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Running a hospitality business has been nothing but rewarding for business owners around the globe for many years. According to Hospitality Insights, 1.3 billion people on average have traveled abroad every year in the past decade – a trend that took a drastic turn for the worse since 2019. International tourism plummeted by 93% in 2020 due to COVID-19, with the hospitality business industry contributing 10,4% of global GDB. In practice, this means that hospitality businesses like hotels, restaurants, cafés and others support one in ten jobs in the whole world.

This puts the global hospitality crisis into a better perspective, and it’s why the industry is on a rapid path to recovery in 2022. It is in the best interest of both hospitality business owners and their clients for things to return to a normal status quo as fast as possible. With Jobs OneGlobe, you can find hospitality work in countries like the UK fairly easily when you decide to do so. Let’s talk about the best arguments to work in hospitality, as well as the niches you should consider applying for in 2022.

Hospitality Business Niches to Find Work In

Hospitality encompasses businesses that are focused on client and customer servicing in a variety of ways. Most prominently, hospitality covers travel, tourism, and catering in several essential niches. According to Statista, the global hospitality market reached 3486,77 billion US dollars in 2020 and was forecast to grow to 4132,5 billion US dollars in 2021. This projected compound annual growth rate sat at 18,5%, although it was somewhat disrupted by the aforementioned global pandemic and its effects on travel and hospitality.

With 2022 underway, every hospitality business is looking for ways to kick-start their year more successfully by hiring new staff and revising their business models. As such, now’s the perfect time for you to look for work in the UK and abroad. What are the types of businesses which you can work in as a hospitality professional:

  • Hotels, motels, and lodging businesses
  • Cafés, bars, and cafeterias
  • Restaurants, diners, and fast-food chains
  • Travel and tourist agencies
  • Event and wedding planning
  • Maintenance businesses
  • Gambling businesses
  • Housekeeping businesses

Hospitality is one of the most diverse and open-ended industries out there. Going back to the example of the UK, official statistics indicate that 10% of total UK employees worked in hospitality as of 2020, with over 200,000 hospitality businesses operating in the UK. This shows just how rich and wide the industry is, no matter the country we take into consideration.

There are dozens of niches for you to find work in and you can shift careers horizontally whenever you want to switch things up. This means that there are plenty of jobs with a low entry bar, making them perfect for fresh graduates or people who want to switch careers. So, what are some of the best reasons to pursue a job in a hospitality business, whether you live in the UK or want to find work elsewhere?

Reasons to Work in a Hospitality Business in 2022

1. Acquire Stable, Permanent Employment

As we’ve previously stated, the hospitality industry is slowly returning to its pre-pandemic revenue standards. According to Financial Times, the UK hospitality industry reached £31,6 billion by September of 2020, with the industry being the third-largest private sector in the UK. It accounts for 10% of employment and 5% of GDP for the UK, even though more than 8% of hospitality businesses were closed in 2021.

Despite that, the UK is only one example of a market that is recovering and turning a new, post-pandemic page. Many hospitality business owners are now on the lookout for long-term employees who are ready to pick up the jobs which were left vacant in 2019. If you find work in hospitality, rest assured that you’ll be able to keep it for a long time and benefit from it.

2. Meet New People from Around the World

Everyone loves to travel, and the hospitality industry is there to make travel possible for people from around the globe. As someone who works in hospitality, you’ll be able to meet new people on a seemingly daily basis.

You’ll meet clients, business owners, and customers from other continents and countries very easily by simply working in hospitality. While not all of them will become a part of your network, many will help you learn new things, pick up on new words, and become better at your job. Hospitality jobs are an amazing choice for people who are personable and like to meet others, so don’t sleep on them.

3. Work in a Diverse, Inclusive Industry

Given how global the hospitality industry is, it’s no wonder that it has a diverse workforce. Hospitality professionals often move to other countries to work as chefs, managers, tour agents, or housekeepers. You’ll work with people of various ethnicities, religions, worldviews, and backgrounds as someone who’s employed in hospitality.

This will make you a global citizen – someone who knows people from around the world and wants to meet even more of them. Hospitality businesses are quite welcoming of minorities and people with fringe lifestyles, such as the members of LGBTQ+ communities. If you’re looking for an industry that will welcome you with open arms no matter your lifestyle, look no further.

4. Hospitality is Dynamic and Exciting

Whether you work in a hotel, a bar, or a travel agency, you’ll constantly be challenged to learn new things on the job. You may need to fill in for a colleague who left unexpectedly. You may need to learn how to operate new gadgets or technology to service your customers. Every day is a new learning experience in hospitality, which is what makes the industry so exciting to work in.

You’ll never grow tired of your job and you’ll have an opportunity to significantly improve your CV no matter where you work. This is a great employment opportunity for people with low attention spans and those who like to move between jobs. By working for a hospitality business, you won’t have to switch jobs – different tasks and responsibilities will come your way naturally. Even when you do decide to find employment someplace else, getting a job won’t be difficult or take too long because of how diverse the industry is.

5. Easily Learn New Languages

Working in the hospitality industry means that you’ll often have to service people from other countries. Your guests or clients may not know English or your local language, meaning that you’ll have to adapt. Learning new languages is an amazing byproduct of working in hospitality. You’ll be encouraged to learn languages like German, Spanish, French, and others to accommodate your clients’ needs. You can start using OneGlobe Language Learning to gain access to 40+ languages to learn, dedicated AR and Kids learning apps, as well as countless lessons in a variety of practical, conversational topics.

LEARN NEW LANGUAGES WITH OneGlobe Language Learning

As you expand your language proficiency, more and more hospitality owners will want to hire you. This will open the doors for you to work in higher-paid jobs, move abroad, or even become a manager or a team leader in your business. By speaking multiple languages, you’ll become far more attractive to employers than ever before, so don’t wait and start using OneGlobe Language Learning today.

6. Hospitality Makes you More Sociable

Whether you’re extraverted or introverted, working in hospitality will bring you out of your comfort zone and make you sociable. This is because servicing others will require you to speak to clients, guests, and colleagues on a daily. You’ll need to talk on the phone, be professional toward others, and represent your hospitality business every day.

This is both challenging and beneficial, as you’ll inevitably become more outgoing and outspoken. Talking about difficult work-related issues or addressing guest concerns will become second nature to you and it will spill over into your personal life. You’ll be more social and chattier with friends and family and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker. Hospitality is extremely useful for those who want to develop their “people” skills.

Applying for Hospitality Business Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

If you’ve decided to start a career in hospitality, Jobs OneGlobe will help you find the work you’re looking for. There are plenty of amazing opportunities in hospitality businesses both in the UK and in other countries worldwide. All you need to do is create your account on Jobs OneGlobe, create a new CV, and start applying for hospitality jobs.

We’ve prepared a range of useful resources which will help you nail your interview, as well as to move abroad more easily. Our platform is designed to facilitate your growth and to help you fulfill your potential. Take the first step toward a better life and we’ll be there to assist you at every step of the way.

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