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Languages Interconnect Us – Let’s Learn and Grow Together

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Language learning is one of the most valuable experiences you can have. Whether you speak English, German, or Spanish fluently, you still have a long way to go. This is what inspired us to join forces with Mondly and offer something fresh and exciting to our members.

By using Mondly daily, you will learn new languages organically while also looking for great job opportunities on OneGlobe. Adding new language learning experiences to your CV will significantly boost your appeal to potential employers. Moreover, you will have an easier time communicating and integrating into whichever country and work environment you head out to.

Career and Business-Oriented Learning Methodology

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Mondly is designed to teach you how to use different languages practically. It’s why their courses are divided into various topics and categories within a language. You will quickly start to pick up basic phrases and terminology, and start developing business-level speaking skills shortly after. OneGlobe language learning opportunities are designed to kick-start your professional career as soon as possible, as best as possible. Mondly lessons are always available for review and repetition, and you will be able to learn both from your browser and dedicated smartphone app.

All of this combined is intended to ensure maximum language learning efficiency, whether you’re a beginner or already speak at A1 or B2 levels. Mondly uses the CEFR scale to help customize your learning experience, from A1 to C2 levels respectively. Everyone has equal opportunity and tools to learn a new language with OneGlobe and Mondly at their side.

Over 40 Languages and Over 1000 Language Combinations to Learn

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You never know where your career path will take you. It’s why you should learn as many different languages as you can. With OneGlobe language learning and Mondly, you will be able to learn over 40 different languages, including French, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.

Combined, these languages offer over 1000 variations, so you can start learning no matter which language is your native. This is the power of Mondly, and why we’ve decided to partner with them for our members’ benefit.

Whether you already speak English, Greek, Portuguese, or Dutch, OneGlobe has you covered – start learning and reap the rewards of doing so!

Learning Opportunities for your Child with Mondly Kids

mondly 8 01 OneGlobe Language Learning

Becoming bilingual at an early age can be very beneficial in today’s age. It’s why Mondly created a dedicated learning experience suitable for K-12 children – Mondly Kids. With it, your child will be able to develop cognitively and learn about new languages through gamified, interactive lessons.

Combined with formal education and its language courses, Mondly Kids will ensure that your child develops speaking and writing competencies early on. Learning opportunities don’t stop there, as your child will be able to learn at their own pace and mix any of Mondly’s languages depending on their mood and energy. This will also teach your child about the value of life-long-learning (LLL).

Learning from Native Speakers, Through Real Conversations

mondly 1 01 OneGlobe Language Learning

Mondly is powered by real-life native speakers in every language course it offers. This means that your language learning will be curated by individuals who know exactly how to teach you new languages. Speaking exercises are at the heart of Mondly, and your performance will be assessed by the platform on the go.

Mondly Handsfree will allow you to practice your intonation, accent, and pronunciation while learning on the go. Thanks to its smartphone app, you can learn wherever you are, however you want. Whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours to spare for learning, Mondly will assist you in any way you need it to. Mondly Chatbot is also available for you to practice real-world conversations in any combination of languages you want to learn at the moment.

Gamification at the Heart of Modern Learning

language learning

We all love games – Mondly understands that. It’s why its learning methodology leans toward gamification. You will earn points, complete progress bars, and go through topics and categories by collecting stars and extra points. This is what makes Mondly a great language learning experience on the go, wherever you go – when commuting, going for a walk, or having coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

It features leaderboards where you can compare your learning progress to others who are learning alongside you, globally. This is also where OneGlobe and Mondly intertwine, as both understand the value of networking and learning – together for life. Mondly synchronizes your language learning progress between devices, including iOS, Android, and its dedicated web-based platform. Not only that, but you’ll also gain free access to Mondly AR to further expand your learning experience no matter where you are.

Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime Learning Options

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Depending on how ready you are to learn a new language, you can choose a monthly, yearly, or lifetime of language learning. You might not want a long-term commitment out of the gate and that’s okay – Mondly has you covered. Monthly learning can be extended to yearly, and yearly can be extended to a lifetime learning opportunity.

As you learn more words and phrases and become more proficient in the language you chose, you will be more inclined to continue using Mondly. OneGlobe encourages you to give learning new languages a fair shot – your career and personal life, will benefit from it.

Start Expanding your Language Proficiency Today!

mondly 3 01 OneGlobe Language Learning

These points only scratch the surface of what OneGlobe language learning powered by Mondly can do for you. As we move toward a more digital age and as moving abroad becomes easier, you will need new language skills. Mondly has Oxford language tests through its partnership with Oxford University Press, which is especially useful if you want to learn business-level English fast.

However, English may not be enough if you want to go to Japan, Spain, or Greece to seek new career opportunities. The same applies to other native languages, so don’t waste a good job position because you couldn’t speak the language. Begin your journey to gain new language proficiency – your future self will thank you!


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