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Looking for work in hospitality online is a great career prospect for job seekers looking for new professional opportunities in 2022. According to Hotel Tech Report, there was a 41,36% drop in seated diners in restaurants and similar food businesses by August of 2020. While international tourism dropped by 60-80% in 2020, industry analysts indicate that it will return to pre-pandemic levels by 2024. Hotel occupancy dropped to a 38% global average in 2020 but it is also showing signs of recovery in 2022.

This means that a lot of businesses and managers are now on the lookout to hire new employees. If you’re ready to look for work in hospitality online and would like to apply for a new job, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can find great opportunities in hospitality with Jobs OneGlobe. We’ll also take a closer look at the value of working in hospitality to further motivate you into building a career in hospitality.

Reasons to Look for Jobs in Hospitality Online

Why should you look for jobs in hospitality in 2022? Based on recent reports, new jobs in the hospitality industry appear every 2,5 seconds, with 54% of hospitality businesses stating that hiring and retaining talent is a great challenge. Most are reporting that skill shortages (69%) and recruitment pipelines (51%) are their biggest obstacles to finding a sustainable hiring process. In the UK, the hospitality industry was projected to create 500,000 new jobs during 2021 to meet the market’s demand in 2022 as things get back to the pre-pandemic status quo.

This is where Jobs OneGlobe comes into play. Jobs OneGlobe is uniquely designed to enable prospective employers and job seekers to meet one another. As a hospitality professional, you can find amazing job opportunities around the globe with Jobs OneGlobe. Here are a few reasons why looking for employment in hospitality online is a good idea right now:

  • Improve your physical health and activity
  • Become more sociable and communicative
  • Meet new people from across the globe
  • Adapt and change specializations as you go
  • Learn new skills from practical work
  • Enrich your CV with valuable hospitality experience

Finding Work in Hospitality Online

1. Consider the Hospitality Industry Specializations

The great thing about working in hospitality is the fact that the industry allows for seamless horizontal career shifts with minimal downtime. Whether you work as a housekeeper in an inn or a hotel, you can easily transition to a different job within hospitality without going through extraneous efforts to fill in skill gaps. Here are some of the career paths you can pursue if you search for jobs in hospitality online:

  • Hotel staff and management
  • Restaurant staff and management
  • Café staff and management
  • Event planning
  • Wellness training and management
  • Housekeeping staff and management

Depending on which job you land on, you’ll be able to gain new skills and add them to your CV as references. This will make you a more appealing job candidate to higher-end employers looking for managerial or senior staff. Hospitality is one of the industries in which your career will never have to stagnate if you decide to change jobs from time to time. Combined with its relatively low barrier for entry, finding work in hospitality online is a great choice both for fresh graduates and experienced hospitality professionals alike.

2. Create a Candidate’s Account on Jobs OneGlobe

Given the crisis the world is reeling from even today, our findings indicate that 30% of hospitality businesses have difficulties filling their vacancies. By August of 2021, 1,034,000 jobs were available in hospitality businesses in the UK for example, which is a 35,2% increase from January of 2021.

If you want to find work in hospitality online now, it’s best to do so by creating a candidate’s account on Jobs OneGlobe. By creating an account here, you’ll gain immediate access to great job opportunities worldwide. Whether you want to work in maintenance, housekeeping, or another hospitality niche, you’ll find those job vacancies on Jobs OneGlobe.

3. Decide Between Working Locally and Abroad

The hospitality industry is global, meaning that you’ll find stable employment wherever you head to. Published data indicates that the hotel market, for example, is comprised of over 4 million available rooms worldwide, with 700,000 hotels/motels operating worldwide in 2019. Working both locally and abroad is completely viable but the final decision is up to you.

Do you want to move to the UK or somewhere else abroad or find work inside your country? There are pros and cons attached to both scenarios and the consensus is ultimately yours. If you want to develop new language skills, meet international professionals, and build a life abroad, look for jobs around the world. If, however, you’d like to stay close to your family and your country has respectable living and wage standards, working locally is more than satisfactory. Deciding on which route to take will help you narrow your job search down so that you can find jobs in hospitality online more quickly.

4. Gather your Data and Create your CV

The apply for jobs in hospitality, you’ll need to create a great CV which prospective employers will consider. Your first task will be to get invited to an interview where you’ll be able to discuss your past experiences and reasons for applying for a job. To do that, you can create a CV using our professional CV builder through your candidate’s profile. Jobs OneGlobe enables candidates to find work more easily by allowing them the opportunity to create custom-built CVs for every job application.

You can create multiple versions of your CV at Jobs OneGlobe and update them at any point. Looking for work in hospitality online will take a bit of time, so you can spruce up your CVs, create new versions, and build your presence at Jobs OneGlobe every day. This will let employers know that you’re serious about finding worthwhile employment and they’ll be more likely to reach out to you even if you don’t explicitly apply for their listings. This is possible thanks to our CV visibility packages which allow employers to browse candidates’ CVs anytime, anywhere.

5. Start Applying for Jobs in Hospitality Online

Once you’ve prepared your CV and are ready to apply for jobs in hospitality online, you can start doing so on Jobs OneGlobe. Use the Home Page to look for hospitality job placements in whichever country and city you’d prefer to work in. Every job listing is unique – make sure that you’ve understood what the employer is looking for before applying.

When you’ve found great opportunities that fit your candidate profile, write a custom message to your potential employer and attach your CV. Think of this as a motivational or a cover letter and briefly expand on why you’re applying. Don’t settle for a single listing and look for several opportunities to apply for at any moment. This will save you time and ensure that a higher percentage of employers reach out to you with interview offers.

Developing your Career in Hospitality with Jobs OneGlobe

There is so much that you can do once you find yourself employed in hospitality. Plenty of hospitality businesses share their core business models, making a career transition from hotels to motels, restaurants to bars, or travel agencies to tour guiding very possible. Devote some time to learn the essential skills for hospitality and work on improving your CV whenever you can.

Finding work in hospitality online is only a part of the process – you’ll need to pass your interview with flying colors to gain your permanent employment. Whether you choose to move to the UK, work locally, or go someplace else entirely, Jobs OneGlobe is there for you. Start looking for amazing placements and learning opportunities here and build yourself a future that you will be proud of.

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