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Whether you’re currently employed or actively looking for a job, changing careers must have been on your mind at some point or another. According to recent findings, over 70% of employees over the age of 40 considered changing careers during the pandemic, with 69% specifically looking for remote work opportunities first and foremost.

With the global job market shifting to accommodate hybrid and remote workflows, now’s the time to consider your options and think about switching careers. Different people will think about changing careers for wildly different reasons depending on their familial situation, education, and current experience level.

According to published reports, 56% of employees want to change careers due to job dissatisfaction with 12% ready to do so for a better work/life balance. Let’s discuss the benefits of a career change and how you can tackle your transition from one profession to another with Jobs OneGlobe at your side.

1. Write a Rich New CV

When you decide to change careers, you’ll need a new CV to help you get started on your job applications. With Jobs OneGlobe, you can create detailed new CVs for different job opportunities in various industries. Once you land a job, you’ll be able to update your CV with valuable new skills and expertise in different professions.

This will make your CV more valuable to prospective employers who are looking for diverse, multifaceted candidates to hire. By showcasing how versatile you are as a job seeker, you’ll stand out from other candidates and have a much easier time finding work than narrowly specialized people.

120 changing careers1 6 Ultimate Benefits of Changing Careers – Apply for New Jobs in 2022
For many professionals, changing careers is the only way to cope with work burnout – don’t put off making a drastic change and do what’s good for you – consider changing careers!

2. Expand Your Skillset

The one thing you can be sure of when you decide to change careers is the fact that you’ll learn new skills. Whether you apply for jobs in hospitality, logistics, healthcare, IT, or marketing, rest assured that your prospective employers will want you to learn fast on the job. You can start learning as soon as you start looking for jobs as well.

For example, you can pick up new language courses with OneGlobe Language Learning and start improving your proficiency in English, German, French, or any other of the 40+ languages it offers. Changing careers is inherently a learning experience no matter how experienced you may think you are. For many job seekers, this is reason enough to look for new jobs and reinvent themselves as professionals.

Write your New CV

3. Improved Mental Health

One of the biggest reasons why most professionals consider changing careers is due to their concerns over mental health. Depression, anxiety, stress, and a general sense of burnout can creep up on you when you least expect them.

This can mean that you’re physically and mentally drained from working in the same company, doing the same job you’ve been doing for years. To rekindle your professional spark, you might want to change careers and pick up a new profession. No work benefits are worth your deteriorating mental health, so make sure that you prioritize yourself when your professional life is concerned.

Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.” — Celestine Chua

4. Build New Career Plans

Changing careers is an amazing opportunity for you to build new career plans for the future. No matter which industry you choose to pursue and which profession you pick as your own, you can create new plans for your professional career.

You can use the SMART methodology to develop objective, achievable goals and then follow them through until you’re ready to create even more ambitious goals. With a good career plan in place, you’ll be far more motivated to work than ever before. You’ll also appear more confident and professional to prospective employers who will undoubtedly ask you about your career plans during job interviews.

5. Pursue New-Found Passion

If you’re not passionate about your job, you should rethink your current career trajectory. There’re countless job opportunities out there for every profile of a person. You don’t want to be stuck doing a job you don’t want to just because it offers a momentary haven.

Instead, start exploring new career opportunities and consider changing careers sooner rather than later. In five years, you could be a well-rounded professional in a brand-new profession that you only started pursuing today. Nothing is stopping you from creating a new CV and exploring Jobs OneGlobe daily until you find the right professional opportunity.

6. Work Somewhere Abroad

International job opportunities are everywhere around us. With travel restrictions being lifted around the globe and high-speed internet becoming a reality worldwide, now’s the time to look for new career paths. All you need to begin applying for international jobs is to learn a new language based on which countries you’re interested in.

By changing careers and applying for international jobs, you’ll truly grow out of your current professional confines and build a brand-new career. Adding international work experience to your CV can be a very valuable resource for future applications as well. Alternatively, you can choose to move abroad entirely and start a new life somewhere in Europe, North America, or anywhere where great job opportunities are waiting for you.

Each job requires a conscious choice of career path, and a different plan of development.” ― Auliq Ice

Changing Careers with Jobs OneGlobe

As you can see, there are many objective benefits to changing careers, especially in 2022. If you’re dissatisfied with your current job or would like to explore a new and exciting profession, why not act on it? You can start by simply creating a new CV at Jobs OneGlobe by using its professional CV builder for your advantage.

This will allow you to not only update your CV at any time but also create multiple CVs to apply for jobs in different industries. This will make changing careers much easier to handle as you’ll spend less time editing your CV and more time applying for job opportunities. In today’s job market, a career change can not only rejuvenate your professional aspirations but also help you network worldwide and find even better jobs tomorrow.

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