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Living the life of a healthcare nurse isn’t simple as it can often be challenging, stressful work. Despite that, it is one of the most rewarding career paths you can choose to pursue. In light of the global pandemic, the value of healthcare workers has been at the forefront of national news around the globe. In many ways, these are the real heroes who have made the past two years more bearable for everyone else.

If you’re inspired and motivated to become a healthcare nurse, you’re in luck, because Jobs OneGlobe has job listings available just for you. Before we discuss them, however, let’s talk about the perks of becoming a nurse with an emphasis on moving to Germany to kick-start your career in healthcare abroad.

1. Healthcare is a Stable, Growing Industry

Healthcare professionals have some of the most stable and reliable jobs in the world due to the nature of their work. According to an NCBI publication from 2019, healthcare investments on a national level in Germany totaled 11.3% of the gross domestic product. Similarly, 110 statutory health insurance companies operate in Germany, covering 70 million residents (close to 90% of the population).

As a nurse, you’d never be lacking in employment or professional opportunities regardless of how you specialize. Whether you want to work in hospices, general hospitals, homes for the elderly, or private clinics, healthcare workers are always sought-after. This is why becoming a nurse is a good professional choice as you’ll never be unemployed for long, if ever.

2. Career Choice with a Positive Social Impact

One of the most important reasons to choose to nurse as your profession is to become a part of something greater. Nurses are on the front lines of ensuring that patients in hospitals, hospices, and clinics are taken care of. This means working with people of different backgrounds, age groups, and lifestyles every day.

Your patients will be grateful for the contributions and assistance you provide them with, giving you a sense of purpose and belonging. Making a positive impact and giving back to society is one of the biggest reasons many people become nurses in the first place. The same reason can inspire you to pick up the profession and start developing a career as a nurse abroad.

3. Wide Selection of Specialization Opportunities

As you spend more time in nursing, you’ll adopt new skills and lean toward some tasks more than others. Nursing allows you to specialize in a range of niches within the healthcare nurse profession. Following the example of Germany, you can specialize in several fields if you choose to move to Germany as a nurse:

  • Emergency room nursing
  • Anesthesia nursing
  • Oncology nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Bedside trainer nursing
  • Wound care nursing

Official specializations in nursing not only allow you to build a distinct career path as a nurse but also earn more from your full-time employment. Specializations for nurses in Germany last 1-2 years, with up to 800 hours of theoretical and practical studies, followed by state exams. While these options are only available after some years of practicing as a nurse, they are still a worthwhile consideration. Knowing that you can branch out based on your affinities and needs of the healthcare institution you work in is both exciting and prospective for your future as a healthcare nurse.

4. Find Work in the Field Fairly Quickly

There is a constant need for new nurses around the globe due to the type of work they do. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions are always seeking prospective nurses to fill their ranks. According to a published study conducted in German hospitals in 2021, 49.9% of the reference nurse group agreed that they’d do this job until retirement. Some nurses cited stress, long hours, and better-paying jobs as reasons for reconsidering their current nursing positions.

Not only are some nursing professionals looking for other jobs, but there are fresh new and exciting job positions being opened in healthcare institutions around Germany. If you choose to work as a healthcare nurse in Germany, you will find permanent employment once all of your paperwork checks out. Germany will require you to present proof of your A2/B1 language proficiency, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in healthcare or higher to be eligible for employment. Beyond that, you shouldn’t face major issues with your onboarding, especially if you come from inside the EU.

5. Gain New Skills and Competencies Daily

Being a nurse is dynamic, challenging work. Despite what you may have learned through formal education, working as a nurse in a healthcare institution will teach you tenfold. You’ll be able to put theory into practice and start picking up new skills from other nurses and medical staff in your institution. Likewise, moving to and living in Germany will help you improve your German language proficiency beyond the certification you’ve already acquired.

This will translate to your potential specialization, extra employment benefits, or even new skills to apply outside of work hours. Working as a healthcare nurse is neither simple nor easy – it is however a life-changing experience that will continuously teach you new things. This is why the profession is so attractive for people who like to learn and be taken out of their comfort zones daily.

6. Opportunities to Work as a Healthcare Nurse Abroad

While healthcare nurse standards differ from country to country, the fundamentals always stay the same. This means that you can move abroad to work as a nurse in a different country from where you studied healthcare.

Germany is a good example of a country that is quite welcoming to foreign healthcare professionals and especially nurses ready to migrate to Germany. You can look forward to very competitive employment packages and living standards there in addition to working in an international healthcare environment. This makes nursing a very active and flexible job profession as you can move abroad fairly easily due to the general want and need for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Starting a Career as a Healthcare Nurse in Germany

We’ve touched on working in Germany as a nurse several times in the previous paragraphs – and for good reasons. This is a great choice of location for prospective nurses looking for work in a different country. But how do you start the process of applying for work there if you don’t have any local connections or clues on where to begin? Here are the three simple steps you should follow when you decide to become a healthcare nurse in Germany:

  1. Create a candidate account on Jobs OneGlobe
  2. Create your CV with our professional CV builder
  3. Apply for healthcare nurse job listings

Remember to always put the most recent contact and other information into your CV. This will speed up the process of healthcare employers contacting you to discuss your career prospects further. Once you’ve applied for job listings on Jobs OneGlobe, potential employers won’t take long to respond – stay on your toes.

Meanwhile, you can browse even more job listings or invite your friends to do the same. Thanks to our CV visibility packages, prospective employers will be able to see your CV even when you’re not actively applying for jobs. This means that you may get a great healthcare nurse in Germany employment offer even if you didn’t apply for one outright.

In Conclusion

Becoming a healthcare nurse is an opportunity to do something right for those around you, whether you do it locally or abroad. Moving to Germany to become a nurse is a major step regardless of your familial or professional situation back home. With Jobs OneGlobe, that transition can be easier to manage as you will connect with well-established, professional clinics and hospitals for your employment abroad.

Start by creating a profile under your name on Jobs OneGlobe and by creating a CV with your latest info. Once you’re ready, apply for healthcare nurse jobs and prospective employers will reach out to you shortly. You will fully understand and embrace the value of being a nurse once you’ve experienced it firsthand. We’re here to make that happen for you.

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