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When looking for new employees to fill out your job vacancy, you need to understand that they’ll vet you as much as you vet them. According to CNBC, 65% of people were looking for a new job in August of 2021, with 25% deciding to quit their jobs this year. Attracting talent to your company isn’t the only thing you should think about.

Retaining employees long enough so they become important parts of your company is just as essential. Otherwise, people will leave your company very quickly and you will have a hard time attracting more talent later on. This can lead not only to a talent shortage in your company but also to a bad reputation for your brand, causing new candidates to steer clear. Without ado, here’s what you can do to attract the best employees to your vacancies.

1. Write a Detailed Job Vacancy Description

The first thing you can do to attract great talent to your vacancy is to write a detailed job description. Candidates who look for work online will be on the lookout for small details in each job description they read. In that sense, here’s what you can do to make your vacancies more attractive to talented employees:

  • Write a professional job title – candidates like to see great titles which they can add to their CVs later
  • Clearly define whether the position is a full time, part-time, internship, or a temporary placement
  • Add the right tags to your job description to make it easier for the right candidates to find it
  • Precisely outline the type of experience and skill level you expect from the ideal candidate
  • Set a fair salary for the job vacancy depending on the country and industry you operate in

By writing these data points into your job description, you will have a much easier time finding talented professionals to join your company. Don’t rush through the process of creating the job listing and you will find the right people for your vacancies that much more quickly.

2. Advertise your Job Vacancy on a Reliable Platform

The way you market your job vacancies will speak volumes about what kind of a company you are and whether you’re worth working with. Employees will steer clear of companies with poorly written job descriptions and job listings on shady, unreliable websites. Instead, you should use a reliable platform to list your job vacancies and find the perfect talent for your business.

Using such a platform will allow you to describe your company in great detail and precisely determine elements such as employee proficiency and salary. Additionally, you will be able to modify your job listings, add new data, and expand your search for the right talent for your job vacancy. Marketing your vacancies on social media or via PPC won’t allow you to do the same in a short time and will eventually cost more.

3. Reevaluate your Onboarding Process

One of the main reasons most employees leave a job in the first months of employment is due to poor onboarding and employee development standards. According to Forbes, 92% of employees would stay with their companies if their managers showed more empathy, with 34% pointing out their poor corporate culture. This means that mutual respect and understanding in a company can go a long way.

As we’ve stated previously, just because your job vacancy is filled at the moment doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. To ensure that talent stays with your company for longer, consider reevaluating how you select, onboard, and nurture employees. Consider providing them with useful skill development opportunities, arrange for better HR management, and give your employees a voice.

4. Evaluate Each Potential Candidate Personally

Automation is a very useful tool when used smartly. However, you might want to consider reading candidate CVs personally for your job vacancy. AI still cannot match human intuition and “gut feeling”, meaning that your ideal employee might be just around the corner. Take the time to read every good CV your candidates have submitted and try to match their skills and talents to your vacancies.

This will give you a better indication of a candidate’s skill set, their career plans, as well as how well they’d fit into your business culture. Moreover, the candidate might be ideal for a different job vacancy in your company instead of the one they applied for initially. You won’t know if that’s true if you solely rely on automation to filter out unqualified candidates without properly vetting them.

5. Create Multiple Different Job Listings at the Same Time

If you’re a company looking for multiple professionals to fill your job vacancies, you shouldn’t look for employees one at a time. Instead, you should open multiple different job listings at the same time to attract potential talent. This will ensure that people who match your vacancies at least partially will still consider applying for work.

For example, a web developer may also be interested in back-end software development – they won’t know you need both vacancies filled without multiple listings available. According to HBR, more than 20% of 30-45 years old professionals resigned in 2020/2021 due to employment uncertainty and lack of proper employee engagement. Don’t find yourself in a position where you will lack talent when you need it the most in your company. Look for different specialists and talented individuals simultaneously instead to kick-start your projects more quickly.

Finding the Best Talent for your Job Vacancy (Conclusion)

The process of finding the right people for your company starts with you. By writing a detailed description of your job vacancy, your employment benefits, and the key responsibilities of each employee, you will attract the right people. Feel free to edit your job listings whenever you feel like you have something new to add or change. The right employee for your company is right around the corner – all you have to do is let them know you’re hiring!

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