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The modern job market has been redefined and transformed numerous times over the past few years alone. This has prompted job seekers and employers alike to rethink how they engage one another for mutual benefit.

According to published reports, 52% of candidates don’t receive any new communication in 2-3 months after applying for jobs, leading them to believe that employers are ghosting them. On the other hand, people prioritize different things in the job positions they apply for, with 87% placing a great emphasis on employment security, and 79% expecting flexible working conditions. Jobs OneGlobe is a place where talent meets opportunity, where job seekers and employers can find one another, connect, and start working together.

With 2022 well underway, we can now discuss global job market trends and what they mean for job candidates looking for stable work. Let’s take a look at the biggest trends in the job market and how you can use them to your advantage as a job seeker.

Reasons to Follow Job Market Trends

Why should you care about following job market trends? After all, once you’ve found a job, your need to stay in touch with the job market comes to an end – or does it? According to recent data, about 70% of current employees are passive job seekers, meaning that they’re open to offers for better jobs with higher salaries. More importantly, 73% of job seekers will only apply for jobs with companies that share similar values to theirs, whether about social activism, diversity, or other pressing issues.

Whether you’re an IT expert, a hospitality professional, or a marketing specialist, you can benefit greatly from knowing about the state of the job market before you apply for jobs. Here’s how your experience as a job seeker will improve because of it:

  • make more informed application and negotiation decisions
  • apply for jobs in growing, trending industries (hospitality, logistics, etc.)
  • accommodate to new work conditions and workflow more easily
  • update your CV with valuable skills and experiences
  • gain an entrepreneurial spirit for starting your own business

The best way to start embracing new job market trends and using them to your advantage is by creating a brand-new CV and applying for jobs right now. While you create your CV, let’s take a look at the most important trends which can guide your professional career in the right direction.

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118 job market1 5 Biggest Job Market Trends for Job Seekers in 2022
Being familiar with the current job market trends will give you an edge over other candidates because you’ll know exactly what today’s employers are looking for in the people they hire!

1. Rise of Remote/Hybrid Jobs

With the post-pandemic reality setting in, many employees are unwilling to go back to on-site jobs. This is because the global pandemic has proven that remote and hybrid workflow is indeed possible with the right motivation. However, employers around the world are starting to insist that their employees come back to 9-to-5 jobs just like they did before 2019.

The fact remains however that remote and hybrid jobs are on the rise around the world. They are especially prominent in digital industries which don’t require the direct client or customer contact for servicing. Depending on the industry you work in and your CV, you can look for remote jobs or explore what else the job market has to offer for you internationally.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last.” — Hamilton Holt

2. Mass Career Changes

With so many new and exciting job vacancies opening up worldwide, people are embracing career change more than ever before. According to online data, 1/3 of employees under the age of 40 have considered changing careers in the last two years. With less than 50% of employees working in the fields in which they hold degrees, it’s easy to see why so many people would be tempted to change careers.

You can do the same by applying for jobs in hospitality and similar industries which don’t require specialized training to get started. In a few years, you’ll be a skilled professional in a new profession if you start working on it today.

3. Agile Business Models

Start-ups and small businesses are no strangers to an agile workflow. Agile companies are usually those in which everyone can fill any role to help their colleagues get projects done on time. With the global job market disruption caused by the pandemic, as well as the rise of remote workflow, the agile workflow has risen to prominence.

Even hospitality businesses like hotels and restaurants often resort to agile models where the staff has the know-how of multiple job positions and can fill them when needed. By applying for jobs that will require you to multitask, you’ll gain a lot of experience in professions adjacent to yours. This will help you add new experiences to your CV and allow you to apply for even better jobs down the line.

4. Emphasis on Life-Long Learning

Today’s employees want more out of their jobs than just a stable salary and employment prospects. They want to continuously learn new skills and gain new competencies while working on meaningful projects. This is especially prominent in Gen Z, the generation which is currently entering the job market and intents to disrupt it even further.

When you apply for jobs, make sure that you know how much learning you’ll do as an employee. You want to look for jobs that will challenge you, teach you, and make you a better professional. You’ll not only become better at your job through learning but you’ll enrich your CV even more for future job searches.

5. Dominance of Inclusive Work Cultures

Applying for jobs in the companies that you identify with is an important element of finding a job you’ll love. It’s difficult to pinpoint a company’s business culture until you’ve become a part of its staff. However, you can learn a lot about a company simply by doing your research before any job interview. For example, would you apply for jobs at Nestle if your worldview and social activism prevent you from working there in good faith?

The same applies to jobs in any industry, from hospitality to logistics and IT. Inclusive work cultures with diverse staff and public stances on certain social issues are very trending in today’s job market. Use that to your advantage to find the best jobs suited not only to your CV but to your sensibilities and expectations as an individual.

Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspirations and expectation.” — Jack Nicklaus

Job Market Redefined with Jobs OneGlobe

The global job market will continue to be in a state of flux with the continued socio-economic changes ensuring that finding great jobs is never really easy. According to published findings, it takes an average of 41 days to be hired from the moment you apply for a job until you sign a contract stating that you’re now an employee.

With job listings receiving about 250 CVs on average, it’s easy to see how you might run into issues finding full-time jobs. With Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll be able to gain some much-needed exposure and promotion thanks to Jobs OneGlobe’s global partners who are looking for talented people to hire.

By creating your CV with its professional CV builder, you’ll be ready to apply for new jobs in a matter of minutes, ensuring that you can take full advantage of the trends we’ve outlined previously. Don’t wait for the market to stabilize or for someone to find you an ideal job – start searching today and your future self will thank you for it.

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