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The hospitality industry is one of the most versatile and rich industries when it comes to possible career paths to pursue. Whether you’re already a hospitality professional or are now looking into hospitality jobs for the first time, you’ll likely find something that suits you very easily. Hospitality industry businesses typically fall into two distinct categories: accommodation establishments and catering establishments.

Accommodation establishments are made up of businesses that offer temporary housing to travelers, tourists, and anyone looking for a place to stay the night. These businesses include hotels, motels, tourist resorts, and a wide range of subset businesses that fall somewhere on this spectrum.

Catering establishments are focused on foods, drinks, and nourishment in general. Here, you’ll find restaurants, cafeterias, bars, coffee shops, and other businesses which enable visitors to dine, have a drink, or order takeout.

Hospitality jobs belong in one of the two categories and are focused on customer service above all else. With Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll be able to apply for hospitality jobs with a brand-new CV, using its professional CV builder to create it. In doing so, your CV will become a part of Jobs OneGlobe’s global CV database where it will gain much-needed exposure for your hospitality employment’s benefit. Before you start writing your new, detailed CV, here are some of the most amazing hospitality jobs you should consider applying for in 2022.

Applying for Hospitality Jobs in 2022

Before we go into detail on several of the most prominent hospitality jobs and what they can offer you, let’s discuss the hospitality industry as a whole. The hospitality industry is one of the biggest and most successful industries in the world, with projections indicating that it will grow to $4,548 billion in value by the end of 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 15,1%.

What this means is that the industry is recovering from the effects of the global pandemic, with new and exciting hospitality jobs cropping up worldwide. Here are some of the best reasons why you should look into applying for these jobs in 2022:

  • Work in an international team
  • Open yourself up to new travel opportunities
  • Update your CV with valuable new experiences
  • Develop valuable communication skills
  • Learn about various hospitality jobs from colleagues

The most important reason why hospitality can be your next go-to industry to look for jobs is because of how stable it is. You’ll easily find full-time work in various jobs depending on what you’re good at and what you are ready to learn as a hospitality professional. Here are the top hospitality jobs to start exploring. If you’re interested in any of them, be sure to write your new CV at Jobs OneGlobe today and start applying!

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109 hospitality jobs1 10 Amazing Hospitality Jobs to Apply for with Your New CV
Hospitality jobs are accessible and very easy to learn if you are committed to becoming a hospitality professional! All you need to do is create a new CV and start applying for the jobs you feel most comfortable with!

1. Cook

Cooks are in charge of preparing food for the hospitality establishment’s guests. Cooks work in teams and, together with chefs and other kitchen staff, ensure that the guests are satisfied with the cuisine that’s prepared for them. Being a cook will require you to possess some know-how of handling kitchen equipment and preparing food, but you’ll be able to learn the ropes of the job thanks to your colleagues.

2. Receptionist

Receptionists are often associated with front desk clerks or desk clerks in hospitality establishments. This is one of the hospitality jobs most associated with customer servicing since you’ll have to greet guests and direct them to their rooms. You’ll also be in charge of monitoring the establishment’s cameras, informing guests of any changes to their accommodation, as well as helping them solve sudden issues.

3. Cleaner

Cleaners are in charge of ensuring that every room in the establishment is clean and tidy. As a cleaner, you’ll work in a team with other housekeeping staff and work on making sure that your property is presentable at all times. Hospitality jobs associated with cleaning are great for those who like to organize, as well as those who enjoy tidying up or cleaning in general. It’s a dynamic job which you’ll never be bored of because of how many different things you’ll do every day.

4. Waiter

Waiters are more prominent in hospitality establishments that serve food and beverages to their guests, not so much in those that offer accommodations. However, being a waiter means that you’ll collect guests’ orders, communicate them to your kitchen colleagues, and work on maintaining your business’s reputation as a front-line customer service agent. Being a waiter means that you’ll have to be energetic, professional, and knowledgeable of your establishment’s menu so you can make informed recommendations to your guests.

5. Valet

Valets act as front door staff in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments where guests are likely to come with their vehicles. As a valet, you’ll need to manage your establishment’s parking space, help guests load or unload their luggage, and ensure that their vehicles are safe at all times. Being a valet will require you to have good stamina and driving skills since you’ll constantly be on the move.

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6. Porter

Porters are the hospitality professionals who work as front door greeters and help staff with their luggage. While valets help guests park their vehicles or order taxis for them, porters exclusively handle luggage and help guests arrive at or leave their rooms. Occasionally, porters also sweep or vacuum carpets and other surfaces in the establishment they work in. Porter hospitality jobs also require you to have good stamina since you’ll have to handle suitcases, bags, and other rigid items daily.

7. Dishwasher

Dishwashers are, while self-explanatory, still a bit more complex than meets the eye. Being a dishwasher means that you’ll be an integral part of the kitchen staff and ensure that every piece of cutlery or equipment is neatly cleaned. In most cases, you’ll have access to dishwashing devices that will make your work easier, leaving you with the task to manage everything and subsequently store away dry, clean dishes to be used again. This is a great entry-level hospitality job if you’re interested in pivoting into this industry with your new CV.

8. Bartender

Bartenders are in charge of handling their respective establishments’ bars, serving drinks to guests, and managing the drink supplies. Bartenders mix different drinks based on the business’ menu and customize them based on the guests’ specific requests (more sugar, less alcohol, etc.). Being a bartender is fun, and engaging, and it’ll give you plenty of opportunities to chat with guests, develop your communication skills, and earn tips for good performance!

9. Janitor

Janitors work as the main maintenance managers in a hospitality establishment, ensuring that all the technical devices are in proper working order. As a janitor, you’ll work on fixing AC units, maintaining electrical installations, and addressing minor repairs like light bulb changes or lock jams. Hospitality jobs in maintenance are a bit more demanding since you’ll need to prove you’re able to handle electrical installations or repairs but they’re still worthwhile jobs to pursue.

10. Plumber

Plumbers are hospitality professionals working on maintaining an establishment’s water pipelines and other water systems such as sanitation. As a plumber, you’ll be required to know how to read facility blueprints, assemble various water pipeline systems, and improvise on the spot to ensure that your repairs go smoothly. It’s a very hands-on hospitality job and you should apply for it if you’re crafty as an individual and like to repair things.

Finding Hospitality Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

These hospitality jobs are only some of the amazing jobs you can apply for once you create your CV at Jobs OneGlobe. By using its professional CV builder, you’ll be guided through the process of writing a detailed CV which will help annunciate your skills and talents to prospective employers.

Moreover, Jobs OneGlobe itself will also promote your CV to its global partners to help you find a job you’ll like. All that’s left for you to do is take the first step and create your account today so that you can begin your career in hospitality that much sooner!

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