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Jobs OneGlobe Membership is the first HR career advisory service on the market. With our Jobs OneGlobe Membership program to guide you on your personal and professional journey, you’ll never have to worry about finding a great job! As our member, you will gain access to the full assortment of features created for progress-driven job seekers like you.

Jobs OneGlobe Membership Opportunities!

Career Advice

As our Member, you’ll gain exclusive access to guided HR career advice. Talking to someone with deep insight into the job market will help you understand your strengths and ensure that you look for jobs in the right places. You can discuss your career goals and aspirations with our representative so that we can find the best solution for your professional needs.

CV Writing Assistance

Our representative will help you create a new CV by using our professional CV builder in a step-by-step video meeting. We do this so that your CV is of the highest possible quality and that your skills and talents can shine. With your new, detailed CV in hand, you can start applying for amazing job opportunities around the globe, with Jobs OneGlobe at your side.

Video CV

OneGlobe Video CV is an excellent addition to your career development! By creating a Video CV and adding it to your written CV, you’ll stand apart from the other job applicants out there. You’ll be able to quickly and effectively present yourself, your professional value, and why someone should hire you. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to create a Video CV and the effort to do so will be worth it! Your new CV in video format will also become a part of Jobs OneGlobe’s international CV database, enabling prospective recruiters to discover and reach out to you!

40+ Languages to Learn

With the Jobs OneGlobe Membership, you’ll be able to become proficient in 40+ languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, and others! Our language learning program is designed with the intent to help you speak a new language quickly, in an engaging and fun way, with lifetime learning access. With it, you’ll be able to add your new language skills to your CV and stand out even more in your future employers’ eyes. You’ll also gain access to our language learning program for Kids – you’ll invest not only in yourself but into your children as well!

Job Search Strategy

As a Jobs OneGlobe Member, you’ll gain valuable insight and advice from an HR Consultant assigned to you. They will ensure that you’re always on the right track when it comes to professional development and career pursuits. With their help, you’ll be able to strategize which jobs to apply for, how to approach every employer, and how to come out on top. Your Jobs OneGlobe Membership will do the research for you – all you have to do is use the tools it provides to apply for new jobs!

Exclusive Facebook Group

Everyone deserves only the best when it comes to their personal and professional development. Jobs OneGlobe will help you network with like-minded individuals and job seekers like yourself. Through its exclusive Facebook group, you’ll be able to network and stay up-to-date on the latest tips on how to grow as a professional and how you can achieve your goals more easily.

International Network

Jobs OneGlobe is an international community focused on progress, development, and constant growth. By joining our Membership, you’ll become a part of that community. Your CV will become a part of our database and prospective employers will be able to see it whenever they look for job seekers with skillsets like yours. This will help your job-seeking considerably as you’ll be able to apply for jobs yourself and be contacted by potential employers.

Exclusive Monthly Newsletter

To stay up-to-date even further, Jobs OneGlobe will provide you with a monthly, exclusive newsletter you’ll receive via email. We’ll let you know about the latest personal and professional development opportunities, which resources to check out for learning, and how you can continue to evolve. Every piece of advice and resource in your exclusive newsletters will be personalized based on the latest job market trends – use it to your advantage!

Safe and Supportive Growth Environment

Jobs OneGlobe does not discriminate – we are here for you. If you have questions about how to apply for jobs or need further assistance with your CV, we’ll gladly help you out. Our platform is safe and supportive of our Members’ needs, first and foremost.

Global Visibility and Promotion

You’ll not only receive career advice from our team, but we’ll also promote your CV to our global partners who are looking for talented job seekers around the globe. This will improve your chances of landing a job you’ll love doing and help you realize your full professional potential, with the Jobs OneGlobe Membership at your side.

Your Success is Our Mission!

Jobs OneGlobe Membership FAQ

Of course, we will! A Jobs OneGlobe representative will guide you through the process of creating your new CV with the information you’ve previously collected. This will ensure that your personal and professional profile is presented to potential employers in the best possible manner.

As a Jobs OneGlobe Member, you’ll receive three distinct types of CVs that you can use to kick-start your professional career!

  • Brand-new Jobs OneGlobe Professional CV on your personal account
  • Brand-new CV created for you by our HR Consultants in DOC format
  • Brand-new OneGlobe Video CV which you can use to apply for jobs

All three of these CV types will become available to you once you’ve had your video call with your HR Consultant who will guide you through reinventing your professional self with actionable career advice.

Jobs OneGlobe Membership costs €249 which will grant you access to career advice, CV writing assistance, and lifetime access to 40+ languages to learn at your own pace.

Jobs OneGlobe Membership is a one-time payment, you won’t be charged twice for your Membership!

Our language learning program allows job seekers to quickly and effectively improve language skills. All you need to do is choose the language you want to learn and devote several minutes or hours of your time each day, depending on your schedule. Keep at it, and you’ll be able to add new language proficiencies to your CV before long.

Jobs OneGlobe Membership ultimately has your best interests in mind. This means that the Membership will indeed help increase your chances of getting a great job. With a new, detailed CV in your hands and new language proficiencies to help you out, prospective employers will undoubtedly be very interested in hiring you.

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