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Finding a true career path can be difficult, no matter how experienced you are at your job. You may only be looking for your first job right now, but you’ll still need to have a clear idea of where your career is headed down the line. According to Medium, 52% of employed professionals are dissatisfied with their career paths.

Personal career development is a priority for 76% of people who are employed in jobs they don’t love doing. With over 50% of organizations worldwide having difficulties retaining talent, it’s clear that each individual requires career consultation to realize what they want.

Let’s discuss OneGlobe Personal Career Development and its role in your professional growth. With it, you’ll be able to achieve your true potential, find great jobs, and become more content with your life and well-being going forward.

Personal Career Development and Coaching

What is career consultation all about? Career consultation, or coaching, is the process of discussing your career trajectory with an HR professional. No matter where you are in your personal career development at the moment, talking to an expert can exponentially improve your professional prospects.

In this case, a OneGlobe HR consultant will ensure that you are clear on who you are as a professional and what your ultimate job market goals are. Figuring this out on your own and without expert guidance is nigh impossible. It’s why investing in your livelihood makes sense. Here’s how you benefit from picking up OneGlobe Personal Career Development, as well as why you should pick it up today.

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1. Find New Professional Goals

If you feel like your career is stagnating, it might be time for a change. Personal and professional development is extremely important no matter where you are currently in life. With that said, OneGlobe Personal Career Development can help you reflect on your experiences and learn more about who you are as a professional.

This will help you set up achievable goals to pursue, such as getting a senior position in an international company or learning exciting new skills. Professional goals will push you to work harder and outdo yourself every day – this will fulfill you and motivate you to be your best self.

135 personal career development1 7 Valuable Perks of OneGlobe Personal Career Development
OneGlobe Personal Career Development is an all-in-one career consulting package – it will help you land the jobs you’ll love and ensure that you’re constantly improving your skillset with meaningful growth.

2. Gain a Brand-New Video CV

Gone are the days of applying for jobs with a traditional CV and a cover letter. According to published reports, 60% of employers and recruiters now use video CVs to hire the best candidates. If you want to stand out and truly present yourself as a professional, you’ll need a OneGlobe Video CV.

By acquiring OneGlobe Personal Career Development, you’ll have the opportunity to create a new video CV to apply for jobs with. This will help you overcome job application anxiety and sell your talents to prospective employers far more easily.

3. Get Fresh and Updated CVs to Apply for Jobs

While traditional CVs are less popular than before, they’re still an essential part of every job application. With a Jobs OneGlobe Professional CV and a Doc Format CV in your hands, you won’t run into any issues with applying for jobs.

You’ll receive both CVs from the OneGlobe HR Consultant assigned to you who will do their best to create a professional, representative CV for you. All you’ll have to do is provide them with essential information such as your details and work history and then wait for your CVs to arrive. This is what makes OneGlobe Personal Career Development so well-suited to both new and experienced job seekers.

4. Discuss your Career Prospects with a Professional

Getting a second opinion on your career development is very important, especially if you’re considering a career change. Working with a OneGlobe HR Consultant will help you gain a new understanding of your professional path so far and how you can move forward from there.

Your HR consultant will ensure that you’re clear on how you can set up new goals as well as why gaps in your CV you should work on. Likewise, the consultant will create new online and offline CVs for you, enabling you to begin applying for jobs ASAP.

5. Develop Lifetime Language Learning Habits

Learning new languages is at the heart of the international job market. You’ll have an easier time finding work abroad with a second or third language in your CV compared to only speaking a single one. This is where OneGlobe Personal Career Development can also help you achieve your goals.

With it, you’ll also gain access to OneGlobe Language Learning and be able to learn 40+ languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, and others. Moreover, you’ll also get lifetime access to kids’ learning courses so that you can learn new languages alongside your child.

6. Stay in Touch with Latest Job Market Trends

Being in the loop about what’s going on in the jobs industry can be tricky without a good resource to rely on. That’s why OneGlobe enables you to be a part of an exclusive career advice Facebook group dedicated to career development. This will enable you to network with people who share the same goals as you, access their tips and resources, as well as share your insight and comments on the jobs industry.

Similarly, OneGlobe Personal Career Development includes exclusive Monthly Newsletters which are curated and sent to your inbox each month. These emails contain even more career advice, job search trends, tips, tools, and resources for you to take advantage of. Combined, these will enable you to always be in touch with what’s going on worldwide and how you can apply for great jobs with even greater success.

7. Receive Global CV Exposure by OneGlobe

Lastly, by being a part of OneGlobe Personal Career Development, your CV will become a part of OneGlobe’s international CV database as well. This allows OneGlobe to promote your CV to its international partners and employers who are looking for talented individuals to hire.

By doing this, OneGlobe increases your likelihood of being employed more quickly while also raising awareness of your professional CV with worldwide employers. You’re encouraged to grab every opportunity that comes your way and to build on your experience to become an even better professional. It’s something that no other HR career consultation service out there can offer, so make sure to use every bit of it to your advantage.

Embrace OneGlobe Personal Career Development

OneGlobe Personal Career Development is the first career advisory service of its kind and it’s designed to cater to everyone on the job market. Everyone needs a great CV to apply for jobs and some career guidance on how to move forward with their professional lives.

To that end, all that’s left for you to do is acquire OneGlobe Personal Career Development and begin using it to achieve your full potential. Don’t let great opportunities pass you by – stand out and get hired with OneGlobe at your side.

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