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Being a job seeker is never easy, no matter how expansive your CV may be or whether or not you’re currently employed. According to Forbes, 52% of fully-employed adults were looking for new jobs as of February 2021, meaning that full-time employment isn’t a guarantee of professional satisfaction.

As we enter 2022, HR recruitment standards are adopting new trends and every job seeker needs to be aware of them for successful job application. Here are the most useful job seeker trends to look out for in 2022 as you start looking for new jobs both locally and internationally.

1. Employers Will Use Online Job Listing Platforms to Hire Employees More Than Ever Before

We are slowly entering the age of automation and shortlisting of job seekers is next on the agenda. Platforms like will take precedent over social media, email marketing, and PPC when it comes to recruitment. Facebook is already implementing new platform regulations which will disable the ability to hire new employees through their channels outside of the US and Canada. This means that employers and recruiters will continue to turn their attention to job listing platforms with extensive job candidate screening features.

Jobs OneGlobe is one of the pioneers in this regard, as it allows for extensive CV browsing and candidate interaction options in addition to its premium listing promotion features. Job seekers around the globe would be smart to create their accounts on Jobs OneGlobe and start searching for their next job opportunities there in 2022.

2. Your Soft Skills Will Matter Just as Much as Hard Skills When Being Hired

In the age of digital nomads, remote work, and seamless migration, it’s easy to understand why employers want to see great soft skills in their candidates. If a job seeker is unable to function in a team-oriented environment, they will have a difficult time adjusting to a new workplace. Some of the most important soft skills each job seeker should strive to develop and subsequently add to their CV are:

  • Time management
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Project management skills
  • Writing skills

These are some of the most basic soft skills every prospective employer will look for in your CV. Simply adding them to your CV isn’t enough, however, as these skills are easily tested during job interviews. Working on your personal development while looking for great job opportunities will streamline your job seeking and fill out your schedule.

3. Spending your Free Time on Courses and Seminars Will Pay Off for your CV

We are deep into the age of life-long learning and continuous skill development. It is no longer enough to present potential employers with formal education degrees or past employment proof to impress them. You will now have to work on your skills and competencies on an ongoing basis to stay competitive as a job seeker.

According to G2, an average job listing attracts around 250 CVs, meaning that your odds at landing the job raise considerably with a higher skill count. Using online learning to acquire new knowledge, certificates, and experience with different skills or software is a must in 2022. Whether you want to work in retail, IT, healthcare, or sales, take the time to learn new skills online in your spare time.

4. Remote Job Positions Will Become Increasingly Popular Among Employers

Given the issues we are still facing with the global pandemic and social distancing norms, more and more employers are exploring remote work options. Based on Finances Online, remote work positions help boost geographic diversity among job applicants by up to 20%. Data has also shown that 96% of IT-related companies operate remotely in some capacity, prompting other industries to follow suit.

This means that you might not have to move abroad for your next job placement if you find a suitable job vacancy for yourself. While servicing, retail and other industries cannot accommodate remote work conditions, many digital-based industries are starting to do so. This will mark a drastic shift in both employers’ standards and the job seekers’ expectations with the job listings they encounter online.

5. Employers Will Place an Emphasis on How Suitable you are for Their Business Culture

Any company is only as successful as its business culture is welcoming to new employees. Employers will start to pay more attention to how suitable you are for their existing business culture before hiring you. This means that you should do proper research on any company whose position you apply for before the interview rolls around. Knowing what the company stands for and how you fit into it will increase your odds of being employed.

Moreover, you will preemptively know which companies you would be happy with working in. Many international companies emphasize diversity, inclusion, and equality in their business culture, so be on the lookout for such businesses. Be respectful, accepting of different opinions and lifestyles, and most importantly – be open-minded and you will never have issues finding a great job position.

6. Investing in Specialized Role Certification as a Job Seeker Will Matter More Than Ever

Pursuing a specialized career in whichever industry you’re interested in will require you to acquire certain certificates and degrees to do so. Similar to online courses we’ve already discussed, specialized certification will allow you to factually present your skills and competencies to employers worldwide. Some of the certificates you should explore depending on your interests include:

  • Language certification (for international job positions)
  • Project management certification (PMP)
  • Network management certification (CCNA, CCIE, CCNP)
  • Software management certification (Office, CRM, etc.)
  • Google certifications (Analytics, SEO, Publishing, etc.)

Industries like logistics, healthcare, tourism, or finance have their own sets of certificates which are, while not necessary, very recommended for job seekers. Without such certificates, you will have a more difficult time standing out and attracting the eyes of prospective employers. Kick-start your year by exploring and enrolling in an official certified course in your field which will dramatically improve your CV thereafter.

On Being a Job Seeker in 2022

With 2022 well underway, there has never been a more opportune time to look for a job abroad or start developing new skills as a job seeker. Thanks to the internet, employers are now able to attract talent from across the globe and create a truly international work environment for their staff.

Don’t sleep on these trends and start your journey of personal and professional development today. Being without work is only a stepping stone to something greater – embrace every opportunity you get and the right employers will recognize your efforts.

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