accessible, and Engaging

You don’t need great writing skills to present yourself to a future employer. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and answer a few questions to create your video presentation! This will bring you a step closer to the job you want as your job application will be more engaging than traditional CVs.

Less Stressful Job Applications

It’s easy to get nervous during a video job interview and misrepresent yourself by accident. A CV in video format will enable you to answer a few questions about yourself from the comfort of your home, in your own time, and on your terms, making for a less stressful and more enjoyable job application process.

Sell Yourself to Employers

Job seekers with Video CVs are seen as professionals who come into job applications well-prepared. By answering a series of questions, you’ll have the opportunity to present who you are and what you’re capable of as a professional. This is in stark contrast to written cover letters or personal biographies commonly found in traditional CVs.

Stand Out and Attract Attention

By including a CV in video format in your written CV, you’ll intrigue the employer by selling yourself as a talented professional. CVs in video format will always play to your advantage and ensure that you’ve grabbed the prospective employer’s attention immediately.

Gain Global Video CV Exposure with Recruiters

By creating your CV in video format with Jobs OneGlobe, you will also become a part of Jobs OneGlobe’s recruiter CV database, which will enable Jobs OneGlobe to promote you to its global partners. This means that you’ll be able to get hired by international employers who will reach out to you if your profile matches their current needs.

Create Your Video CV for €29

OneGlobe Video CV FAQ

It’s a simple and effective way for you to present yourself, your value, and your character to prospective employers! By adding your Video CV to your written CV, you’ll give the employer all the information they need to understand who you are and why you’ve applied for their job listing.

A CV in video format will enable you to gain more visibility, attract the attention of the right employers, and present yourself in the best possible way. By adding it to your written CV, you’ll be able to introduce yourself the right way and make a good first impression with employers and recruiters!

Creating your new CV in video form is easy! Once you’re subscribed, you’ll receive a link via email. Make sure that you’re relaxed and well-rested – find a comfortable place to film your new CV. Visit the link and answer a series of questions, after which you’ll receive your brand-new CV link – it’s that easy!

To create a CV in a video format, you’ll need to have a device with a camera or a separate camera peripheral connected to your device. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices typically come equipped with their camera units. In the case of using desktop computers, you’ll need to have a web camera and/or a microphone ready before you start creating your new CV. A stable internet connection is also mandatory during the CV’s creation.

It costs €29 to create your Video CV – it will remain safely stored in Jobs OneGlobe’s online CV database for you to access at any time.

Yes, you can! Jobs OneGlobe encourages you to create a brand-new CV by using its professional CV builder to do so. During your CV writing, you’ll be able to add your new CV in video format to the professional CV builder. This will enable employers who read your CV to also gain access to your CV in video format, increasing your odds of employment!

If you’re looking for help in finding and applying for great job opportunities, Jobs OneGlobe can help you. Check out the Personal Career Development Packages to find out how you can become the best professional version of yourself! Combined with your new CV in video format, you’ll be able to start your new professional journey on the right foot!

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