If you plan on applying for hospitality industry jobs for the position of a maid, you might want to create a new CV to get started. Working as a maid will allow you to develop valuable practical skills related to cleaning, interior design, and verbal communication with the guests of your establishment.

Not only will you be in charge of tidying up individual guests’ rooms but you’ll also need to ensure that every room is as fresh and inviting as it was the day before. This means that being a maid means being diligent, having an eye for details, and being a people person all in one. Writing a new, detailed CV with this in mind can significantly improve your odds of landing the job you want in hospitality.

By using the professional CV builder at Jobs OneGlobe, as well as choosing the Jobs OneGlobe Membership program, you’ll be able to easily present your skills and career aspirations in an inviting, engaging manner. Let’s start by discussing what you can expect to see in a hospitality job description before we get into several tips and tricks on how you can land a great job with Jobs OneGlobe.

Working as a Full-Time Maid

To understand how you can apply for maid job listings and create a new CV with that in mind, you should learn more about what employers are looking for. Hospitality business owners want to work with reliable people who will represent their brand in a positive and professional light.

You’ll be front-and-center in regards to customer servicing, brand representation, and professional etiquette with your guests who will have various requests and needs from you. While most of your work will be done while your guests are away from their rooms, you’ll still need to be in top form as someone working for a reputable hospitality establishment. Here’s what you can expect to see in a standard maid job listing in regards to job responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all of the guests’ sheets, towels, and cloths are replaced with clean ones
  • Assess the cleanliness of individual guests’ rooms daily and clean as necessary
  • Sweep, dust, mop, and otherwise spruce up currently unoccupied rooms
  • Thoroughly clean guests’ bathrooms and replenish their cleaning supplies
  • Clean the guest rooms’ windows and any other glass, wood, or marble surfaces
  • Report any room damages or necessary repairs to the establishment’s janitor
  • Maintain health and sanitation standards of your hospitality establishment
  • Empty the guests’ trash bins daily
  • Collaborate with other maids and housekeeping staff on cleaning duties

While this job description may seem overwhelming at first, you also need to note that you’ll rarely work alone in a hotel or a motel. Your colleagues will help you work on ensuring that each guest has a great experience staying with your establishment so that no complaints are filled once they leave. With that in mind, here’s how you can start writing your new CV with Jobs OneGlobe and increase your odds of great hospitality employment.

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98 maid1 Write a New CV as a Maid – 5 Useful How-To Tips to Land a Great Job
As a maid, you’ll be in charge of maintaining your establishment’s reputation through diligent cleaning and arrangement of your guests’ rooms, making them feel comfortable and welcome!

1. Go into Detail About Your Past Employment

Anyone who reads your CV will want to know what you’ve done in the past. Are you a recent college graduate looking for employment abroad? Are you a professional hospitality industry maid looking for a new job position? Or, are you someone who has worked on different jobs in the past and now wants to shift careers into hospitality?

It’s very important that you carefully describe your past experiences in your new CV so that prospective employers have something to go off of. Some employers might be looking for German speakers and not telling them that you’ve worked in Germany before will put you at a disadvantage. Add every piece of information you think could help your cause as a job seeker and you won’t run into issues with landing job interviews and eventually being hired as a maid.

2. Showcase your Personality Traits

Writing a profile summary is an amazing way for you to stand out even more in your employers’ eyes. Your profile summary acts as a small introduction to who you are as a person instead of focusing on your professional skills and aspirations. This makes it a very valuable addition to your CV, something that many employers know to look for.

Take the time to describe yourself, your hobbies, and your likes and dislikes in a few sentences. Try to communicate your character traits through your writing so that employers have a better idea of who they’re considering for their maid position. When you apply for jobs at Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll also have an opportunity to complement your CV with a cover letter, further expanding on what drives you as a professional and an individual.

3. Expand your Language Proficiency

As someone who is tidying up and cleaning guests’ rooms, you’ll occasionally come into contact with your establishment’s guests and need to communicate with them. But, this is difficult to do if they don’t speak English or if you can’t speak their native language. This is why being bilingual and speaking several different languages is a huge plus in hospitality industry CVs.

To expand your language proficiency, you can use OneGlobe Language Learning and start learning Spanish, Korean, Greek, or other languages at your own pace. The program is designed to ensure an engaging and fun learning process for you regardless of how hectic your daily schedule is. As you grow more accustomed to different languages, you can add them to your CV and improve your employment possibilities even further.

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4. Use the Right Keywords in your CV

The hospitality industry is different than every other industry out there. That means that a CV that may help you land a job in sales or logistics may not help you in hospitality. The reason for this is because employers are on the lookout for certain “tells”, or keywords, phrases, and jargon present in hospitality.

If you’ve worked as a maid or a housekeeper before, you’ll know how to explain your past experiences to a potential employer very effectively. If not, you’ll have to pay close attention to how you phrase your skills, talents, and achievements so that hospitality industry employers understand them completely. Here are some words which you can use in your CV to explain what you’ve done before and what it is that you hope to do in the future:

  • All-Inclusive
  • Amenities
  • Booking
  • Accommodation
  • Facilities
  • Occupancy
  • Hospitality

Referring to specific industry terminology will make you appear more knowledgeable and worthwhile for full-time employment, so be mindful of how you’ll explain different skills and experiences in your CV.

5. Don’t Submit CVs with Writing Mistakes

Whether you’re applying for a job as a maid, a waiter, or a cook, your CV must be free of grammar and proofreading errors. This is especially important if you are transliterating your information from a different alphabet and a language, such as Greek, Serbian, or Chinese.

You can use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor to quickly go over your information and ensure that it is spellchecked and ready for use in your new CV. By submitting a CV with mistakes, you’ll give off a bad impression to potential employers early on. Show how professional and attentive you are by double-checking everything you write in your CV so that it represents you in the best possible light.

Landing Maid Job Opportunities with Jobs OneGlobe

These tips will give you a great head start with your new CV and help you present yourself as a professional maid to prospective employers. Without a proper CV, you’ll have a tough time convincing a hospitality industry employer of your qualities and potential.

As you create your CV and start applying for jobs, Jobs OneGlobe will also share your CV with its global partners. We do this to ensure maximum exposure and employment opportunities for you as our job candidate. Our hospitality industry partners are constantly looking for professionals to fill the ranks of their businesses. Because of that, you’re in the right place as a job seeker, as Jobs OneGlobe has your best interests in mind!

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