The hospitality industry is full of amazing opportunities for job seekers who want to build a successful career, and becoming a bartender is only one of them. Being a bartender means that you’ll have to manage your establishment’s drinks and serve your guests by following their requests.

Hotels, restaurants, motels, and resorts around the world need reliable bartenders because of how many guests they need to accommodate at any moment. With Jobs OneGlobe, you can begin your journey of becoming a hospitality bartender by creating a new CV and starting your job search on the right foot.

Jobs OneGlobe features not only a professional CV builder created with the help of HR professionals but also its network of hospitality industry partners and employers. These elements combined will allow you to kick-start your career and make it far easier for you to find a great job based on your CV.

Becoming a Professional Bartender

What does a bartender do once they are employed full-time? You’ve undoubtedly had experience with bartenders in coffee shops or restaurants but have not paid much attention to them beyond ordering a drink from them. Bartenders who work in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments which are not primarily focused on drinks often collaborate with waiters who help them deliver drinks to the guests.

The sole responsibility of a bartender is to tend to their bar, a place where all of the establishment’s drinks, including coffee machines and a dishwasher or a sink, can usually be found. So, what does a typical job description for a bartender job look like?

  • Serve, mix, and/or decorate drinks based on the guests’ orders
  • Assist guests in choosing an ideal drink
  • Take orders and engage the guests (if there are no waiters)
  • Keep track of the bar’s drinks and supplies
  • Adhere to health and sanitation standards
  • Check guests’ IDs for age verification based on the order
  • Collaborate with other hospitality staff members

Bartending is an ideal job for people who love to multitask and those who like to chat with people during their work hours. You’ll often be asked to discuss casual topics with your establishment’s guests or assist them in picking a drink.

Being a bartender means that you’ll need to be friendly, laid-back, professional, and focused on drink preparation at the same time. If you’re passionate about this type of work, here’s how you can create a new CV with Jobs OneGlobe and find a hospitality job that will fit your profile.

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97 bartender1 Writing your Bartender CV – 5 Easy Tips to Start Your New Career
Your establishment’s guests will often ask you for drink suggestions as a bartender – you’ll have to be familiar with all available options on the menu to serve your guests properly!

1. Use your Experience to your Advantage

Every great CV relies on the information you’ve added about your personal and professional experiences so far. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a hospitality professional, or someone looking for a career change, don’t worry. Any information you add to your new CV will only help your job hunt. Take your time and collect all the available information you have about the work you’ve done in the past, as well as your formal education.

Go into detail about how long you’ve worked, studied, or volunteered in any place over the years. Because you’re applying for a position of a bartender, the more hospitality-related experiences you add, the better. However, many employers are also looking for inexperienced or first-time job seekers so just do the best you can with the information you have on hand.

2. Improve your Language Proficiency

Bartending means that you’ll often be in touch with the guests who visit your establishment for a drink or a quick refreshment. Whether you work in a hotel restaurant or a motel bar, you’ll likely come across foreigners who are traveling for a vacation or are simply in transit. When this happens, you’ll have to find a way to communicate with them effectively to ensure great customer service.

OneGlobe Language Learning is an amazing opportunity for you to learn over 40 languages including English, German, and Italian. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spare every day, OneGlobe Language Learning will help you spruce up your language proficiency with ease. Once that’s underway, you’ll be able to add new language skills to your CV at Jobs OneGlobe which will further expand your bartender job hunt opportunities.

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3. Describe your Bartending Skills

Employers will always look for certain people skills in their candidates’ CVs when looking for new bartenders. That is why adding the right soft skills can greatly improve your odds of employment in hospitality, especially if you want to find work abroad. What are some of the skills you should think about adding to your CV?

  • Verbal communication skills
  • Drink mixing skills (making cocktails, etc.)
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Great work ethics
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills

More than anything, you’ll need to be adaptable if you want to succeed as a bartender. It’s why you should also have a good memory and be able to work under pressure when it comes to managing your bar. Even if you work with waiters or other bartenders, you’ll still be solely responsible for managing the orders you’ve been assigned. Take these requirements into consideration and add as many bartending skills as you identify with into your new CV.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Describe Yourself

Very few employers will hire you based solely on your skills. Even then, they would like to find out more about “you” during the job interview to get a sense of how you would fit into their work culture. You can add additional information about yourself, such as what your hobbies are or what drives you as a professional, to your CV.

Use this opportunity to expand on what you’ve already established in your CV and present yourself as someone cheerful, friendly, and approachable. This is especially important for hospitality industry placements which inherently require you to work with other people, such as tending a bar requires you to. Combined with other sections of your CV, this will give prospective employers plenty of information to go on so they can make their hiring decisions more objectively.

5. Improve your CV with New Information

Thanks to the functionality provided to you by Jobs OneGlobe’s Candidate Dashboard, you can keep improving and building on your new CV. You can update your CV at any time with new information, experiences, and skills as you see fit. You’re encouraged to keep learning and expanding on your skill set so that prospective employers have even more reasons to hire you.

However, keep in mind that you should always add only truthful information to your CV to avoid giving off red flags to your future employers. Use the strengths and skills you have instead of trying to embellish who you are as a potential bartender. In turn, the right employer will recognize your talents and reach out to you with a job interview invitation once your CV is published at Jobs OneGlobe.

Becoming a Bartender with Jobs OneGlobe

While bartending isn’t easy, it’s an exciting and dynamic job that you’ll enjoy doing. These tips will help you create a new CV which will help annunciate the right skills to prospective employers who are looking to fill their bartender job vacancies. You should use the Jobs OneGlobe professional CV builder to also create multiple versions of your CV to apply for various job positions in the industry.

If bartending isn’t your first option, you can also apply for various other positions such as waiter, cook, or even a valet. Jobs OneGlobe will also share your CV with its global partners to ensure that your CV gains the exposure it deserves and so that you are fully employed in hospitality more quickly. All you have to do is to start working on your CV today and enjoy the benefits of doing so tomorrow!

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