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Starting a career as a nurse in Germany is a challenging, life-changing experience. Moving to Germany and becoming a nurse there is a very popular career choice. According to data by Statista from 2021, there are over 1.1 million healthcare nurses living and working in Germany. Germany is a country known for its well-developed support system for immigrants with academic and technical degrees.

To become a nurse in Germany, you will have to pass certain screening procedures and tick certain boxes for that particular healthcare institution. The German healthcare system requires you to acquire a B2 certificate in order for them to issue you a nursing license. However, you are allowed to work prior as a nurse assistant with an A2/B1 language certificate.

Germany is, while strict, very fair and accommodating toward incoming healthcare professionals who want to build their lives in Germany. Let’s take a look at several great reasons as to why you should become a nurse in Germany with Jobs OneGlobe today if you live in the European Union (EU).

1. Local Onboarding and Integration Support from Day One

Moving abroad for a new job opportunity is stressful without a good support system to rely on. Jobs OneGlobe is working closely with Hello Nurse to provide every healthcare nurse with the support they need to move abroad.

We’ve taken great care to ensure that each nurse moving to Germany has the assistance and help from local nurses who are already integrated into the German society. This will make the process of finding a job abroad and moving there much easier and less nerve-wracking. You can focus on how to become a nurse in Germany – the rest you’ll have help with at every step of your journey.

2. Stable Employment and Rich Career Development

Healthcare nurses are in very high demand across Germany due to the sheer volume of clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals throughout the country. This is why Germany has set aside resources and logistics to allow for nurses to come from abroad and work in its healthcare system. As a healthcare nurse coming from an EU country, you’ll be able to enjoy full employment benefits and plenty of career opportunities in Germany. Some of the specializations you can pursue based on your interests and performance include:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Intensive care
  • Operations service
  • Oncology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Hospice care
  • Nephrology

In addition, healthcare nurses with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in healthcare-related fields can look forward to becoming experts in others positions. You can move through the ranks of becoming a consultant, a caring expert, or even a specialist or head of your nurse team over time. Germany is very welcoming toward healthcare professionals coming from abroad and you should use every opportunity you can get to become a nurse there.

3. Improve your German Language through Daily Work Interactions

To become a nurse in Germany, you’ll naturally have to prove your proficiency in the German language. The German healthcare system requires you to present the healthcare institution with proof of proficiency in A2 or B1 level at the least to work as a nurse assistant, or B2 to work as a nurse, with higher proficiency levels being more than welcome.

This means that you’ll have to prepare for moving abroad and becoming a nurse well in advance in terms of paperwork. However, once you’re in Germany, you will quickly expand your vocabulary and improve your language proficiency from everyday work. You’ll interact with patients, doctors, and other nursing staff, as well as people outside of work. Over time, speaking, reading, and writing in German will become second nature to you, further improving your career development opportunities.

4. Work Hours Suited to Family Life

When you decide to become a nurse in Germany, you can look forward to 40-hour weeks of full-time employment. Germans are very understanding and accepting of various lifestyles, including being a mother or having other kinds of obligations outside of work.

The truth is that the shortage of nursing staff is so large that achieving a perfect work-life balance won’t be that possible from the beginning. Over time, however, you will become a full-time nurse and be able to manage your obligations more easily. Being a nurse in Germany is both rewarding and fulfilling, and the common understanding people have for one another is just another great perk of that.

5. Health and Retirement Insurance

Germany has very strict regulations when it comes to personal insurance but don’t worry about it. By being employed through OneGlobe and Hello Nurse, you won’t have to worry about health and retirement insurance arrangements. Your employer will always do what’s best for your long-term future and provide you with state or private insurance.

Depending on the type of insurance your healthcare institution provides, even your family members may be covered by it (provided they immigrate with you to Germany). German pension is also extremely valuable if you want to become a nurse because it transfers over no matter where you live. In practice, you can retire to the UK, the US, or anywhere else in the world and still receive your pension in full one day. Working in Germany is more than just about the momentary monetary compensation and health insurance – it’s a long-term investment into your future.

6. Constant Learning and Growth Opportunities

When you become a nurse in Germany, you will never stop learning new things. As someone who came to live in Germany from abroad, you will constantly face new challenges, culture shocks, and unfamiliar situations. That’s OK! Every new day is a learning opportunity when working and living in Germany.

All you need to do is be positive about your experience and soak in as much of it as you can. You will gain new competencies as you become a nurse in Germany and you will learn valuable new life lessons over time. Finding new friends and acquaintances in Germany will become second nature the more time you spend there and you will become more socially integrated. While all of this will take time and patience, the multitude of rewards you stand to gain from becoming a nurse in Germany is invaluable.

Become a Nurse in Germany with Jobs OneGlobe

If you’ve decided to become a nurse in Germany and already live in the EU, all you need to do is let us know. Follow the link to our healthcare nurse job listings and apply today! We’ll quickly match your career aspirations and skillset with the best nurse job opportunity in Germany. In doing so, we’ll help kick-start your career abroad and ensure that you make the most out of your education and certificates as a healthcare nurse.

Meanwhile, you’re also free to browse other job listings on Jobs OneGlobe if any of your friends, acquaintances, or colleagues are looking for job opportunities. Jobs OneGlobe is an international job listings platform with thousands of professional opportunities around the world – we’re happy to have you here!

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