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Going through a period of professional stagnation is something we’ve all experienced at some point. Whether you’re tired of your current job or want to change careers altogether, career coaching can help you achieve those goals. According to published findings, 52% of people simply aren’t happy with the current state of their careers.

With over 70% of learning done informally, it’s quite easy for you to change your career trajectory and look for brand-new jobs in different industries. Here’s how career coaching can help you, as well as how you can find great jobs with Jobs OneGlobe as your platform of choice.

The Fundamentals of Career Coaching

Let’s discuss career coaching and its role in career development. Based on recent reports, over 50% of 33-46-year-olds think about resigning from their jobs. 93% of employed individuals are open to new job opportunities, regardless of their gender, age, or country of origin – what does that tell us?

People want to feel fulfilled by what they do, whether they work in healthcare, hospitality, sales, or any other industry or niche. Career coaching is thus all about learning more about yourself and your needs. What do you want to do for a living? Where do you want to live in the future? Do you plan on building your own business down the line?

Working with a professional career coach or HR consultant will enable you to learn these things and more. However, learning about yourself is only half of the equation – you’ll need to act on what you’ve learned and start applying for new and exciting job opportunities. Here are the best ways career coaching can help you so that you can start the next leg of your professional career on the right note.

133 career coaching1 5 Best Ways Career Coaching Can Help You Find Great Jobs
Career coaching is valuable at every stage of your professional career, whether you’re a recent college graduate or someone with years of experience working in your industry.

1. Reflect on Your Professional Experiences

Talking to someone about your career so far can be an eye-opening experience. By talking to a career coach or an HR consultant, you’ll gain a better understanding of how you arrived at this point in your career.

You’ll be able to think about your achievements, failures, victories, and defeats with a clear mindset. This will be a very powerful tool in your job seeker arsenal as you start applying for new job opportunities after you’ve received actionable career advice.

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2. Understand your Professional Strengths

What are you good at? More importantly, why should an employer hire you instead of another candidate with a similar CV? This is a very difficult question to answer and to find out what you’re good at, you’ll need to talk to a career coach.

A professional coach will ask you the right questions so that you can arrive at the answer of what your professional strengths are on your own. You can also ask your coach about what today’s employers expect from job candidates so that you can get into the right mindset on time.

Coaching focuses on equipping the individual to discover their unique potential.” – Brian Cagneey

3. Create Achievable Career Goals

Everyone wants to succeed in their career – but how do you get from here to there? How do you become a successful professional who people can rely on and who makes a lucrative living? The only way to get there is by setting up achievable goals through your career coaching process.

Depending on what your coach tells you about your career prospects and skill gaps, you can create achievable, realistic goals for your future. This will give your career new-found purpose and make it easier for you to impress prospective employers so they’ll want to hire you.

4. Make Smart Job Application Decisions

Understanding who you are as a professional will make it easier for you to choose which jobs to apply for. Whether you want to change careers entirely or want to look for work within your industry, career coaching can help you gain perspective on some things.

You’ll have a better idea of which jobs are best suited for your career goals and which ones are outside your proverbial wheelhouse. This will make it easier for you to gain full-time employment rather than spend time applying for jobs you wouldn’t like in the long run.

5. Learn How to Sell your Skills to Employers

Finally, the greatest benefit of undergoing career coaching is that you’ll have a better understanding of your skills and expertise. Knowing how to address the employer’s pain points and help their business is the number one priority of any job application.

Without knowing how to sell yourself to employers, no amount of applications or cover letters will lead you to a great job. Talk to your career coach or HR consultant about selling yourself as a professional and presenting your strengths and expertise in the most positive light to learn how to apply for jobs more successfully.

Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with you as the product.” – Fast Company

Finding Great Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

Career coaching may just be what you need to find that professional spark again and apply for new jobs. With a career coach to guide you and actionable advice to act on, you’ll have a much easier time finding the best jobs that suit your personality and skill set.

Start your journey today by creating a brand-new CV at Jobs OneGlobe by using its professional CV builder to do so. You’ll be able to apply for new jobs in a matter of minutes afterward and let prospective employers know that you’re interested in working with them. Once your job interviews come, you’ll know how to present yourself and your professional goals better thanks to the career coaching you’ve received.

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